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My name is Brent Wilbur, I have been a Packer fan as long as I can remember. Bart Starr is my favorite all time Packer, and Aaron Rodgers is my favorite current Packer. I played QB in high school, one year in college, and 5 years overseas, in the USAF. Was probably a better Baseball player, and played 2 years in college, and 2 years overseas, until Baseball was dropped in 1986. Had to pitch fast pitch softball after they dropped Base Baseball team. I've had many jobs in the last 50 years... Currently, I am a professional Bird Dog Trainer, and reside in Abilene, Texas. I love to Hunt! Ride my Harley! And Cheer for my Packers!! Go Pack Go!

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  • NFL Green Bay Packers
  • NCAAF Texas Longhorns
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One Last Mock of Mocking the Mock Draft

Your score is: 5467 (GRADE: A-) Your Picks:Round 1 Pick 32 (SEA): Ryan Shazier, OLB, Ohio State (A-)Round 2 Pick 21: Ra'Shede Hageman, DT, Minnesota (A)Round 2 Pick 23 (CINN): Dee Ford, DE, Auburn...


Could TT Trade Down Indiscriminately? Only a Week Until We Find Out!

Ted Thompson has made a living trading to where there is value. TT has traded up, and he's traded down. Ted isn't one to reach for a player, and has shown patience as GM, of the Green Bay Packers....


Mock Draft Central ~ Back By Popular Demand ~ & PPF... ; )

A month and two days and we will be done with Mock Drafts and PPF will rejoice... : ) Until then: Round 1 Pick 21: Hasean Clinton-Dix, FS, Alabama (A)Round 2 Pick 22 (PHI): Jace Amaro, TE,...


APC Open Thread #84

Wiedmann is traveling and his OT has expired... So I thought I'd step up and give y'all another... Be Safe Wied! Godspeed... Rules of the thread: 1: Don't be a dick. 2: Absolutely NO SAYING...


Johnny "FootBall" Making Money at His "Pro Day!"

The polarizing figure known as "Johnny Football" has again stolen "headlines" with an impressive performance at his "Pro Day!" Apparently Johnny threw some nice intermediate and deep balls with...


6 Weeks Before The Draft ~ We Need MOR Mocks

First-pick.com has obviously changed their rankings and I must say I find it appalling that CJ Mosley is currently rated as an A- in the first round. This isn't my dream draft, but it does address...


MOR MOCK DRAFTS ~ Just for PPF! : )

I know I'm setting the bar pretty high for you guys, but do you expect anything less? Your score is: 5300 (Drafting Ability: A, Player Quality A-, Future Draft Picks: N/A) Your Picks:Round 1...


APC Open Thread #81? In TT We Trust?

With the off-season about to kick off in all it's unfettered glory, and no football games for about 200 days, I thought I would take the liberty to start an OPEN THREAD! Rules of the thread: 1:...


APC MOCK CENTRAL Post Your's Here!

Here is my last draft at: First-Pick.Com You can trade up or down. They grade your draft and players chosen. If you draft a guy in the 3rd round that is a 5th rounder, your grade will reflect...


Post Playoff Loss Mock Draft ~ We need Defense!! Pass Rushers!!

I am not proud of it, but I just spent 4 hours on fanspeak.com. They have an "ON THE CLOCK Mock Draft Simulator..." Their "Big Board" doesn't jive with everyone else's, but it is very...


Pre-Playoffs Mock Draft 2.0

While the Packers are preparing to take the NFC North Crown this Sunday, I am in need of amusement. Looking at draft prospects will give me outlet for my anxiety, regarding our defense's...


What a Long, Strange Trip It's Been

Take in the tale of bad tickets, a crazy football game, and watching the Packers' entire second half comeback from outside AT&T Stadium as BDU regales us with his experience from the...


Getting the "Jump" on the Free Agency Discussion...

With the "New Year" only 25 days away, the Packers season hanging in the balance, and a "must win out" scenario, I console myself with the fact, there is always next year! Still hoping for a...


Season Not Lost ~ Still Love To Talk The Draft...

I am confident that the Packers can still win the division! I am confident that if we get healthy, the defense steps up and plays like it is capable of, and Aaron Rodgers shines like the...


Packers Vs Cowboys... Book It!!! Need Help With Sign Ideas!!!

Hey APC ~ Found out yesterday that my beautiful wife Dawn, and her sissy, Terri bought me tickets to the Packers/Cowboys Game!!! So, December 15th, 2013 will be my 1st time ever seeing my beloved...


Free Stroh (Not Free Stroh's : )

Ok APC... I just got off the phone with Dan "Stroh" Strohman. For all the long-time APC'ers, Stroh needs no introduction... For those who are relatively new, "Stroh" was a strong, long-time...


Mock Drafts ~ How many is too many? : )

Since Ted Thompson will probably trade down on Thursday Night if given the opportunity, (which makes perfect sense, since I'll be able to watch draft coverage Thursday, but, will be working Friday...


Packers Sign WR... Two Days Ago?

Sederrik Cunningham was signed by the Green Bay Packers on 4/16/2013... It was news to me? Looks like a camp body, but, y'all know that TT has had some success bringing in street FA's, so, I...


What if TT Crosses Us Up... Non-Conformist Draft Picks...

BradHTX commented on an article and it got me to thinking... While BradHTX is a relative new-comer to APC he reminded me that no matter what our perceived needs are, TT might very well cross us...


Pre FA Rough Draft...

Looking at Mocking the Draft's Top 200 Big Board, I thought I'd use it to take a stab at what I think might be good for the Packers... (We all know trying to guess what Ted Thompson thinks is...


Nelson, Finley, Cobb, Jones, Benson, Jennings, Kuhn, Crabtree, Driver, & DJ Williams

It's been a pretty crazy year so far... After 4 games I expected to be 4 - 0... Seriously guys, I really did... Sitting at 2 - 2*, I am actually pretty optimistic for the future. Defense has...


Greg Jennings Contract Situation... He's a Free Agent in 2013!

I'm not going to go as far as Bob McGinn did and suggest, ""Packers would be wise to deal Jennings"... but, I will say that a few things need to be decided... (Thank God I do not have to make...


Devaluation of the Running Back Position In Today's NFL...

A fanpost on how the workhorse running back is no longer a hot commodity, and how the Green Bay Packers will be looking for something different


Ted Thompson ~ "Not drafting for specific need."

Just got done watching "Ted Thompson's pre-draft press conference" and found it very vanilla, but interesting. The biggest thing I took away from this was that TT professes not to draft for an...


The Best Defense is a Better Offense...

Responding to a comment by Shoes31 on another thread, I had a crazy idea. What if Ted Thompson and Mike McCarthy go a different route in this years draft? What if they decided they wanted the...


Letting APC Members Decide My Fate and Sig Line...

Hi, my name is Brent Wilbur. I'm a self employed Dog Trainer and owner of Southern Hills Kennel ~ Home of Bird Dog University, Abilene, Texas. I've been coming to APC a long time, and I love the G...


Pre Draft Rankings In Flux... Re-Thinking Our Draft...

Just got done watching a Mike Mayock video clip... I believe it was on "Path to the Draft"? Fletcher Cox is now his #1 rated DT, which tells me Cox will probably be gone in the top 15... D...


My Father, the Packers Shareholder!

My father turned 77 the 21st of January. My brother had sent him a wicked black, Green & Gold leather Packers jacket for Christmas. What do you get your father for his 77th birthday when he...

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