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Boycott Dillard's? Sure Why Not.

So I'm standing in Dillard's lingere department today, looking for a gift for the wife that's really for me. Anyway, as I'm browsing around it hit me, someone at this store hated K-State so much...


Pullen, Kelly and a case of Groupies

I know I'm fast becoming the "Rumor Guy" around here and I'm ok with that to some degree.  I'll give you my standard legal disclaimer: This is rumor. I was told the following from my intern who...

Little Goes Big, Beats Girlfriend


Yeah. Bitches be crazy. Way to throw your life away...hope you've been studying 'cause your degree is the only thing that's going to make you money.


JMart Responds!!!

So as a laugh I sent the following email to Jeffrey Martin, legendary KSU beat writer:   Dearest JMart, Please explain your recent vote of #7 for our beloved KSU Wildcats on your AP Ballot.  Please...

JMart Turns Back on KSU


You all remember the greatest KSU beat writer the Wichita Eagle had? Not the douche beaker they have there now, but the guy before him, Jeffrey Martin...or JMart to those of us who read his blog religiously. Well he voted for KSU at #7 this week and that has me a little hacked off. Yeah, it could be I'm bored out of my mind at work on a slow day. It could even be the 3 beers I had for lunch...for lunch, not with lunch. Well if you're as hacked off as I am (moderately) or you just want to say hi, email JMart at: And don't even get me started with the A-Hole Dave Jones...9?!? 9?!?!! That is all. I know our Defense sucks, BUT


I wouldn't mind a little shake up at the OC position either. Anyone have his phone number?


What's really going on with Mr. Kelly?

I love Frank Martin.  Love.  Yet I'm beginning to get this odd, sinking feeling that there is more to the story of Curtis Kelly. I know Frank is an old school guy.  I know that it is his way or the...


Open Game Thread/Fox Sports Fail

Ahhhhhhhhhhhh! They just left KSU for girls Soccer?!?! This is retarded! If they ever come back on use this thread as the in game bitchfest, er, conversation of enlightenment. I'm hoping this is...


BlackCats Arrested, Spends Night in Jail

Read tomorrow's headlines today! MANHATTAN - BlackCats, a witty and devastatingly handsome occasional commenter on fan favorite Bring On The Cats blog, was arrested last night for assault and...



This is where us local-yokels can brag about their brush with beauty.  Why? Because I just saw Jenn Brown walk out of Starbucks while I was waiting at the drive-thru.  No, I didn't lean out of the...


K-State Slate 10.07.10

Ok I read this article this morning and couldn't wait for the slate. I think it's a pretty fair assessment of tonight's game, but there seems to be a little purple in this guys kool-aide and CFN...


K-State Slate 9.28.2010

It was either this or me complain about the free service you provide. While I am feeling pretty surly this morning I appreciate all that you guys do and understand that you have lives other than...


Brown Please Wait

I know I might get crucified for this, but I would like the Brown brothers to wait to play. Find out why after the jump...

Wildcat Gone Wild


No it's not's about our Wildcat formation. I guess this was from the 19th so you might have already read it. It got me pumped for the offense though.

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