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Mets Mid-season Trade Value Master List

There have been a number of posts on AA lately about possible trades that the Mets should make. The front page staff has a series going where they look at every player on the Mets possible trade...


Mets (Morning) News for March 12, 2013

Since the slackers that actually write for the website are AWOL, I figured I'd put up the morning news myself. Meet the Mets The Mets beat the Tigers and Justin Verlander yesterday, 11-0, for...

Does den Dekker's Defense Justify A Roster Spot?

Can we reasonably project how much value Matt den Dekker needs to bring on defense to justify carrying his bat in the lineup? Let's try!


What would you consider a successful 2013 season for these Mets?

Let's begin by throwing out the obvious. If the Mets somehow have a magical season, ala the Orioles last year, and they find themselves playing in a one game wild card playoff, the season will...

Mike Piazza on the Daily Show, 2/12/13


With all due respect to RA, Mike Piazza has always been and will always be my favorite player. It felt the fortune of the franchise changed when the traded for him, and then went to pot when they did not bring him back. We miss you Mike! Here he talks about his new book, while dropping that should he be elected to the HOF, he would go in as a Met.

Ken Davidoff changes his mind about voting Piazza into the HOF


Not sure If this has been linked to before, but it's worth recognizing when people admit to their mistakes.

Farewell to you Genie Dickey, You came from nowhere as if someone rubbed your lamp, After not...


Farewell to you Genie Dickey, You came from nowhere as if someone rubbed your lamp, After not three wishes but three years of knuckle ball magic, It is now time to set you free.

Here's Eric Karabell's prediction for the Mets in 2013. Would you sign up for this? New York...


Here's Eric Karabell's prediction for the Mets in 2013. Would you sign up for this? New York Mets: New center fielder B.J. Upton registers his first 30/30 season, though he hits .240 in the process. Ike Davis is traded to make room at first base for Lucas Duda, who bounces back from a broken wrist to hit 24 home runs.

Who is currently the second best pitcher in MLB?


Rob Neyer asks who is the second best pitcher after Verlander. I'm curious about your opinions on this matter. His list for possible pitchers is: Cliff Lee, Clayton Kershaw, Cole Hamels, Roy Halladay, Jered Weaver, CC Sabathia, Matt Harrison, Johnny Cueto, Gio González, R.A. Dickey, Félix Hernández, David Price Please only say Dickey if you really believe him to the best of the bunch and you can explain why.

Cliff Lee placed on waives


If you are the Mets do you put in a claim? Either Philly let's him go for nothing in order to clear money (highly unlikely). In which case the Mets pay the remainder of his salary this year, add depth to the starting rotation, and then trade him in the offseason for prospects. If Philly pulls him back, the Mets can offer a throw away prospect as a trade. If the Phillies don't deal him, the Mets effectively block the Phillies from shedding payroll and restocking their farm system. Would you do it? Can something like this be done?

1986 Mets video in full Make some popcorn and enjoy the good old times! (catch it before MLB...


1986 Mets video in full Make some popcorn and enjoy the good old times! (catch it before MLB decides to have it removed)

Jon Niese will have heart surgery during the All Star Break


He doesn't expect to miss any starts. Isn't modern medicine terrific? Heart surgery and it only takes three days to recover. Get well Jon, hope all goes well for you.

Mocking the MLB draft


Jonathan Mayo has the Mets taking Gavin Cecchini with Marcus Stroman still on the board. Do you agree with him?


Projecting Lucas Duda 2012: defense, defense,defense.....

As the football season nears its end, baseball fans start the projection season. Many of the Met fans I have spoken to pin their hopes for a respectable year in 2012, on a big year from Lucas Duda....

R.A. Dickey's consoling words on Reyes leaving the Mets


Here are his tweets: with all the texts, tweets, and phone calls I'm getting, i feel compelled to weigh in on the reyes issue. first, in the words of yoda (or at least i think yoda would have said this), One man a team does not make. secondly, the question is: what do we do with the money that reyes was going to get from us? sandy is wise, and i for one trust his methods. thirdly, to win at anything as a team, there must be a sense of ownership shared by all it's members. from the 10 year vet to the rookie. this move will cause us all to have a heightened sense of responsibility. in short, the weight left by jose's leaving is far lighter when distributed on the backs of the collective body. we wil rise! all that said, i will miss my friend and an incredible baseball player

The new CBA.


Some discussion points that I found interesting: 1- Drug testing will not occur during the season without reasonable suspicion. What is reasonable suspicion? Will this be another witch hunt with the MSM analyzing head sizes again? 2-A hard cap on draft spending (and international free agents). Does this penalize small market clubs by not allowing them to channel their resources to the draft? 3-Instant replay will be expanded to foul calls and trapped ball calls. If an ump calls a ball foul and it is reversed by replay, how will they decide what base to award the batter? And what about the runners on base?

Houston Astros agree to move to AL West


Scheduling just got a whole lot harder with an odd number of teams in each league.

The Yoenis Cespedes video


In case you missed it, here it is in all its glory.


AAOP: You mustn’t be afraid to dream a little bigger, darling

I hope you enjoy my AAOP. It started out as one idea and then took a total turn in the middle of editing it. I had hoped to write more substantially but work and school overtook my best intentions...

Mike Francesa thinks Al Alburquerque is a fictional player


I'm not sure if you guys saw this, but if you haven't it is priceless. Francesa's later explanation for his mistake is even better than the original mistake.

Mets are offering free kids tickets this week


If you are interested in going to Citi with your family, up to three kids go free with an adult ticket purchase.

Joel Peralta of the Rays has his pitch against the Yanks disallowed for being too quick to the plate.


Is there a rule requiring a certain amount of time before a pitch is thrown? I always thought as long as the batter is in the box you can pitch.

In honor of next weeks holiday.


In honor of next weeks holiday.

Is Terry Collins a good sport or a good manager?


Jeff Sullivan ponders the question due to conflicting reports about the ejection of Andrus from Sunday's game.

Jeff Passan thinks Jose will get 7/145 and Beltran 3/36


If you are the Mets and can only sign one of them, which one do you sign?

Fake Teams- Will D. Wright be traded?


Another SB nation blog running with the Tribune story about Wrights availability. As an added bonus AA's Mark Himmelstein makes an appearance in the comments section.



I'm not quite sure I understand Cashmans response. How is it not cheating to know the scoreboard is not working ahead of time, not tell the opposing team, and yet have someone relay the info to your team only Also the man who broke the story, Keith Olberman, claims this is going on for a while already Finally, how prevelant do you think cheating is in todays game? Between this story and the Phils last year spying from the pen, I think there is more cheating going on than we know about.

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