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I was a Montreal Expos fan from around 1978 until 2004, and we all know what happened there.
I moved to SF in late 2002 (after the Series), and decided to become a Giants fan when the Spos disappeared. For the first 5 years of my Giants fandom, I felt perfectly at home, since the Giants played about as well as the Expos had over the years. In 2010, I made the playoffs for the first time since Rick Monday wrecked my chance at the Series in 1981 (not to mention the 1994 disaster). After 28 years of futility, winning the whole thing was surreal, to say the least. If I'd known it'd be this easy, I woulda a tried the postseason every year!

Proposed Lineup for 2011 (forthcoming)

User Blog

Doumit or not

Pardon the gratuitous rosterbation (is there any other kind, really?), but when the decision on Edgar is all we have to work with... The Buccos are trying to shed salary and redundancy with "C" R...


Aramis en Fuego

I've seen the Cubs' 3b Ramirez pop up as a potential acquisition in a couple of threads, but really just in passing. Dude's had a horrible season to date, but he's also had a multi-hit game in 7 of...

Giants sign reliever Casilla


Former A's righty joins on a minor-league deal

Who is Duanel Jones?




Time to Pick the Halos' Pockets?

Lackey went to the Bosox - that much seems certain. And if all this 3-way stuff is also true, it seems that the LAnaheimers lost out on pretty much all the pitching they coveted. Also, the Halos...

Lineup Optimizer


I expected this to be up at McC already, but I couldn't find it. I was going to try do a rough version myself, so thankfully now you are all spared the ugliness that would have ensued. Guess what? Bengie Molina should NOT be our cleanup hitter. Imagine. p.s. I'm away in Canada on vacation, so I feel an even more pressing need to say it: Go Giants and good luck to all for the big weekend series!

More FanGraphs Goodies


No doubt many already know about the series Dave Cameron is doing over at FanGraphs. He assesses the top 50 players in baseball in terms of trade value. I've linked to the intro, but he's done from 50 down to 25 already. SPOILER ALERT! No Giants yet, but I wondered what folks thought about which of our players will show up in the top 25. Lincecum will be there (top 10, even if he will be super-2 arb), and I expect Cain as well (maybe in the next group). Sandoval? He is rather young, and rather awesome. What about Posey or the MadBum? Only one minor leaguer has made it thus far - Jason Heyward of the Braves. I kind of expect Posey to make it, but not MadBum. I didn't look to see what the trend has been in recent years he's done this.

Pen Reunion in Philly


Tyler Walker is joining the Special Agent in the Philadelphia organization. Isn't it really hot there in the summer? Uh-oh.


OT: Korea-Venezuela tix

Well, it's come to this. I have 3 tickets for tomorrow night's game in LA that I won't be using, and it doesn't look like I'll be able to sell them. So, unless I get a call tonight from a guy who...

Cain and the Unit


Baggs report on how Matty is learning from the Big Guy. Dunno about you guys, but this strikes me as an excellent development. In fact, I was going to call the post "why didn't I think of that", but I figured it might be a bit obscure. I don't know if there are any statistical analyses out there about it, but it's seemed to me in the last couple of years that a lot of the damage against Cain comes as a result of his lack of the "out" pitch. Sure, he can break off a curve, and his slider may occasionally do the trick, but mostly the dude lives and dies with the fastball. Now, it's a healthy fastball, yes, and he should trust it like a blood brother. But, guys tend to keep fouling that bugger off until he eventually misses location with it, or misses the plate entirely with something else. What a boon it would be to have a pitch that looks like some fat cheese, only to tumble out of the zone at the last second. Easier said than done, of course, but I shoooore do like the idea. p.s. I looked briefly here and on xanthan's site to find an overall pitch analysis for Cain, so that I could base some of my rant on reality, but to no avail. Didn't somebody systematically pick apart his repertoire at some point?

Giants on my television


Um, I'm sure this post is going to jinx my access to MLB Network, but the Giants first cactus league game is going to be covered live. Yes!

Cool Injury Tool


Mentioned over at BtBS, this lets you look up any player's DL history. Pretty sweet.

Red Flags


Will Carroll over at BP has uploaded his Team Health Reports for the 2009 season. It's subscriber-only, of course, but the unfiltered comments may end up revealing quite a bit. I expect it's okay to share that, according to his system, our big concern should be the health of the vaunted rotation: Cain. Unit, and Sanchez especially. Oh, and we gotta keep a close eye on that gamer, Scotty Rowand.

'02 Series highlights


It looks like the MLB network will show highlights from 2002 this evening at 9pm, and again at midnight. I know: weird for a Series that was cancelled, right?

Chulk Move Team


Bye bye, Vinnie. Man, the Jays are still laughing.

Javy Vazquez reportedly dealt to Braves


Looks like we don't have to talk about Lillibridge any more.

Cubs get Gregg from Fish

Dunno who will go the other way, yet For Jose Ceda . I thought we should grab him, but apparently Sabes wasn't listening.

Looks like the Mad Dog will retire


And somewhere, deep in the Tennessee hills, a wide grin spread on young Matt Cain's face.

Shea says go big


John Shea advises the Giants (and the A's, for that matter), to try to land Teixiera. Dunno. I mean, of course, he'd be great. But to make the move without also adding to the rest of the team seems dumbish.

first "phew" of the offseason


Well, that's one lousy firstbaseman outta the way...

Going Fishin'


Interesting piece in Fla. daily with a scout's view of available Marlins (though MLBTR).


Behind the Dish

Big Money. Lil' Money. Lotta Money (Buster to you). I've been thinking a little about the best way forward. Bengie clearly performed well this year, but he is also clearly not part of the future...


OT: baseball podcasts

The offseason is nearly upon us, and these last two days without mlb games have reminded me how badly I will yearn for "news" in the near future. So: I want to see if anyone here is tuned into...

good news


Let's hope that this is true. I fear that Sabes is watching the playoffs, salivating at the prospect of landing Howard.

Glanville in the Times


My buddy (who actually lives in Australia) tipped me off to this series of opinion pieces by former big leaguer Doug Glanville. This one is on being called up to the show, and how you get to feel established. He's a good writer, though both pieces I've read so far make reference to Hall and Oates.

Look who's pitching Saturday against the Bucs!


Anyone else notice this in today's Chron? Who knew that the Giants had this kind of pull?

Angels reportedly eyeing Omar


Rosenthal has it that, since Eckstein looks like he'll land with the Snakes, the Halos are considering making a play for Vizquel before the deadline. I'd be glad to see Omar get a last (?) chance with a playoff team, but the Angels...?

BP on Giants Suspects


Pretty sure you need a subscription for this one, but Jay Jaffe knocks the upper levels of the Giants system. I know, we do that all the time, but he also tries to ruin the Pablo-Ishi high...


Another roster move

Baggarly reports that we've made another swap with Fresno, this time for a fresh arm: Geno's going down, and Matt Palmer is coming up. Apparently this was needed because we've been abusing the...

He's not only the best prospect in the Giants system, but rates as one of the best pitching prosp...


He's not only the best prospect in the Giants system, but rates as one of the best pitching prospects in all of baseball - BP's Kevin Goldstein, on LHP Madison Bumgarner

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