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Old dog who has seen Oakland/Los Angeles/Oakland up and down since 1966, and knows there is more greatness due to come.

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Happy in SE Virginia....

Well...I totally suffered in November after taking a road trip to DC, meeting a navy buddy and training into Baltimore for the Oakland game. That fucking game SUCKED! The Raven fans were classless,...


Pre-season Pump!!

Raiders!...Bleacher report has a great article/slide show entitled "Top 50 Raiders of all Time" and its a good rush to see the players who gave the franchise it's face, reputation and probably the...


Manning looks formidable against 49ers...still dangerous.

Manning looked good and relaxed, in charge of the offense, and with 10-12, 122 yds and 2TDs stats made me curse the fucking Donks. IMO, the Donks are our true rivals for division title. KC Queefs...


Lamest HOF Ever! Tim Brown Denied...

Just got done reading the HOF selections. Not happy....pretty damn disgusted and am of a mind that the whole system for selection is bullshit. It just boggles the fucking mind. What little there...


Manusky signs with Colts...(whew!)

Perusing ESPN NFL AFC West blog by Bill Williamson, who pretty much treats the S&B fairly and squarely reports that Manusky signed with the Colts and posiibly Green Bay's CB coach Joe Whitt, Jr.,...


Fassel also leaves Oakland...after record setting Special Teams work...

I just saw article in CSNBay That John Fassel has hit the road in Oakland. h...


Dennis Allen leads all candidates in Oakland Coach search.

As per PFT the leading candidate for the HC position is Dennis Allen, the Broncos DC. Marty...


New Era for Oakland in Every Way. And for Us Too.

There have been no Raiders sans Al Davis since 1963 with the exception of the last 2/3rds of the 2011 campaign. Those of us who grew old ourselves along with Davis just sort of fell into this Al is...


Irony, with some good bourbon helps....

The sad irony of yesterday was the 28th anniversary of a 38-10 victory over the Steelers enroute to SB XVIII. The day before that was 44th anniversary of 40-7 win in the AFL Championship game...



This posting demands 75 words but I dont know if I can type Fuck Chuck that many times... 98 yards allowed after Lechler's beautiful punt. Stafford just shredded us. Where was the heat? Where was...


27 years ago classic shootout at the Orange Bowl: Raiders 45 Miami 37

Probably one of the best games QB Marc Wilson played agianst any team. Huge defensive plays made by Raiders defensive line, CB's and LBs. When all us older farts wax eloquently about 'those...



In regards to the insanity of the Palmer acquisition I had to think about what this would be like if we had this technology in the 70's........and we blogged our asses off in here then. When we...


Just for laughs....

Was sitting in a boring faculty seminar when my nephew sent me this via smart phone: The Pope went on vacation for a few days to visit the rugged mountains of Alaska .. He was cruising along...


Buyers Remorse... and plain bye bye...

Even after watching and being an Oakland fan since 1966, I still cant get a round-turn on the personnel moves. I had hoped for Miller and Asoumgha to remain Raiders for life....... During the...


Pryor denied #2 for his jersey. It's cursed......

An amusing sidebar story in Yardbarker concerning Pryor wishing to continue wearing his #2 jersey. He wore it all through school and that number was available in Oakland. BUT....since he who will...


Chiefs look awful, Haley has another tantrum..'no crying in football...'

Was reading at ProFootBallTalk about the Chiefs-Ravens game and how the KC offense scored 3 points. The Ravens scored twice at the end of the game, when had the game been in the regular season, a...


Ray Guy has to sell off 3 SB Rings by Court Order: Bancruptcy!!!

Phenomenal and quintessential punter, Ray Guy, 3 SB's, 7 Pro-Bowls, his name used for the award for best punter in college ball, a member of the 75th ALL NFL Team was forced to sell his memorablia...


Off season Weirdness: Murphy & Huff

Oakland was nice and quiet in the blogs and footballs news.....until.... Looks like Louis Murphy was busted for having Viagra without a prescription..allegedly. After Murph was pulled over he...


Gallery done in Oakland

 As everyone pretty much figured out after Cable's exit, that Gallery, who has been with the Silver & Black 7 seasons, would follow him out the door. Gallery was not at all hindered by voicing his...


Rock Cartwright

  I for one, was happy to see the return of Rock Cartwright and what he brought to the Raiders in leadership and also his special teams play. Cartwright, 31, was elected by his teammates...


Stabler for HOF website

Any RaiderNation member interested in dropping Snake's name in the hat, to push some of these asshat sportswriters to voting in someone deserving should drop by this website. I dont know if it...


Colts v Raiders: Not as far apart as Colts fans believe...

Oakland 7-7                  Indy 8-6 Not a lot of daylight betwen the two teams. Where Indy is ahead in passing, yards & tds, Oakland almost makes up for that deficit in rushing Tds and yards....


RAIDERS ruin Tebow debut....which was very cool!

Oakland didnt kick the snot out of the Donx like last time but we did start looking good once we got out of our own way and started playing Raider's football. I know that all of us probably took a...


AFC West QB Changes can Bode well for Oakland...maybe

 Updates on Cassel, Orton and Tebow could have some impact on Oakland's weekend. It was reported that Orton has bruised ribs after the asswhipping the Donx took and Tebow has been getting more reps...

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