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White Sox Pitchers are Very Left-Handed: So What?


The White Sox are set to have a highly imbalanced pitching staff, perhaps one of the most heavily left-handed of the last 40 years. Is that a competitive advantage or disadvantage?

The Most-Radically Revised Jays Team in History


It's obvious that the Jays of 2013 will be vastly different than that of 2012, but is this the most change they've ever had, and how how their most-radically revised teams fared on the field?

Matt Harrison and the Rangers Top-5 Starters


The still-young left-hander is knocking on the door of a sparse list.

Why the Twins Won't, & Shouldn't, Sign Kyle Lohse


The Twins and Kyle Lohse had something of an unpleasant breakup. Even if Nick Cafardo has forgotten that, we haven't.

Is J.J. Hardy worth trading for?

Bill of The Platoon Advantage weighs in on whether the Tigers would really see that much of an upgrade by trading for Baltimore's J.J. Hardy

Did Nats' 1B Adam LaRoche Get What He Deserved?


The Nationals let Adam LaRoche test the free agent market, but he failed to find the deal he was after this winter. The 33-year-old first baseman signed on to return to the nation's capital on...

Mark McGwire and Lance Armstrong (Honesty UPDATED)


Is honesty truly the best policy? Hell no.

The Legend Of Nick Punto


Bill Parker expounds on the legend of one of the least appreciated 2012 Red Sox: Nick Punto.

Best of '12: Best hands-free home run


At no time do his fingers leave his hands -- but the bat does.

Did Pelfrey & Correia sign each other's contracts?


While we can't always know the behind-the-scenes to know why and how certain contracts were signed, sometimes they just don't make a lot of sense.

The strengths and weaknesses of Alexi Casilla

Likely to get the most playing time at 2B, what does Casilla bring to the table?

Lee and Hamels: Statistical Twins But Not In Wins


In 2012, Cliff Lee and Cole Hamels had very similar seasons. Statistically, that is.

Michael Young Saves the Phillies


Trading for Michael Young could pay off for the Phillies. Really!

Bourn's 5 most-likely landings


Let's take a look at several logical landings for Michael Bourn.

Bill Parker Highlights State of the Twins Address


Twins President Dave St. Peter gave a State of the Twins Address on Thursday night to holders and potential holders of season tickets. He's honest about the state of the team but needed to remain...

Marco Scutaro just might pay off. Sort of.


Aging middle infielders are a long shot to pay off, but perhaps the Giants haven't made a bad deal.

Evan Longoria leaves it on the table


Why did Longoria decide to sign another team-friendly contract? There are a host of reasons why.

Can the Royals compete in 2013?


The Royals have made some aggressive moves to upgrade their pitching this offseason, but the team lost 90 games this season. Is their focus on veterans premature?

Public funds, sports stadiums, and Tampa Bay


Will the new report released by the Baseball Stadium Financing Caucus actually move the conversation forward? Or is this just another false start?

We're so sorry, Mike Piazza.


The National League's long MVP drought at catcher wasn't the result of an absence of good seasons; in many cases even the best backstops were simply unable to surpass the limitations of the...

Can the Indians' Rotation Be Fixed?

Is there even a remote possibility that the 2013 Indians rotation will be decent? In this latest SBN Designated Column, Bill Parker looks for reasons to be optimistic.

How Can the Miami Marlins Compete in 2013?

The Miami Marlins were unlikely to compete in 2013 before the mass exodus trade with the Toronto Blue Jays, and it seems even more impossible after the deal. But Designated Columnist Bill Parker...

A Look at Phillies Center Field Options


With July's departure of All-Star center fielder Shane Victorino, the Phillies head into the offseason trying to figure out who will play the position in 2013. Which options are best?

Will Sean Burnett Wear A Curly-W Cap In 2013?


Should the Washington Nationals sign 30-year-old lefty Sean Burnett to a long-term deal or find another left-handed reliever for the bullpen?

Nyjer Morgan And Alternative Histories


SB Nation Designated Columnist Bill Parker has a look at how the 2012 season may have changed for the Brewers if they'd been able to replace Nyjer Morgan with various other options.

The Cardinals' boring, solid offseason


The St. Louis Cardinals haven't made much news since losing in the NLCS. Which is probably for the best.

AL vs. NL: The Junior Circuit is still the best


World Series and All-Star Games don't change the balance of power between the two leagues... for now.

Can the Twins fix their rotation in one winter?


The Twins, on their way back to respectability, need to deal with their starting rotation before they deal with any other part of the team. Can they turn things around before next February?

Can the Twins Fix Their Rotation In One Winter?


Designated Columnist Bill Parker makes his guest debut at Twinkie Town and attempts to rationalize a way that the Twins could make their rotation respectable in just one off-season. Spoiler: he's a...

Could the Braves' Brian McCann Be a Yankee in '13?


SBN Designated Columnist Bill Parker examines the rumor that the Braves could shop McCann to the Yankees and asks if such a deal would would be wise for New York.

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