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Played for Midland Lee High school as a QB and Corner in west Texas. 4 year starter for UCF as both safety and corner from my freshman year with 14 games as QB also. Tough times but did play in a bowl game. Had a 6 year commitment to the US Army and had a great career as an Officer for 20 years. While in the Army I always kept up on the college and NFL DB;s and helped friends who went on to be coaches. I am now retired and work as a personal DB's coach and mentor for NFL players and working as a contract scout for an NFL team.

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Scouts View: Building the 2013 Roster

The end of the 2012 season brought many things I liked about the team and showed areas that need to improve. As I sat down to look at the Cowboys and took a few to think about the team as a whole,...


Scouts View: Injuries and the Elephant in the Room

Injuries have been at the forefront of not only Cowboys fans concerns but fans across the league for the last 2 seasons. Many have speculated or tried to offer explanations, including myself, as to...


Scouts View: 2013 Cornerback Prospects

Scouts early look at 2013 NFL Cornerback draft prospects

I had a few request for an NFL souting report on Claiborne. This is a summary. I will put up my...


I had a few request for an NFL souting report on Claiborne. This is a summary. I will put up my report in detail in few days. Claiborne is an aggressive cover man who likes to use his tall frame and long arms to get up in the face of receivers and shock them at the line of scrimmage to disrupt timing. When he punches, he doesn't just get his hands there, he makes his presence felt. He can run with his back to the ball at the receiver's hip using a press/bail technique and looks natural running with his man in-phase while still keeping an eye towards the ball. Claiborne is such a gifted athlete with uncommon body control that he runs with his man fluidly up and down the field while still keeping the wherewithal to break off at any time and get involved in plays coming across him. As a zone defender, he is simply an explosive athlete with length and can keep plays in front of him and react quick enough to meet the man at the ball. He is physical in run support and will have no problem coming up to tackle from the edge.


Scouts View: Morris Claiborne and the Wonderlic Test

Today there has been a flurry of speculation and analysis of Morris Claiborne after it was reported that he scored a 4 on his Wonderlic test. I am not sure if this information was leaked by a team...

Update from the Combine


I can confirm that David Decastro has met with the Cowboys for an interview.


Scout's View: The Interview Process

We often talk about the interview process for draft prospects and the importance of them. For most fans the interest seems to start at the Senior Bowl and Combine. For teams and scouts the...


Scout's View: The Measurables

In my last Scout’s View post I discussed the 7 Critical Factors that are one part of a prospects grade. In scouting we measure and grade every possible aspect of a draft prospect. The team I work...


Scouts View: Building the Player Profile

This season I was hired by an NFL team as a contract scout. They wanted to take full advantage of the depth of the DB class this year. This particular team has had great success at drafting over...

Josh Norman: Off Field Character Concerns In the reports on Josh Norman this week many in the...


Josh Norman: Off Field Character Concerns In the reports on Josh Norman this week many in the media have made references to off-field character concerns but failed to give any details. I thought I would share what I know about these concerns. These stem from some maturity issues that Josh had while a freshman. He had received several traffic tickets that had gone unpaid. As a result his license was suspended. He was pulled over and arrested for the unpaid tickets. The tickets were going to be paid for by a family member who failed to do so and that family member took responsibility for not doing so. This still does not lift the responsibility for Josh’s actions. Since that time Josh has not had any further problems and has been described by his coaches and teammates as being a high character person. I think Josh is past these problems and on the right track. I will update if any more information becomes available.


An Apology: David DeCastro

Over the last week I had made some statements about David Decastro the OG from USC when I meant them about Peter Konz the center from Wisconsin. I want to make clear that Decastro does not have a...


Scouts View: NCAA Drug Testing

With the recent debate with Dre Kirkpatrick I am prompted to write this about NCAA drug testing. I focused this on just the NCAA policy and the holes. But there is a much bigger problem with the...


Cowboys-v-Redskins: My Prediction

This has all of the makings of a trap game from a fan's eye view. This is a game that the 'Boys know they want to win and win big. There is a lot of motivation for our 'Boys to show they are...


Thoughts from the game

Was a great game here today. From someone who has been a Boys fan since the early 70's but was taken to the Cotton Bowl in a stroller since the start of the franchise, being here today was a great...


An Honest Assement of Vick's Mechanics

I am a Boys fan, that is first what I want to say. More than that I work with corners, safeties, qb's and reciever at the college level and in the NFL. I want to talk about Vick's mechanics and his...


Just wanted to say a few things to Pats Fans

Was at the game and I want to say that the Pats fans are great folks. I enjoyed the game and had some great conversations with them. Was in a box and I have to say, DAMN, the food is great. Had...


Random Thoughts From The Game

Back at my hotel in Boston and wanted to post some quick thoughts I took away from the game. I know this was a loss no one wanted, but I saw things that could be fixed. I had a great vantage point...

Philly Fans Starting to Revolt


I could have put the headline as fans being pressured to not voice their right to Free Speach in the same city that is supposed to represent Liberty.and Free Speach, but that would just be mean.


Thoughts from the game

  Being here was something else. There were some things I saw from the game.


Air Garrett, A Bang for Romo and an 8 Route for Holley

During the off season there was much talk about "Air Garrett" and the Bang 8 route.   This route was an old school route that Aikman and the 90's Cowboys ran with great success. The bang 8 is a...


Boys and Niners: What Did I See

Sean Lee may just be the reral deal. On defense we have not seen this the last few seasons unless it was Ware or Ratliff. Rat showed...


Two Who Gave Their All

As I look back at the time after 9/11 there are two guys I hold a special place in my heart. They gave their all after 9/11 and no one knows their name. They were the first deaths after 9/11 and...


Cowboys at Jets: A Game of Emotions

The emotions will be with players and fans. Sunday’s night game between the Boys and Jets will bring many emotions. I know this is being billed by many sports reporters as a NY game but 9/11...

ESPN, NFL Sign Eight-Year Extension To Media Rights Deal - SportsBusiness Daily | SportsBusiness Journal


63% increase in annual revenues with digital streaming rights of games also. The new deals for TV are just starting.

Was supposed to be at the Jets-Giants game but with it moved to Monday, I decided to head to...


Was supposed to be at the Jets-Giants game but with it moved to Monday, I decided to head to Toronto and get out of the way of Irene. I am staying on Front Street. Where is a good spot to watch the Boy's play tonight.


Some quick thoughts on tonights game

1. Romo did not look like he was under much pressure with Nagy and Smith out there. 2. Dez you make all of the hard plays, CATCH THE EASY PASS. 3. Nagy did not look bad at all. 4. Tyron Smith...


Dallas Cowboys Training Camp Observations: Day 4

A practice report from Dallas Cowboys training camp for Day 4.


Dallas Cowboys Training Camp Practice Report: Day 3

A practice report from San Antonio for the Dallas Cowboys on Saturday.


Training Camp Observations: Day 2

Early, Often and Everywhere. These are the three words that best describe Rob Ryan’s blitzes. During team drills he's getting his guys ready for what will be a very exciting season. He is wasting...


Training Camp Observations: Day 1

My job allows me to go to several different training camps and a lot of games in the league. I started out this season with Dallas and will be here through Sunday then back for some more of their...

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