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Ho hum, Chris Tillman scoreless


Chris threw 6 innings of shutout ball. 6 Hits, 6K's, no walks. ERA is 2.50 right now. I know most are going to disagree, but I would bet he's in Baltimore sooner rather than later.

Orioles trade for Mike Aubrey


He's a first baseman and he's not particularly good. Hitting 292 with 5 HR's in 57 AAA games. He's 27 and seems to be hurt more than he's healthy. Cost us a PTBNL. Maybe this will give the Orioles flexibility to move our Aubrey.

Brian's first start in Bowie


Pretty friggin good. 6 IP, 0 ER (although 1 unearned run), 1BB, 3H and 10K. Baysox won 4-1

Brian Matusz moving to Bowie


Looks like he's moving up a little earlier than expected.

Nick Markakis Video Diary


How many times can a guy say "you know" and "uhm" in 3 and a half minutes? And I'm not sure why they call this a video diary.


Baseball Reference

Sorry to hawk someone else's site, but has anyone checked out the new BaseballReference.com site?   Some of the new features are pretty friggin great.   You want to know Mora's stats between 2002...

Albers to the bullpen


I'm kind of surprised this decision was made so early. I thought he was probably one of the better candidates for the rotation.

Bill Rowell moves to the OF


I realize he's only 20, but I take this to mean he's pretty much a bust.


Poor Arod

Looks like Oriole fans won't be able to greet Arod on opening day.   According to his brother, he's going under the scapel and rehab should take about 10 weeks. h...


BP thinks Matt Wieters is pretty good too

Baseball Prospectus came out with their top 100 prospects today and the future HOFer is #1.    No surprise, it's either him or Price.   Other Orioles are Chris Tillman at #16, Brian Matusz at #19,...

Adam Dunn to the Expos


I haven't seen the money mentioned yet, but I'm guessing 2 years at $20M. $10M per would be a huge bargain and it could be even cheaper


Not so fast Ty

It seems something may have come up in Ty's physical and the O's apparently want a second look.   http://weblogs.baltimoresun.com/sports/schmuck/2009/02/orioles_lets_get_physical.html It sucks if...


Ryan Howard resigned $54M/3 years

This is a bit off topic, but doesn't that seem like grossly overpaying for a guy with 2 years of arbitration left?   Especially a guy whose stats have been declining every year.  Seems that in...

MASN interview with MacPhail


It's broken up into four parts. Nothing of major interest here until the very end. Andy mentions that he has hopes that Ty or Ryan can fill in at short; allowing the O's to go with 13 pitchers. Not sure I like that idea and I would guess that Chris Gomez doesn't like the idea either.


Resigning Brian Roberts

I kind of gave up on anything happening with BRob this offseason, but I guess Brian does want to stay after all.  According to Ken Rosenthal, Orioles have offered $30M for 3 years.   Brian wants 4...

Matt Wieters Chat on ESPN


The future HOF'er will be there to answer your questions at 4pm. I'm guessing most of the answers will be to the effect: "I just worry about what I can control" and "I'm trying to make the most out of every oppurtunity".


Our boy Gibbons wants another shot

Yeah, he sucked.  Yeah he liked needles.  But I kind of admire the guy for coming out, swallowing his pride and asking for a shot: Writing this letter is both painful and humiliating. It has...


Worst baseball movie ever

I normally work from home; and I do so with the TV on in the background.  Just so happens that today Showtime had a movie on that I've never heard of, "Joe Torre, Curveballs All the Way," which was...


Baseball Prospectus Standings

I don't know if you need a subscription or not to view these; but Baseball Prospectus came out with their PECOTA standings for this year.  Nothing really shocking about what they say about us,...


It's Done!

Rosenthal is reporting on Fox Sports that it's complete: http://msn.foxsports.com/mlb/story/7777230/After-long-process,-M's-finally-nab-BedardSame package that we've heard forever, Jones,...


Rotation ramblings

Garrett Olson had yet another dominant start last night according to Roch, 8 innings, 2 hits, 7 K, 0 ER.  Meanwhile, we got the Trashman going tonight.The only reason I can see us still sticking...


Trax is coming back

O's sent Olson down to AAA and looks like Trax is going to start for us tomorrow night.  I'm hoping this is just an audition for a trade.  Trachsel has done a pretty good job for us, better than...


Scariest thing I've ever heard from Joe Morgan...

In his ESPN chat, he was asked the question:Shannon (Martinsburg WV): Joe: Say Girardi doesn't accept the O's job. Who's next in line? Have you ever considered managing?His answer:Joe Morgan: Well...


All-Star voting

Did anyone see the AL All Star voting so far???If not:   All-Star VotingI didn't expect him to be leading the vote, but how does BRob not make the top 5??? Personally, I would probably put Upton...


And another guy is whining

This time it's Roch.  Apparently, although Erik Bedard is a pretty good pitcher, he just isn't talkative enough for the local media:Roch BitchingHis friggin job is to get people out, not to give...


Don't get too upset...

Don't know if anyone saw this or not; but our favorite Cy Young candidate from last year, Rodrigo Lopez, was put on the DL last night.http://sports.espn.go.com/mlb/news/story?id=2843091Roddy was...


Random Todd Williams thought

Why are we keeping Todd Williams in AAA???  Does this make sense to anyone?  If we don't need him in the majors than why not trade the guy?  He had a really good spring, his numbers last year...


Extra Innings may be on cable after all...

Looks like In Demand has agreed to match Direct TV's offer; which was the requirement for them to carry Extra Innings.  Or at least they say they have.  MLB still has to review the offer, but this...


What's wrong with Danny???

Another great spring training game.  3.0 IP, 1H, 5K, 0ER  and get this, NO BB!!!So far this spring, 5IP and 0 friggin walks!  I'm having a hard time not getting excited about this team.  Between...

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