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I was raised on Alabama Crimson Tide football. But considering I grew up in California and couldn't attend any games, it stands to reason I grew up also liking every team in Oakland- A's, Raiders, and Warriors. As well, I'm a graduate of the University of Southern California and as such, my allegiance towards all things Trojan is unyielding (except when/if it applies to 'Bama).
Other than that- I used to be a street-walkin' skank, but those days are now way over. I used to play a mad air-bass too, but since I mastered "The Robot" and learned to touch my chin with my tongue, I earn a legit wage these days.

A Fan Of...

  • MLB Oakland Athletics
  • NBA Golden State Warriors
  • NFL Oakland Raiders
  • NCAAF Alabama Crimson Tide
  • NCAAB USC Trojans
  • MMA Cain Velasquez
  • FIFA USA (national soccer team)
  • Serie A AS Roma
User Blog

Yeah, yeah. . . . THAT Malcolm Smith!


Former Trojan LB, Malcolm Smith, just had the most spectacular games of his pro career as LB for the Super Bowl winning Seattle Seahawks. I was rooting for Coach Carroll all the way this year. As a Raiders' fan, it's hard to root for anyone else. But this Seahawks team was for real this past year. Way to go Malcolm! Fight On!

Emails unsealed in O'Bannon lawsuit vs. NCAA, CLC, & EA Sports


This entire article will make your day if you believe the NCAA is a cartel. The NCAA is fighting a lawsuit that it will lose, my only hope is that O'Bannon, et al. don't capitulate and settle with ANY PARTY in this case.

NCAA to review sanctions on Boise State: These bozos are DICKS!


I thoroughly HATE THE NCAA! They're nothing but self-serving, vindictively biased, bureaucratically-inept stupid f_cks with absolutely no sense of shame nor moral propriety. At least, they cannot seem find such propriety on a universal level with it's member institutions. Why USC wasn't granted the same reconsideration is beyond me. It only points to bias.

2013 Class of USC Recruits Meet In Atlanta from Rivals.com


Excellent commentary on most of LaneFuckingKiffin's 2013 recruiting class meeting in Atlanta this weekend. (Paragon, if you can, suggest to SB Nation to get a heading in the publishing links for their Fanshots and Fanposts to include "Recruiting" for tagging purposes, as well as "Incoming Recruit/Players" for naming purposes)

TJ Simers talks to Trojan-great Lou Zamperini (money-quote from Lou!)


Pete Carroll was back in town to help raise funds for his "Winforever" non-profit, with most proceeds going towards "A Better L.A." campaign he had started when he coached here at USC. Pete's always been a supremely sophisticated gentleman and has maintained a reputation of possessing quality class, so coming back down to LA to continue pursuing his intention of changing the lives of those less fortunate here in our communities is a testament to that. This article is chock-full of hilarious and profound quotes from former Trojan track and field star/war hero/Olympian/POW/awesome father & husband/now best-selling author, Lou Zamperini. Just read this! (the ending quote should be on some T-shirt!)

Bruin Bashing: WTF's Up With This Letter, Dude?


This letter was for all those "PSYCH" majors!!!! Only in Wastewood, what a buncha jokers! Had. To!

Ultimate manwich: Mark Sanchez and Tim Tebow!


Hey girls, get your goggles out- Tim Tebow is going to the Big Apple! Talk about your most tantalizing twosome! I mean, C'MONNNN!!!!! I'm not so sure how this news is hitting Mark Sanchez right about now, but I'd be worried as heck to know that Mark Sanchez is about to get out-sanchized by Tebowmania! That's right, talk about a wild looking wildcat! Mark Sanchez will never have to worry about 3rd downs again in New York- Tim Tebow will have 'em covered! In this way, at least Mark will have his "drives extended". Ahem.

Schlabach: "USC, which signed a solid class. . , moves into the No. 1 spot of the second edition of the Way-Too-Early Preseason Top 25"


USC finished their 2011 season with a huge bang! After ASU- Coach Monte Kiffin kept our D-players' heads on straight. What's even more unbelievable in our second half turnaround this past year, was the play of our LB's. Here's hoping that whomever replaces Coach Joe Barry, is as good as he is. Coach Barry and Coach Gilmore (WR's) are two of the best hires on Kiffin's staff. What hurts to read on that list is "All-American LB Jarvis Jones". I am incredibly happy for the guy, I just hate that he's able to light it up on another team. Georgia in the SEC for gosh-sakes!!!!!! Lastly, I'm not sure if Alshon Jeffrey is smart to go pro right now. Maybe LaneF_ckinKiffin was right about the cat? Who knows, stranger things than becoming gas-station attendants have happened to not-ready-for-the-dance wannabe football players.

