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I'm a South Florida resident. I'm younger than most of the other bloggers on this site, 16, so I have alot of spare time to spend on SBnation.

I don't just follow sports, I play them too. I play Varsity basketball at a 6A High school, and football is just something I do with my friends.

My favorite teams are either the ones from South Florida, or from Wisconsin where my Dad is from. I also follow some teams that I have no ties to, I just really like them.

Feel free to shoot me an email anytime. Visit my stupid website which I write on every once in a while,

A Fan Of...

  • MLB Miami Marlins
  • NBA Milwaukee Bucks
  • NFL Green Bay Packers
  • NCAAF Wisconsin Badgers
  • NCAAB Villanova Wildcats
  • Soccer Manchester City
  • General Clemson Tigers, Miami Dolphins, Houston Texans, Miami Heat, Milwaukee Brewers, Manchester City
User Blog

Hardwood Recruiting

Fresh off of a Final Four run, Bo Ryan and his crew are on the recruiting trail looking to spin their on-court success into success off the hardwood. They're pursing like mad men for 5-star...


Trades For The Bucks, And A New Fully-Formed Look

With the pass of the NBA Draft, the Bucks need to make some changes to balance out their roster some, which has a logjam at the Power Forward and Center positions and little depth in the backcourt....

2015 Early Recruting Cycle Thread/Projection #2

MelvinGordon4Heisman (love that username, 2015 it will happen) started a thread to talk about the 2015 recruiting cycle, but that post has since moved down the fanposts list to where it's not very...


2014 Green Bay Packers Mock Draft: Eric Ebron Edition

First post for me a quite a while. I'm here with a mock draft for the Pack. I'm using CBSsports' rankings plus the consensus big board that can be found over at Mocking The Draft. Because I...

2014 depth chart, recruiting forecast

So as the year 2013 closes, so does the college football season. Another Wisconsin-y season is in the books, filled with big numbers in the running game, big wins against bad teams, and tragically...


Draft Recap: Info, Opinions And Assumptions

Another Draft has come and gone, another body of work by Ted Thompson for Packers fans to reflect on today and down the road. As of now, we don't know exactly how these prospects are going to...


2013 NFL Mock + Full Packers Mock

This is a full 1st round mock of the 2013 Draft. Also included is a full 7-round mock draft for the Packers. There aren't any trades...I might do one with trades later, but right now doing...


Packers Offseason, Thoughts & A Mock

Situations Of Current Packers Finley and Jennings have been cornerstones of the Packers' offense for many years. But will either of these guys be back with the Packers next season? Greg...


NBA Power Rankings For The New Season

Power Rankings 1. Miami Heat The best team from last season brings all important players back, and adds sharpshooters Ray Allen and Rashard Lewis. And if you forgot, they have the best and most...


Power Rankings And Season Predictions

The season starts tonight! Finally, we once again will have football. On the eve of the season, I have rankings and predictions.

Dare I? Power Rankings And Season Predictions

The season starts tonight! Finally, we once again will have football. On the eve of the season, I have rankings and predictions. Enjoy (And sorry if your team is too low, my opinion may be...


Full 1st Round Draft (+ Analysis Of Bucks Selection)

Here's a Full 1st Round Mock for the 2012 Draft, as the pre-draft workouts begin. I'm combining my personal feelings on player as well as what the experts say. I tried to make sure it wasn't too...


NBA Draft Big Board (15+)

Here's a Big Board for the 2012 NBA Draft, most of the decisions have been made of who's in and who's out and whatnot. No HUGE surprises, I don't think, but one or two spots may jump out at you a...


Spoelstra And The Heat Are Out Of Options

There's a lot of criticism of coach Spoelstra. As is there of LeBron, and even now Dwyane Wade. While I don't think Spoelstra is one of the NBA's best coaches, and I'm not even sure if he's one of...


From Badgers To Packers?

Some Wisconsin Badgers players who could make great NFL players

2012 Mock: Trying To Seamlessly Mix Creativity & Realism

So yeah, I tried to be a bit creative with trades and stuff and surprise you with some picks. But because it's really easy to just put a 3rd round prospect in the Top 15, I tried to "keep it...


All In On The 8th; Plus Draft Stuff, And John Salmons

I actually started writing this a few days ago, when the Bucks were 2 GB the Knicks and 76ers with 8 games to go, and a head-to-head matchup with the Knicks looming. Since then, the Bucks have...


Could The Packers Trade Up In The Draft?

It worked when Ted Thompson made the bold move of parting with a 2nd round pick and two 3rd round picks to draft Clay Matthews. Could it work again? The Packers could be involved in discussions...


7 Trades That Could/Should Happen Before The Deadline

There are some teams ready to throw the towel in, while others are making hard pursuit for an NBA title, even if it means hurting their future. Teams like the Lakers see their window closing,...


Sam Dekker Can't Come Soon Enough

I think we're all a bit frustrated following a loss to Iowa. That makes it a season sweep for the Hawkeyes. But the one thing that bothers me, despite the fact that we're a lock for the tourney...


The Blueprint II

The first one I didn't even call "The Blueprint", but this sounds like a good name. The previous post was one that summarized the entire Packers' off season by the way I'd like to see it go, in a...


An Offseason Plan: Getting Back On Top

I didn't expect to be writing this post so early. This is just my Whole Big Plan for the off season, looking at how I would like to see it go, while staying within the realm of realism. No more...


Possible Bucks Trades

Canada Bucks just put up a post discussing the possibility of trading Andrew Bogut, and that got me thinking that maybe a move should be made. I started using NBA trade machine, and I'm hooked. ...


2012 NBA Mock Draft: Early? Not Really.

Since it's already 2012, why not post an NBA mock draft?


A Packers/Phins Fan's Look At The QB Situation

While it was a bit of a twist-and-turmoil season with a few bright spots for the Miami Dolphins, a few thousand miles away the Packers are building a dynasty. I'm from South Florida, but my...

New Years Mock Draft- 3 Rounds

Happy Holidays to everyone, and happy New Years. Thought I would put together a mock, 3 rounds. Only 1 trade, didn't want it to get too crazy. I tried to get a little creative with some of the...


NBA 2011-'12 League-Wide Predictions

Blake Griffin and DeAndre Jordan form a powerful frontcourt in LA. But can they, along with Paul, lead the Clips to a title? If so, they'll have to find a way to...


John Kuhn: Consistency, Versatility, Perserverence

I think most Packers fans can agree that John Kuhn is a likeable guy. He doesn't get a lot of face time with the cameras, but when he does he makes it count. He does everything right on the field,...


Time To See More Saine

I was one of the people in full support of retaining Ryan Grant on the roster. Remember that pre-season debate? I was on his side because I was still recovering from the first 13 games of last...

Prospect of the day: Wisconsin CB Antonio Fenelus


Draft scouting report on our very own Antonio Fenelus, by National Football Post

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