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LSB Social Media Extravaganza

I have made a spreadsheet on Google Docs to help keep all the usernames straight.  Especially with Google Plus where you're supposed to use your real name, I don't know who the hell anyone is.    S...


OT: What companies have given you great customer service?

After this I will never ask you about customer service again.  I promise.   I just want the names of companies/establishments, really, but if you want to give reasons that would be interesting.   F...


OT: What companies have given you terrible customer service?

This is going to help me with something.  I know it's dangerously close to spam, probably, but what the hell.  It could be a good place to blow off steam.   In the last year or so what companies do...


Bin Laden Dead

This is a great moment.  It's sad that it took so much money and so much time, but I actually gave up hope they'd ever kill that son of a bitch.  Apparently they have, though.  Anyway, fuck that...


OT: Stupid iTunes

I am weary of all the Mike Young talk, and I have a question about iTunes, which sucks.  Since this post is about a product made and distrubuted by Apple, so Sharky is NOT INVITED.  Get out of...


OT: Direct TV, Dish Network

Okay, so my mom has Charter Cable and the DVRs are absolutely horrendous.  There are also compression issues with Charter's signal or something...I don't think she's getting true HD even though she...


Mid-ALCS off day/off topic thread

What car do you drive? If money were no object, what kind(s) of car(s) would you drive? What is the stupidest thing you've ever done? If you could only choose one food to eat for the rest of your...


LSB Hive Mind Opinion on Lewin Firing

I would disable comments if I could as this has been discussed elsewhere.  Elsewhere didn't have a poll, however, and I am fond of polls.  So I'm trying to make sure I get enough words in here.    I...


Which is Better: Vote and Discuss (OT)

  The following videos are both TV reviews for the same automobile.  Which do you think is the better review, whether or not you agree with the hosts' conclusions?  These programs have a bit of a...


LSB Twitter Directory

  I started this thing as sort of a directory, but Bhill came along and made a twitter list, which makes more sense.  If you make tweeters about the great game of beisbol, please add your name in...


Things Happening in Dallas Right Now

An iguana is stuck in a tree, not sure where. There's a fire on Pentagon PKWY. Some guy in a van is exposing himself on Calmont street, wherever that is. Big wreck on Turtle Creek, street is...


So the Snow is Pretty Awesome, Huh?

How much snow have you gotten today where you live?  Where you work?  Have you crashed your car?  Did you know that we're forecast for up to ten inches of snow before this ends?  I heard it has...


Off Topic: So I got myself one of these iPhones

Alright, first of all...please do not say I should have gone with some other phone or some other provider.  I've had ATT for years and have always been okay with them.  And I know lots of people...


Ben F. Sheets

I have an irrational impatience for discussing anything to do with Ben Sheets.  Perhaps this thread can help clear some things up.  Nothing about Jon Garland has been mentioned in the press...


Post Not About Mike Leach

Until a couple days ago I had never heard of the guy.  Needless to say that doesn't interest me that much, and I hate to see one of my favorite corners of the interwebnet devoid of any content that...



We will all be dead this time tomorrow.  There is a winter weather warning in effect for North Texas until 9pm CST. Merry Christmas!   Fancy words:   00z model guidance follows the trends of very...


Google Zeitgeist, Rangers

Seems like the Texas Rangers were one of the most searched for terms this year in the Dallas/Fort Worth metro area. No Cowboys, No Mavericks. Nationally the Rangers didn't even make the chart but...


Mass Murder at Fort Hood

I have to keep short as I am on an abbreviated lunch break.  First I want to say that we should all pray in our own way for all those affected by this incident.  Can you imagine what it would feel...


Kid with Cerebral Palsy

So there's this little girl with Cerebral Palsey. They need a little less than $30k to buy her a van with a wheelchair lift. Please consider donating a buck or two. Every little bit helps. ...


OT: So what's your favorite, eh?

So I was thinking about my favorite GOOD movies.  You know we all have our guilty pleasures that we enjoy watching more than films we may like and think are important culturally, so I had to cut...



I live just barely south of Downtown in a very large apartment building situated on Lamar Street, and yet I cannot find one decent place that will deliver here.  I used to get my pizza from...


Hacktacular: A simplistic analysis of Game 1 vs. NYY

I was going to put this in the post-game thread, but it's not up yet and this seems to be a pattern anyway.   I...


OT: Migraine Headaches

Okay.  So I'm 32 and I've had "ocular migraines" for years.  Since early college, anyway.  For those of you who don't know, an ocular migraine presents with strange visual phenomna.  Gray spots. ...


OT: Taxes

I should have hired somebody to do this like I have every year since I started making decent money.  But I didn't, and I want to watch baseball (priorities, man) so I had to file an extension. W...


Wii: Any good baseball games?

In spite of not knowing much about it and not being a video game person, I've been intrigued by the concept of the Wii for a long time.  I have a hard time sitting still.  Anyway, I finally broke...


Momentus OT Development: I Followed Sharky's Advice

Sort of.  Well, I actually did take him seriously.  And while he's a scoundrel for not paying off his debt to ab03, I have to hand it to him on this one. In a thread not too long ago he (as well...


Innings Pitched

The starters have to pitch some innings.  I've looked at every playoff team for the last  two years and their top three pitchers in terms of workload. 2008 AL: TAM:: 596 BOS: 565.7 CHW: 633.3 C...


OT: Build Yer' Own Computer

Okay, I know there are probably better places to post this, but the problem is with those places is I don't know who the people there are.  I'm not a computer person.  But I know there are computer...


Link in Signature?

Can you put a link in your signature? If so, how would one go about doing that? Regular HTML link or is it some other fancy shit? Thanks.

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