Today, LA Times Page 2 Columnist TJ Simers writes: "But it's Tebow time, and there's nothing like...

Today, LA Times Page 2 Columnist TJ Simers writes: "But it's Tebow time, and there's nothing like the thrill of maybe witnessing the impossible, which is also why I never miss a UCLA-USC football game." [major hat-tip to USC Trojan Football Blog for the image. it was simply the first image that fit this Fanshot-mood via Google]

Pac 12/Big 10 Scheduling Alignment- Talk About Shifting the Paradigm!


When Larry Scott and Jim Delany start thinking, WATCH OUT! This collaborative effort between conferences is borderline genius, and I'm sure- soon enough, other conferences will seek to obtain similar alliances and agreements. The two things I like most about this development is: 1. Both conferences were adamant in scheduling "Olympic Sports" in this deal. It is incumbent upon all athletes in both conferences that this was done- as collectively, our conferences have sent close to 17,000 athletes spread over 550 different teams to the Olympics in years past. 2. Larry Scott's quotes regarding BCS Championships as it pertains to the football teams of both conferences. To wit, heightened competition in football will probably not help either conference win more national championships under the current BCS rankings system- due to the quality of teams in both the Pac 12 and Big 10. Our "non-conference" or "Out-of-conference" scheduling will be upgraded in the future. Here's what Larry had to say, "If that was the only goal we probably wouldn't do this. Under the current system that's a fair observation. The best way to win the national title is to game the system. We've got broader goals. We think of it more holistically."

LA Times digs dirt on Coliseum Commission executives


Wow, this is a revealing expose' on graft and waste with little to no controls or oversight in spending occurring as we speak over at the Coliseum Commission offices. This is just another, in a long list of reasons, why USC should take over the daily operations at Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum.

Ex-Trojan players, #2, and #3 in NFL jersey sales


From NFL.com: "They say nothing succeeds like success, and that's certainly true when it comes to the sale of NFL merchandise, . . " And so when NFL star players Clay Matthews/OLB #52 Green Bay Packers (USC 2005-2008) and Troy Polamalu/S #43 Pittsburgh Steelers (USC 1999-2002) played against each other in last season's NFL Super Bowl champtionship game, it's no wonder their respective NFL jersey received huge surges in sales. Coming in at #1 in sales so far this year, is ex-Cal Bears QB- Aaron Rodgers/QB Green Bay Packers- who was the Super Bowl MVP. On a sidenote, ex-Florida Gators "all-everything QB" and current 3rd string Denver Broncos QB Tim Tebow's jersey has plummeted in the past year. His was the #1 selling NFL jersey last year, and he's now currently #8. Although some outlets have his current/current sales at #15.

#28- Mark Ingram of the New Orleans Saints


FROM THE LOS ANGELES TIMES' NFL COLUMNIST SAM FARMER: -Asked if Ingram has measured up to expectations so far, Coach Sean Payton didn't hesitate. "Absolutely," said Payton, who is conducting practices in Oxnard this week as the Saints prepare for Sunday's exhibition game at Oakland. "You're talking about power, speed. … He runs with good pad level. The leaky yardage for him is forward, not backward. You never know until you get him in camp, but he's been impressive."

Forget the Aug. 3rd letter, READ the July 13th one from the NCAA regarding Ohio State!


That Gene Smith? What'a guy, eh? He truly knows the NCAA and he knows how to spin his ass right out of the line of fire. The July 13, 2011 letter to tOSU DID say that no new allegations would be brought forth before their (OSU's) Aug. 12, 2011 hearing in front of the NCAA's Committee on Infractions- what he left out was the fact that Stephanie Hannah (NCAA Director of Enforcement) warned Shep Cooper- in regards to OSU, that "additional issues remained", "additional review is necessary", "investigation(s) remain open", and "additional allegations may result" from further enforcement inquiries into OSU's football program and athletic department. It even went on to say (and I quote): "violations set forth in the current set of allegations may form the partial basis for a failure to monitor of lack of institutional control when viewed in light on any additional violations". Which makes me wonder: "What DID the new August 3rd letter entail, and why MUST OSU legal counsel review it before OSU publicly discloses it?" EDIT: This is an inter-office letter from enforcement to Shep Cooper - Director of Committee on Infractions at NCAA headquarters. I'm guessing, Shep Cooper then confirmed/informed Ohio State following receipt of this letter. Again, this information regarding the investigation of OSU is moving forward with further enforcement review, despite today's Aug. 12th hearing in front of the Committee on Infractions.

