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D.J. Augustin dribbles too much, probably

No guard averaged more dribbles per touch than Augustin did last year. But what does it mean?


Arif's Ted Bridgewater Scouting Report

Arif Hasan has written up a pretty detailed scouting report on Ted Bridgewater. It's sadly at Vikings Territory instead of at the Daily Norseman, but here's the link. The whole article is essential...


Grantland CourtVision's Worst Shooters So Far: Josh Smith

Surprise, surprise. J Smoove's picture leads the article. Kirk Goldsbery of Grantland, after looking at the five best shooters in the NBA, took a look at the five worst. No current Detroit...


Grantland's Bill Barnwell on the Vikings

Grantland's Bill Barnwell (formerly of Football Outsiders) wrote an interesting article on our very own Minnesota Vikings. Barnwell does not expect the Vikings to return to the playoffs, in part...


The Vikings Versus Loaded Boxes

It's taken as a given that the Vikings' opponents played eight and nine in the box consistently, in order to slow down Adrian Peterson. Is that actually true, though? Mike Sando of ESPN's NFC West...


Missed Tackles by Defenders

Football Outsiders, in addition to running statistical analysis on NFL games, also employs dozens of volunteer game charters to pick up on things missed by the basic box score. Missed tackles is...


Mike Tanier's Thoughts on Kluwe

Mike Tanier of Sports on Earth (previously Football Outsiders and the New York Times) is one of the most insightful and humorous NFL writers. He shares his thoughts on Chris Kluwe's career. Here...


A Greg Monroe Nightmare

Lady and Gentlemen, I come to you with a disturbing vision. Last night, I awoke at 3:43 am due to the effects of a nightmare. I saw Greg Monroe hiding in an attic. The attic was cramped and tiny,...

The Intertwined Careers of Rasheed Wallace and Jerry Stackhouse


Interesting article from Grantland on two former Pistons. Here's a sample quote from Larry Brown: "Every minute I was around Rasheed, I was excited to be there," Brown said. "He plays the right way. He makes his teammates better. He respects the game. He respects coaching. And when the average person sees him, they don't realize that."

Charges against AD dropped


Courtesy of Kevin Seifert... "The Minnesota Vikings' star running back told ESPN on Tuesday prosecutors have dropped the resisting arrest charge stemming from his July arrest at a Houston nightclub."

Darko is still a Serbian Gangster


"I'll do whatever it takes, whatever I need to do to help this team. So now, if I have to go kill someone on the court, I'll kill someone on the court." Originally from CSN New England, via Pro Basketball Talk and Ball Don't Lie

Today in Otter Attack News


Minnesota Star Tribune reports than an otter attacked a triathlete doing swimming training in a local lake. She received 25 bites, including through the wetsuit, and was taken to a hospital for treatment.

MOAR SF: Pistons interested in Terrence Williams?


Alex Kennedy of Hoopsworld is reporting that former Sacramento King Terrence Williams is receiving interest from the Kings, Pistons, and Suns. I know a lot of DBBers (myself included) liked Williams coming out of school, but he seems like a long shot given how full Detroit's roster is.

Jason Maxiell, looking great with his dog. It's a promo photo to support the Michigan Human...


Jason Maxiell, looking great with his dog. It's a promo photo to support the Michigan Human Society. H/T to PistonPowered.

Frank uses pace-adjusted stats.


Vince Ellis reports... "Coach Lawrence Frank cited stats after practice Monday that say Detroit was 29th out of 30 teams defensively in January. The Pistons improved to 17th during February and were eighth during March." Those stats aren't points scored, it's points per 100 possessions. Courtesy of PistonPowered.


2011 Cornerback Charting - Asante Samuel does well

I've mentioned Football Outsiders game charting project before. They just posted their cornerback statistics from last season. Asante Samuel looks very impressive according to these numbers. Samuel...


Ponder's Adjusted Interception Rate

Football Outsiders just published their research on "adjusted interception rate" from last season. I thought it was interesting. It provides a better picture than just straight interceptions. The...


The Robert Griffin Delusion Must Die

I understand that many of us want the Vikings to draft Robert Griffin III this year. I understand. He's an exciting prospect at the most important position in football. Ponder showed some promise...

Sebastian Pruiti on Brandon Knight


Pruiti, writer of the great NBA Playbook, provides his first in a series of year-long rookie rankings on Grantland. Knight ranks fourth. According to Pruiti: "Right now, when Knight defends the ball handler in pick-and-roll situations, he forces turnovers 25 percent of the time. Much of that has to do with Knight's length, but it also has to do with his effort on defense." There's more at the link.

Oden Accepts Portland's Qualifying Offer


Looks like Oden is staying with the Blazers for one more year. I wouldn't turn down $8.9 million, either.

A Story from the Federal Building


From someone writing in to Drew Magary's mailbag at Deadspin. "I work in a well-known Federal building. A week ago I walked into the men's room at the same time as a political appointee, whom might I add, doesn't know me from Adam. As we sidled up to urinals 1 and 3, respectively, he unzipped his pants and said at normal volume, "It's...Showtime!". I had to replay what I had just heard in my head two or three times to make sure I heard it correctly. I was sure of it when he began urinating and released a bassoon-eque fart simultaneously. It was, indeed, showtime."

NBA Free Agent List


Courtesy of Tom Ziller at SB Nation. The Pistons' restricted free agents are Afflalo Stuckey and Jonas; unrestricted are Wilcox, Summers, McGrady, and Prince. Who do you want the Pistons to target? My dream would be DeAndre Jordan (restricted) but that seems highly unlikely. More realistically, I'm interested in Carl Landry, Chuck Hayes, Craig "The Rhino" Smith, Shelden Williams, and Troy Murphy. Yes, those are all bigs. No, that's not a coincidence.

Eli Zaret Fired


Vincent Goodwill of the Detroit News reports that sideline reporter Eli Zaret has been released. it sounds like Zaret wasn't surprised by the move after Pistons executive vice president of broadcasting, Pete Skorich, left a few weeks ago. H/T to TrueHoop

Berrian threatens KSK with lawsuit


Kissing Suzy Kolber, for those who don't know, is a satirical website focused on the NFL. After Bernard Berrian's Twitter comments to Minnesota State Representative and disabled veteran John Kriesel, one of the KSK authors, Matt Ufford, created a post imagining Berrian's response to criticism from others, including the Pope, the Dalai Lama, and a puppy. It was obviously satire, but Berrian's legal team threatened a lawsuit. Ufford, himself an Iraq veteran, offered to make changes to the post in lieu of removing it. Unfortunately, that was insufficient for Berrian's PR team, so KSK removed the post to avoid a frivolous lawsuit. The link has Ufford's letter to Berrian's PR people, as well as the KSK response to the issue. I thought I'd make sure the Daily Norseman readers knew this. I used to like Berrian, but he is doing himself no favors in the past week.

Featured Contributor: brgulker


Featured Contributor: brgulker

Scroll down to the bottom of the DBB homepage. When did this happen?

JOD Hasn't Made a Bad Move in Over Two Years


Food for thought from Mike Payne's favorite website, PistonPowered.

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