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incomplete draft analysis -Fresh Prince Edition

You know Fans are the same no matter time nor place They don't understand that us GMs are gonna make some mistakes So to you, all the GMs all across the land There's no need to argue, Fans just...


the official BillySimsMadeMeDo Mock(ed) Draft

'Twas the night before the draft, when all through the house not a creature was stirring, no more clicks of the mouse. The Sim's jersey was hung by the chimney with care, in hopes that...


Gone but not Forgotten - Fan Favorites

Fellow Lions' fans PODer's - continuing the legend series, I shift focus to Fan Favorites and some of the names may overlap.. as the draft nears and a new season rises, we will be welcoming...


Ranking the Lions against the Lions

Deep in the middle of the offseason with hopes of what is to come for our beloved Detroit Lions has me thinking.... how talented is this edition of the Lions right now? How does it measure up to...


All Legend Team - let's go camping

As a Lions fan the offseason is always an important part of the enjoyment. With no games being played, fans are left to dream about the possibilities available on the Lions roster. With that in...


At this point in time.....

I'm reading my posts, and I sound a bit like a downer.... but really I don't mean to be.I am happy the Lions made some significant changes going into this season, and I hope it yields the results...


I told you so - coaching edition

it's another time of year to make predictions, and this next choice is a big one for Mayhew and Co.They need to hire the next coach...and who fills in the next staff. This will be a thorough search...


Suh is dirty


Trouble in Green Bay?

I thought the team chemistry of the Lions was off last year ( no duh! ) and we often heard Schwartz talking about a play here or a play there, and players trying to do too much. By trying to do...


What kind of fan are you?

The question has been brought up regarding the mental / psychological state of Lions fans. The Lions have a rich and storied history with some of the all time legends of the game coming through...


I Told You So - Combine Edition 2013

Thought I'd bring my contest back for the NFL Combine so the members here at POD can make some predictions while winning some fabulous door prizes. Among this year's prizes are a Cigar from the...


Happy Thanksgiving

While I know some may find me a hypocrite- as I despise the team in Washington DC for what I feel is their blatant;y racist or at least insensitive and dated team name- for celebrating...


Football question from Thursday night

I have to laugh at the stories of gamblers and fantasy football players who are upset with JH and the Niners for taking points off the board. I think it was the right thing to do, but I am a...


Where are they now?

The season is still young with lots left to play. While it has been a difficult beginning, there are still games on the horizon. We've been excited these last few drafts and I really wish we could...


regular what?

It was an entertaining ride watching the replacement refs' experience in "The League." From my perspective, it looked like some were struggling, and players/coaches were taking advantage of it. ...


The Odyssey of a Homer

it is an exciting time to be a Lions fan - not since Barry Sanders have we had a bona fide A + grade talent leading the franchise, and now we have them at multiple spots. We can't wait for the...


things that make you go hmmm...

You know the NFL is funny these days. Every aspect is broken down and examined ad nauseum with every answer and every move questioned. It is a win right now league and rookies are supposed to make...


For arguments sake..

after the first round of OTA's and no significant player movement to follow- we fill the hours with endless debate, and ideas regarding the NFL. This thought provoking series is aimed to bring to...


S'cuz me Sir, How do we get to the SuperBowls?

The Lions are a young team, yet bring back many of last year's starters and key contributors. These players form the nucleus of the first Lions' playoff team in ... I am glad we ended the streak! ...


NO Cinderella Story, Warren Snitch and Me

It was such a good story I couldn't help but pull for them. The Saints revitalized a region, helped a city rise up, and gave hope to it's community. The people of New Orleans deserved to have a ...


I TOLD YOU SO - Free Agent Edition 2012

Here it is a week away from the official start of free agency so let me hear what you think - Give me your five sure bets for the 1st week of free agency. You are welcome to predict the "fairley"...


I TOLD YOU SO - season wrap edition

I'd like to start this off by saying Thank you to this year's Detroit Lions team. We had a very exciting ride along with what appears to be a bright future. I look forward to where this team is...


I told you so DRAFT RECAP

Here we are two thirds of the way through the season so I want to ask all our draft experts here: who ended up with the best mock draft? I don't mean by matching who the Lions actually drafted, but...


Where to find Spa Treatment promo for Thursday

You know... where the Lions love to eat cheese heads.... I am looking for it to share with a packer fan. my thoughts after the jump


Getting Ready for Monday Night

Poor Hank is taking his rowdy friends with him, right when MNF returns to Detroit. It is too bad as he'll miss the best game of the season, and an electric atmosphere (standing room tickets!)....

I jumped on the bandwagon this day


I jumped on the bandwagon this day


I TOLD YOU SO - Free Agent Edition

I tried this with the draft, and asked for 10 predictions, which then by popular suggestion was lowered to 5 things that you can say "I told you so"  would happen in the draft. It became difficult...


My Lions

It's a strange feeling, coming up from nothing. Walking lonely streets, watching games no one else has interest in. Sundays spent alone on my couch, but thankful for the Sunday ticket..... Proud...

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