Reggie Bush traded to Miami Dolphins


CBSSports.com has reported the New Orleans Saints have traded running back, Reggie Bush, to the Miami Dolphins this morning. Bush, the former Trojan great- gets a new lease on life and will hopefully have the opportunity to provide more production for the Dolphins than he did for the Saints. On the Saints, Reggie didn't ever seem to fit right with Coach Payton's offensive system. The silver-lining in Reggie's tenure with the Saints is that he comes away as a Super Bowl champion from his experience. He's been a model-citizen and he's left a remarkable imprint upon the good people of New Orleans with all of his charity donations and concern in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. As always, a hearty "Good Luck!" to Reggie and his new team in Miami.


Ohio State University WAS on probation until March 2009

Now, I realize that the NCAA has already deemed judgement on the discounted tattoo's that Pryor, Herron, Posey, Thomas and Whiting received- in which case, the NCAA helped to make tOSU's situation...


Marcus Simmons named 2011 Pac 10 Defensive Player of the Year

Bumped - P USC senior guard Marcus Simmons was awarded by a panel of all Pac-10 coaches as this year's conference Defensive Player of the Year. To be sure, coaches aren't allowed to vote for honors...

Pat Haden Interview


After watching the SCHawks (wink: Gnossos) defeat the St. Louis Rams last night, Fred Roggin of Channel 4-LA news interviewed USC AD Pat Haden. I apologize now if this has been posted before, as it looks like this interview took place at least a week or two ago. But I felt the content and statements made by AD Haden was appropriate, sincere, and forthcoming. I do hope all you Trojans enjoy the questions posed to Pat Haden and his responses to them. Fight On Y'all!

Dr. Jo Potuto is OVERLY-INVESTED! [updated 1.6.11]


I've got nothing but time on my hands today- did a 'Google-search' with just "Jo Potuto". BLAMMO! This pops up: (I'll summarize) A memo to many faculty heads and faculty members, "faculty athletics representatives" (WHAT THE HECK??) throughout the D-1A member schools. In this memo, Ms. Potuto basically delineates the ad hoc position of the NCAA higher ups regarding the playoff vs. BCS polemic for championship college football. It is authored with her Executive Committee letterhead. Seriously! You heard that right, SHE'S GOT ANOTHER FREAKING OPINION! This chick is many things, but she can never be accused of altruistic inclinations. She is FOR the money, ABOUT the money, AND NOTHING BUT IN the money regarding college athletics. (my personal opinion) (UPDATED!!!!) A co-worker of mine found this gem on Jo Potuto: "NCAA Rules, Adoptions, Infractions, & Enforcement", a written description from her own words and opinion on how, why & what the NCAA operates within. Scroll down to page 294 when she talks about "The Cooperative Principle" and Subpoena Power. It's just rich- she basically outlines "the ideal" for NCAA Infractions & Enforcement, but clearly doesn't seem inclined nor possessed to practice what she preaches. Sounds like Dubya's "compassionate conservatism", in my eyes. Mind you, it's a PDF download- the same link I had trouble with in linking USC's Notice of Appeal last month.


Ask, and you shall receive!

It looks like a USC alum has been just as indignant regarding the June 2010 NCAA sanctions placed upon USC as we here on Conquest Chronicles have been. And get this: he's a legal analyst. Get MORE...

YO, Spock Jenkins . . . . .(and Todd too, for that matter!!)


Hey now Cap'ns, what 'ch'all doin' and where YOU AT? It's Sunday the Nov. 21st, and for some reason I feel quite certain it should shoulda been today 3 days ago? I told you on the RBR Friday Random 10 that I found this hilarious story that I got off my Stuff Christians Like blog. What? It's really NOT what you think. Wait, hold up- actually, it IS what you might think, but chances are. . . .it also could be totally different? Hah! (did I just really have a conversation with you, . . or myself? that's like. magic, Spock! how're you able to do that?) (Todd, give Spock a RAISE! He's like "our" therapy. The man SAVES!) Okay, lemme just cut straight to the chase. What do you get when: Isaac Herbstreit, Elijah Musburger, Jezebel Tafoya and Rahab Andrews go on "Speciial Assignment"? (Time's UP! Pencils down.) Back in TIME, that's what! And here's the best part- THEY'RE FREAKING COVERING the most epic ass-kicking of all-time. David vs. Goliath! (originally published on the Burnside Writers Collective, but re-told/re-edited on Brian Allain dot com) Oh and Todd- this guy Brian Allain is a major hoot. He's like you and me: the man loves everything about "words". One more thing Todd, go over to stuffchristianslike.com too! Everyday too! Guaranteed to LAUGH YOUR TOOKISS OFF! I promise you, you WILL! Have a stellar Sunday RBR-ers! (i miss the Sunday Gospel Hour- gospel music just ain't the same without instruments. . . my Iggy Pop-voice can't pull it off! Impossible situation for me)

Steve Smith, ex-Trojan great- is sidelined due to a partially torn chest muscle. The Giants ended...

