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P.O.D. open thread #2

So in wake of the recent events regarding the Saints( this shit is getting crazy ) I thought we should put up another open thread to talk about random stuff again. This would be the place to talk...


The 2nd (Inaugural?) Pride Of Detroit Awards Ceremony

(Ed. note: Bumped to the front page.) First off, sorry for the wait. I had some free time on my hands at first to do the voting post, but then my weeks got hectic with school. Anyway, welcome to...


The 2nd Inaugural Pride of Detroit Mock Election

Hey guys, since Mavyrk's been busy, I asked if I could take over the inaugural POD election and ceremony. I will do my best to keep up the tradition started by Mav. We're going to have...


P.O.D. open thread #1

Technically for the Lions, it's the offseason, so I figured we'd start up these offseason open threads again so people can talk about whatever they want. No talk about religion, politics, etc......


Let's seriously take a look at this

I've been hearing many differentiating opinions on the O-line recently. Most agree on a couple of things: Backus has regressed, but might have another year on him, Raiola has been below average,...


POD Open Thread #3

The other open thread got knocked off the rec'd section, so it's time for another one. The NBA has started up again (who really cares), and the Lions have made the playoffs (WOOOOOO). F*ck Mark...


Game Day Threads Best (Mutha F***ing PLAYOFF edition)

Well, not quite playoffs yet, but we made it. Merry Christmas Lady and Gentlemen, we got our wish for a Lion's victory, and we had a great game thread to show for it. So without further adieu,...


Game Day Thread's Best

Another week, another crazy game thread. You all know the drill by now, I pick out the best/funniest comments on the game threads and put them all together here. Here they are. As an added...


Game day Thread's Best

Haven't been doing these lately, but yesterday's game was pretty intense, so I figured I'd start these up again. Here's the best comments of the game threads. 1st Quarter: P...


Can we bring these back? P.O.D. open thread

Not trying to step on any toes here Enforcer, but I always liked these open threads. I know they started in the offseason cause there was hardly anything to talk about, but we have some great...

NFL week 14 power rankings


I'm not one to bitch and complain about power rankings. I am one to laugh and guffaw at them though. These rankings are pathetic. Some laughable teams above the Lions include: Broncos, Titans, Bengals, Cowboys, and Raiders. LOL.


Ask P.O.D: Take 2

Hello there, Vikings fans. Our teams take the field again on Sunday, with some big changes to both of our teams since the last time we faced off. We'll be here to take your questions about almost...


Ask Pride of Detroit

Hey Packers fans!  This is one of those posts that I would never make over at WCG because I hate them so much and do not care for there opinions on anything.  But since the Packers' fans aren't...


Group Outing

I know I didn't start this or anything, but I had a few questions about the group outing still and the other post got knocked off the rec'd section so I'd like to start another one to discuss...


Game Day Threads Best

Hey guys, I saw this on another blog and thought it was quite funny, so I'm bringing it here.  We all know game day threads can get pretty intense, especially when we're losing, but they also can...


Ask Lions' Fans: Game 2

Hey Arrowhead Pride, here's your guys' chance to ask us Lions fans about anything you want about the upcoming game.  As for me, I have a few questions to ask all of you guys first: I know most of...


Ask Lions Fans: Opening Game

Hey Bucs Nation, only 6 more days to go until our opening game, so I figured that we could kill some time by doing an "Ask a ___ fan."  I always like doing these because I like to be informed about...


Ask a Lions' Fan Preseason Edition

I like to do these Ask a ____ fan, especially in the preseason, because it's more speculation, and a lot of differentiating opinions compared to the regular season.  So I have some questions for...


The P.O.D Bar

*Scene* A beautiful Sunday at 12:30 pm at a bar in Detroit, MI.  The Lions are playing the Bucs in the first game of the season.  All of the regulars start to pile in for the first rousing Lions...


Ask a Lion's fan

Someone from here came over the P.O.D and started an "ask a Bengals" fan and suggested that you guys may want to start an ask a Lions fan.  So here's your chance to ask any questions for us Lions'...


THE Best Thing in the NFL

Welp, sorry for the delay guys, but here's the final result from the championship round: Super Bowl Sunday  DEF  Draft Weekend  134-111 I think we all saw this coming, Super Bowl Sunday is the best...


The Best Thing in the NFL: Championship Round

Here are the results from last round: Super Bowl Sunday  DEF  NFL Blogs  30-9 Draft Weekend  DEF  Barry Sanders' Runs  20-19 Notes on each after the jump.


The Best Thing in the NFL: Four left

Thanks for voting last round, here's the results: Super Bowl Sunday  DEF  4th and Inches Goal Line Stuffs 22-11 NFL Blogs  DEF  Strict Salary Cap 17-16 Barry Sanders' Runs  DEF  Turkey Day 18-15 D...


The Best Thing in the NFL: Eight to go

Hey guys, sorry it took so long for this segment, just started a new job and have been really busy lately.  But better late than never, here are the results from last round: 4th and Inches Goal...


The Best Thing in the NFL: The Sweet Sixteen

We've gotten through the first round of voting, and here are the results of the second bracket: Barry Sanders' runs  DEF  Dominant Rookies  27-3 Last Second Game WInning Drives  DEF  Mark Sanchez...


The Best Thing in the NFL: Bracket 2

Thanks for voting in the last round, here are the results: 4th and Inches Goal Line Stuffs  DEF  Official Reply  31-1 Strict Salary Cap/Parity  DEF  NFL Cheerleaders in Slo Mo  21-11 Super Bowl...


The Best Thing in the NFL: Bracket 1

Alright, nomination round was a success, we had 34 nominations that received 2 rec's or more, so I had a coin flip to bring them down to 32.  Here is your number one overall seed: 4th and Inches...


The Best Thing in the NFL

Since the last series that I did worked pretty well, I've decided to start another one very similar to the last.  In the last segment, P.O.D decided that Matt Millen was the worst thing in the NFL,...


Matt Millen: The worst thing in the NFL

Voted on by P.O.D, Matt Millen wins the dubious award of being the worst thing in the NFL.  The final vote was 55-54, as close as it possibly gets.  Personally, I was holding out hope that the...


Pro Football Weekly Ranks the Head Coaches

Sorry to be hogging the fanposts lately but I saw this article over at Pro Football Weekly and thought it was interesting, to say the least. h...

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