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Training camp preview: Offensive Line

Our position-by-position 2014 Denver Broncos training camp preview continues with a look at the offensive line.

Why draft grades are meaningless


You can lead a horse to water, but you can't convince them that the draftee they hate might be an all-pro.

Broncos 2014 training camp closed to fans


Due to construction at Dove Valley, fans will not be allowed to attend Broncos training camp in Dove Valley in 2014, the Broncos announced. Three public practices will be held at Sports Authority...

Big game wishlist


With the 2014 NFL Season Schedule being released tonight, we have a few hours to debate where we would like to see the Broncos play certain powerhouse teams like Seattle, New England and San...

Behind The MHR Scene: Are Mock Drafts Worthless?


Another installment of "Behind the MHR Scenes" aka: Pete always thinks he's right.

Bailey Signs with Saints: My Tribute to The Champ!


We've been bracing for this day for a while now. We knew Champ Bailey was finished in Denver and we knew he would sign elsewhere. Much has been said about Champ, but what has been lacking is the...

Behind the MHR curtain, Franklin to LG?


It's all fun and games until Pete digs his heels into the ground and refuses to budge; Then it's just games!

Titans sign Wesley Woodyard


It was fun Woody, you'll be missed by all.

Free Agency Day 3: WWED?


Well, the feeding frenzy of the first 2 days in Free Agency is over. With $10 million in cap space and late round draft picks at his disposal, what should Broncos GM John Elway do (if anything)?

Report: Broncos still have $10 Million to spend


Even with the Free Agency bonanza the Broncos have been on, they still have plenty of room to spare.

Broncos 8, Seahawks 43: Delayed Reactions


I could smell the stench from Jersey all the way in Denver. The football game was bad too.

Broncos vs Seahawks: Common Opponents


The troll war has begun. So how about some validity to which side is more troll vs more legit in their defense of their team!

This is NOT the #1 Offense vs #1 Defense


Lets not kid ourselves here folks. #1 vs #1? Hardly!

Will marijuana be legal in the NFL?


The league is looking into the benefits of marijuana and head trauma

Super Bowl Baby: Instant Reactions


We did it! WE DID IT!!!!!!

What about us?


Why does every team but us have either a built in excuse to lose or reasons they can't?

Gameday Fire Up!


Get Pumped Up Broncos Fans! The ass whoopin is about to drop!

Chargers return 300 Tix. Open to Public


You need to get to the Broncos Box Office to buy them. Get on it!

What Quarterback do you take for the next 6 years?


We hear this question every offseason, and I've heard this question as of late, "If you could take any QB in the NFL for the next 6 years, who would it be?" Well, I'm here to tell you who I'd choose.

Going down the Rabbit Hole


Random ramblings from me to you. "Merry New Year" ~ Billy Ray Valentine

Broncos 34, Raiders 14: Instant Reactions


Another week means (you guessed it), more records to fall. Broncos destroy the Raiders baby! And that was all she wrote!

Broncos 20, Charger 27: Instant Reactions


PHILIP, yes, PHILIP (not Phyllis) Rivers beat Peyton Manning at his own game!

Broncos 35, Chiefs 28: Instant Reactions


Broncos open up a can of beat ass against the Chiefs.

Five Random Predictions for Broncos vs Chiefs


I pulled 5 talking points from a had in order to make my random predictions. Here they are!

TV Broadcast Map: Broncos vs Chiefs


If you are in the red, you will get this week's Broncos game on CBS against the Chiefs.

Broncos 27, Chiefs 17: Instant Reactions


It's the game we've been waiting far too long for. The unstoppable force vs the..... Chiefs.

MHR's Overreactions: Chiefs Week


Pete is back in the hizzouse to lay the smacketh down on your prognostications!

Is 3-1 in the upcoming stretch "Good enough?"


There is a sentiment out there that going 3-1 in the next 4 game stretch is excellent. But is it?

Hillman Out, C.J. Anderson In


That's right! After months of me calling for Hillman's head, my wish has finally come true!

MHR's Overreaction Tuesday


Where to begin, where to begin? How about here....

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