Steve Smith, ex-Trojan great- is sidelined due to a partially torn chest muscle. The Giants ended up losing to the Cowboys despite Eli Manning have a great game going 33 for 48 and passing for 373 yards with 2 TD's and 2 INT'S.

If Antonio Margarito suffered a fractured orbital bone, than here is what to expect from this type...


If Antonio Margarito suffered a fractured orbital bone, than here is what to expect from this type of injury. The picture in the front details the main bones in and around the eye. The link in bold (first sentence) details injury and treatment. Get well Antonio, Fight On! Manny Pacquiao (I'm a USC alum)

TJ Simers does it again! In this latest series on making fun of most things Bruins (football and...

TJ Simers does it again! In this latest series on making fun of most things Bruins (football and fans), he really goads 'em on with some of the most hilarious commentary I've read from anyone in a long time. If you "get" TJ, he's pure gold. If you don't "get him", he's a total asshole and must be kicked to the streets. In this article, he uses paraphrasing and direct quotes (mixed with resultant behavior) to let his reader know how much of a wonderful interviewee Coach Lane Kiffin truly is. And he compares Kiffin to his counterpart in Westwood. I might be going over the top, but TJ is a true badass journalist. Not in his topic matter per se, in his use and command of the English language. He can make cement interesting, if you ask me.

Sam Farmer of LA Times shows T-Roy (Polamalu) some love


Here's some nice journalism from Sam Farmer- Los Angeles Times NFL reporter, on our very own Troy Polamalu. He's was injured last season, but has come back in full-force to impose his will on opposing teams. Give it a look-see.


Because this just can't be taken to scale

In the alternate existence that is the hilariously stupefying reality of college football, the 2010 calendar year has given us: fatal-threat stalking, miraculously hoodwinked party-animals, l...

Lane Kiffin quote


This sums it up pretty succinctly: "According to USC's sports information office, USC had lost only four games on the final play before suffering consecutive losses against Washington and Stanford on last-second field goals. 'Four times in [more than] 100 years and now we've done it twice in the last seven days,' Kiffin said. 'It's a record we didn't really want to break or be a part of.' "


TJ Simers is a God: "If Bruins are a joke, . . . . .

. . . why won't their fans laugh?" (the title to his most recent Page 2 Column in the Los Angeles Times. Of note, the online version of his column is titled,"Smile, UCLA fans . . . then maybe the...

Isn't this scary?


From OTS at RollBamaRoll: "Tennessee: Pretty easy to see that end result coming from a mile away, but at least give Dooley credit for having his guys prepared and playing hard. For better or for worse -- and hopefully it is for worse -- this is likely going to be the status quo for the Vols this season. An upset or two might happen (big smile and waive at you, UGA), but the odds are that the Vols lose to every solid team they play this season. The good news, if any, is that without a major upset to a lesser team the Vols ought to make it to 6-6 and the PapaJohns.com Bowl. Well, okay, so maybe that's only good news for those of us who bleed crimson and white." Now, I love OTS- he's a man among boys in blog-land: both in expertise and journalistic integrity. But I have to say- even fans of teams in the SEC know that going 6-6 and winning against less than solid-teams will guarantee that a SEC team will be bowl bound. Trouble is, when a SEC team plays in their bowl game, they usually (more often than not) WIN. That's the part that sucks for a non-SEC partisan. Still, the commentary on a team like Tennessee is scary indeed.

J Sagarin College Football Rankings have USC at 4th!!!!


Not that Jeff's metric is the end-all/be-all for college football, but I thought it was interesting that he has us at #4, with the nearest PAC 10 teams as follows: Oregon - 11 Oregon State - 21 Cal - 24 Arizona - 36 Stanford - 48 Arizona State 49 Ucla - 51 Washington - 65 Washington State - 103 Where again have the pundits predicted us to finish in our conference again? 4th on some? Dang. That's either retarded or beyond retarded. Last year my predictions for our beloved Trojans was MASSIVELY wrong. But, that was before Barkley was given the reigns and way before all those injuries that piled up. But still, no way I'm gonna jinx Lane's team this year. Fight On!

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