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Bill Hanstock is a Northern California native transplanted to the Los Angeles area. He's a lifelong baseball fan, but over the past few years has become a regular fanatic of all sports. Since he started writing at SB Nation, he has been alternately horrified and thrilled by how much he enjoys events like MLS and NASCAR.

He has a telecommunications degree from CSU Monterey Bay and is currently pursuing his MA at Cal State Los Angeles. He has written for print publications and online since 2000, joining the humor website Progressive Boink as a staff writer in 2006. Since then, he has written for On Sandwiches and Baseball Feelings, and has been a guest writer at With Leather on several occasions.

Bill couldn't be happier about being a part of SB Nation as an editor and contributor. You can listen to his podcast, Scientific Podcast Goes Boink, at Progressive Boink.

A Fan Of...

  • MLB San Francisco Giants
  • NBA Los Angeles Clippers
  • NFL San Francisco 49ers
  • NCAAF Stanford Cardinal
  • NHL Montreal Canadiens
  • NCAAB St. Mary's, Calif. Gaels
  • Cycling Lance Armstrong
  • MMA Georges St. Pierre
  • Boxing Floyd Mayweather
  • Tennis Andy Murray
  • MLS Los Angeles Galaxy
  • NASCAR Kasey Kahne
  • Serie A Milan
  • EPL Arsenal
  • Wrestling Pro Wrestling Guerrilla
  • Golf Jason Dufner
  • General Shutdown Fullback
User Blog

Bo Dallas won the World Cup of trolling

Too bad BOlivia wasn't in the World Cup this year.

Episode 95: Garfield's Cool, Right?


Birthdays, Garfield and Lil' Kim. We only talk about the important things here.

The best World Cup highlight montage (so far)

Oh hey, what's up, emotions? How you livin'?

These Duke helmet decal photos are terrifying

It appears Eli Roth is doing Duke's publicity photos for them now.

Drunk fan charges field to fight pitcher

Helpful fan etiquette tip: don't do this.

Merkel celebrates in Germany's dressing room

"Party like a Chancellor" shall now enter the lexicon.

Rihanna holding the World Cup trophy alert

She's the Drake we deserve and also the one we need right now.

The 2018 World Cup posters are already here

Sad the World Cup is over? GET PUMPED FOR THE WORLD CUP.

The Hoff is fully prepared for the World Cup Final

The Hoff tells YOU when it's time for the World Cup Final.

Argentina fans have impromptu shopping mall rally

This is a fantastic display of fandom. All other fans in shopping malls, take note.

25,000 security guards for the World Cup Final

Beefing up security probably isn't a terrible idea.

A forward pass is baffling to rugby commentators

You got your American football in my rugby! You got your rugby in my American football!

Please don't slide with your face

Step 1: Don't slide entirely on your face. Step 2: Repeat.

Mike Tyson 'understands' Luis Suárez

It's nice to be understood.

Argentina midfielder Javier Mascherano: 'I tore my anus'

Argentina's midfielder made a spectacular save against the Netherlands. At the expense of his bottom.

Argentina fans cry, because they won

They're very passionate fans.

The Pope is at the World Cup

Yes, your Holiness: we all like soccer.

Everyone in Germany is having a party

It's better to be up 6-0 than down 0-6, apparently.

Every fan in Brazil is crying right now

Everyone's heart is broken forever.

A NED World Cup win means soccer players in space

Because every athlete dreams of being an astronaut.

Here is all of Prince Fielder's body

Drink it in, like a fine wine. Leave no inch undiscovered.

This guy's beard is a literal Nike swoosh

Those KD VIIs are cool. But not "swooshface" cool.

The best part of the 25-minute UGA Star Wars video

The SEC-themed Star Wars film you never knew you needed.

Episode 94: Chicken-Neck The Hot Dog


Happy Independence Day! Let's watch a bunch of guys eat hot dogs!

Going down the world's tallest water slide

NOPE. Nope nope nope nope noooooope nope nope.

Federer sheds single tear, breaks our hearts

This is so sad, it could be set to Sarah McLachlan.

Kate Middleton doesn't know how to clap

She's a problem clapper, Jerry.

Hugh Jackman shows off his new look at Wimbledon


Tour de France fan gets hit by rider

Only a little hit. But we'll take it.

Secretary of Defense calls Tim Howard to thank him

The USMNT goalkeeper is getting the respect he deserves. From everyone.

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