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Giants set 70% completion mark as goal for Eli Manning


They are crazy, right? His career percentage is 58.5%! Coughlin even went so far as to say that is the goal every year. If that is this case, why haven't they looked for a new QB yet? Brees is the only guy to do this twice and dumb statements like this just serve to undervalue exactly how well he has performed...

DeSean Jackson Signs 3 Year Deal with Redskins


Guess that means that we don't have to worry about him joining the Bucs or Panthers...nice

Pierre Thomas signs two year extension


Now everybody can take a deep breath and relax

Babin Released


Any chance we try to bring him in for the rest of the season to help with the pass rush?

Wes Welker Could be Traded - Could We Get Him?


I think he'd flourish here...he doesn't drop a lot of passes and runs good routes.

Hargrove releases statement thoroughly denying the NFL's story


All I can say is that this is a must-read. Sounds like there may be more lawsuits in the works and that Goodell was trying to pull a c.y.a. regarding the concussion and player safety issues in the league.

Yahoo beat writer thinks we're doomed


This is just bad journalism. This guy thinks that Payton is gone and that we're going back to the days of the Aints because of this. And he must have forgotten that Brees was already good before he came to New Orleans and that our OC calls plays, too.

Is Graham the most underpaid in NFL?


Here is to hoping that they work out an extension before next offseason. I'm thinking they have to much going on now to deal with it, but can point him to PT and Lance Moore for examples of taking care of players in due time.

Pats fan has a hissy fit over the Super Bowl loss


They've won 3 Super Bowls in less than 15 years and she is this distraught over the game? Give me a break...

NFL Alumni Name Stafford QB of the Year


Reading through the article, it seems the NFL alumni don't think much of Brees...he isn't even up for player of the year (Stafford, MJD, and Rodgers are in the running for that one).

Jahri Evans gets a movie role


You have to go down about halfway to the "Jocks in 'Goat'" story to see where this is mentioned. I wonder if he can act...

Saints Remove 7 Players from IR


I had forgotten about Jermiha Hunter...could it be that we have a playmaking LB waiting in the wings?

Potential candidate for TE?


This guy is huge and if comparisons to Gronkowski are valid, I can only imagine the possibilities. We'd definitely have an easier time dealing with the loss of Meachem.

Tampa Bay Looking to Hire Schiano from Rutgers


Not quite sure what to make of this...a lot of people are thinking the Glazers are just going the cheap route.

Loomis confirms Saints-Dolphins to trade 6th round picks


Saw this and thought I'd post it to show that this is official. You have to get down to the bottom to see this: "The Saints will see some marginal improvement elsewhere in the draft, though. Loomis said that as the final piece of the trade that sent Reggie Bush to Miami last year, the Saints and the Dolphins will swap sixth-round picks in April." I wish we'd have had the forethought to make this a conditional pick based upon Bush getting 1,000 yards rushing. Oh, well.

New Orleans Saints have a running game, too


Nice to hear somebody from across the country notice this.


So you wanna talk about defense, huh?

It seems that every day, a new article or blog post is written talking about the vaunted San Francisco defense slowing down our record-setting offense. And that is the only thing that most people...


Malcolm Jenkins (and maybe the coaches) deserves credit for adjusting to the rules

I am sure that you all remember this hit: I am sure you also remember the ensuing penalty on Isa Abdul-Quddus for hitting a defenseless receiver around the head and leading with the head. The G...

Saints pick up replacement for Joique Bell on PS


They also dropped Canfield once again and picked up a WR

Sports writer says Saints are outplaying Green Bay


Nice to get some recognition for what we are doign on the field. Mainly, I just want another trophy for the team, though.

Some Packers fans think Brees' record needs an asterisk


Although, this guy thinks it needs an asterix. To give credit where it is due, there are some Packer fans posting in support of Brees, too.

Jimmy Graham discusses retirement


I'm sure he is just paying respect to Brees while also acknowledging that Brees makes the most of Jimmy's talent. This is a bit over the top, though.

Analysis of MVP Race


I like how he captures the total turnovers by Rodgers and Brees and shows how those turnovers would impact other stats if taken into account.

Vilma Responds to Peterson's Claim of Dirty Play


"Vilma says grabbing powerful, agile running backs around their ankles is sometimes the best way to tackle them." I guess Peterson somehow doesn't understand why people might try to grab him around his ankles...

Bettie White to do intro for Saints-Falcons on MNF


I hope they play up the rivalry somehow in all of this... Analyst Thinks Brees' yardage record should have an asterisk


It is telling that he neglects how much the cornerback position has evolved, as well as how much faster and bigger the guys rushing the QB are. And he also doesn't make any mention of how much better Brees moves in and out of the pocket to keep plays alive.

Palmer traded to Raiders


Mike Brown might actually be getting the hang of this football thing...

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