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Born and raised in Indianapolis.

I stumbled into a job in sports, working in sports information.

A Fan Of...

  • MLB Chicago Cubs
  • NFL Indianapolis Colts
  • NCAAF Boston College Eagles
  • NCAAB Boston College Eagles
  • NBA Indiana Pacers
  • NHL Buffalo Sabres
  • Golf Tiger Woods
  • General IZOD IndyCar Series, Sydney Swans, Australian Rugby
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"We didn’t want them in,’’ he said. "It was a matter of turf. We wanted to be the New England...


"We didn’t want them in,’’ he said. "It was a matter of turf. We wanted to be the New England team.’’ - Credit where credit is due to GDF, who admits to blocking UConn in the latest round of ACC expansion.

"Power Move by the ACC" - Boston Globe

Boston College Football: Interim Coaching Candidates

A look at seven possible candidates for interim head coach of the Boston College Eagles football program.

Very impressive to see ALL Clemson fans in their seats 10 minutes before kickoff, in time for the...


Very impressive to see ALL Clemson fans in their seats 10 minutes before kickoff, in time for the National Anthem. - Gene DeFilippo, with a not-so-subtle dig at BC's fans. Always good to antagonize the fan base when you're on the way to a 1 or 2 win season.

Gene DeFilippo's twitter account

Ryne Sandberg: Profiling a Manager

First off, yes, I realize that Ryne Sandberg is talked about ad nauseam here and other places. However, while his traits (selflessness, accountability, etc.) are most often talked about when...

IndyCar Series Delivers Again at Chicagoland


Another IZOD IndyCar Series race at Chicagoland, another breathtaking finish. Dario Franchitti wins by just .042 second in Joliet.

Football Outsiders Really Likes Boston College


Football Outsiders heaps praise upon the Boston College football program, saying we could easily win the ACC this year, given the way the schedule breaks. They also call us one of the most consistent programs in the country, for both good and bad.

Mark Herzlich in ESPN the Magazine


Pretty powerful stuff from Herzlich about his battle against Ewing's Sarcoma last year and his motivations for 2010.

Don Baylor Wants to Manage Again


Don Baylor can't figure out why no one is calling him to interview for managerial vacancies. I can think of a few reasons...

How Lou Piniella Kept the Yankees from Having a Mascot (kind of)


While the Yankees did introduce a mascot in 1979, Sweet Lou played a big role in why it never caught on.

Kaz Matsui Placed on Waivers


Remember the good ole days, when Cubs fans were disappointed he signed with Houston?

Colorado's Miguel Olivo is Tougher Than You (Well, Some of You)


Miguel Olivo suffers from kidney stones. He passes them during the game, stays in the game and gets a hit. Thank goodness he didn't pull a Kramer and knock anyone off the high-wire.

Carlos Silva Makes the Adjustment


Fangraphs explores how Carlos Silva has been so successful to this point in the season.

Floating Realignment in MLB


It's unlikely, but it sure sounds interesting.

A Dempster Family Profile in the NY Times


The New York Times profiles Ryan Dempster, and the challenges his family has faced since the birth of his daughter last year.

LaRussa Wants McGwire to Pinch Hit in "Dream" Scenario


He admits it's a dream, but let's file this one under "things better left unsaid," Tony.

Yankees Ship Cabrera to Atlanta


For Javier Vazquez, who was last seen in old Yankee Stadium in Game 7 of the 2004 ALCS allowing multiple homeruns to the Red Sox.

Pirates Concerned with Cedeno's Mental Lapses


This sounds familiar. From Pirates manager John Russell: "It's just consistency. Ronny has so many tools, as we saw, but he needs to maintain his concentration. You got the sense that he wasn't always locked in."


A Winter Meetings Primer

The Baseball Winter Meetings are beginning in Indianapolis on Monday, so as a resident of the Circle City, I figured I'd attempt to give everyone a quick primer on the meetings, which run through...

An Interesting Primer on Upcoming CBA Issues


In their weekly notes column, the Boston Globe talks to upcoming union head Michael Weiner about issues the union may bring to the negotiating table, including a shortened schedule, travel and off days, an international draft and draft pick compensation.

A Fascinating Look at New Yankee Stadium


ESPN.com's Wright Thompson pulls the curtains back on Yankee Stadium's "Legends Suite."

How Common is Pitch-Tipping in Baseball?

The New York Times ran an article exploring whether pitch-tipping from infielders is more common than believed, focusing on an incident from 2001 involving then-A and everyone's favorite current Astro, Miguel Tejada.

On the Merits and Detriments of Roster Turnover


Yahoo! Sports Jeff Passan examines roster turnover in MLB since 2006 and whether or not it has helped or hurt teams. An interesting examination given the Cubs.

Falling Off at Age 33


Joe Posnanski and Bill James attempt to break down why players tend to fall off once they turn 33. It will give you pause as a Cubs fan, especially when you consider some of the long-term contracts on the team.

Fehr Stepping Down


According to a source, MLBPA executive director Donald Fehr is stepping down. Fehr has been leading the Union since the mid-1980's, so this will mark a big change for the MLBPA.

Cubs Sale Update: Ricketts Exclusive Window Has Closed


The Biz of Baseball is reporting that Ricketts and Zell continue to negotiate the sale of the team, despite Ricketts' exclusive negotiating window having expired a week ago. Ricketts appears to be trying to lower his price from $900 million to about $850 million, per the article.

McLouth Traded to Atlanta


Pirates OF Nate McLouth has been traded to Atlanta for three of the Braves' top 10 prospects. I'd imagine McLouth would be in uniform tomorrow night. This should clear the way for Pittsburgh to call up Andrew McCutchen from Triple-A, so file that away for the next time the Cubs play the Buccos.

Dempster Cleared of Wrong-Doing by MLB


No fine, no suspension for Dempster, who was ruled to have hit Milwaukee's Ryan Braun on the brim of the helmet on Saturday.

A Profile of Donald Veal


While Donald Veal didn't pan out as a Cubs prospect, the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette offers a profile of some of the challenges the Pirates' rookie faced before and during his time in the Cubs system.

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