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Ford: Sullinger Medically Red Flagged for Back


Didn't really want him in the first place, but this pretty much solidifies passing on him.

Quick: Gerald Wallace Won't Seek Extension This Year

Jason Quick of The Oregonian reports that Portland Trail Blazers forward Gerald Wallace will not seek a contract extension this season, preferring instead to keep his options open for next summer. --------------------- Blazers have been informed by Gerald Wallace camp that he will not seek an extension with Blazers this season. Wallace has not made a decision whether to opt out of his contract this summer. If he does opt out, the Blazers retain his Bird Rights. Blazers interim GM Chad Buchanan: "There is genuine interest on both ends. We value Gerald and what he brings." --------------------- Wallace has a player option for $9.5 million for the 2012-2013 season. Barring injury, Wallace, 29, will almost certainly opt out this summer and cash in on one final, massive NBA pay day. This summer's free agency class will be loaded but Wallace has been playing at such a high level that he will be in the upper echelon of free agents. The lockout-induced fears that he might get lost in the free agency shuffle or that the system would be changed so drastically that he would take a big per-year hit by opting out have safely passed. He's set up to get paid. -- Ben Golliver | | Twitter text edited, bumped to front page

Spears: DeMarcus Cousins Demands Trade


Marc Spears of Yahoo!: Westphal statement: "Cousins has demanded to be traded.""He has been directed by me, with the support of mgmt, to stay home from (NO game)" Cousins seems like a piece of work. I wouldn't want him. Hard to think of a situation that he would thrive in.

Nolan Smith on the Guys Working Out in Austin, TX


I am sure many of you saw this already, but pretty good stuff from Nolan Smith's twitter. I guess the rumors are true, Elliott Williams can jump out of the gym. Sounds like he's got his legs back, excited to see how his athleticism translates to other parts of him game. "Wow!!! Wow! #witness and he finished!! RT @wessywes2: #realtalk. @ewill901 fought the rim with his face. Speechless" It was reported yesterday that all these guys were working out together. We heard Babbitt was there, but it sounds like Raymond Felton was there as well, which is great to see. Glad he's putting in some work with the young guards and hopefully developing some early chemistry with LA. "Just finished a good couple days in Austin TX with my boys @ewill901 @wessywes2 @aldridge_12, @AJALLDAY1 Luke and Ray F! #Blazers #RipCity"

Shaquille O'Neal Announces His Retirement


Figured it was his time. He just released this video through Twitter. Hope he gets into broadcasting. ed: bumped to front page

Mike Rice's Mock Draft


The Wild One has some crazy picks. Has Kemba dropping all the way to 21 to the Blazers. Has the both Morris brothers from Kansas going in the top 10 and Kanter falling to number 8. No Jimmer in the first round.


Looking ahead a little bit...

First of all, I am just as excited as everyone is else about the Blazers right now.  Last night was the first time they looked to come together since the trade and they have...

The 2005-06 Blazers


I invite you to take a look at the roster from just five years ago. Joel is the last remaining player. If you're ever feeling bad about the current team, take a minute to reflect on what once was. Injuries aside, the team now still has a lot of promise and plenty to look forward to. It's a great time to be a Blazer fan. Also, check out those attendance numbers. After finishing dead last in the league in total attendance the RG has sold out almost four consecutive years.

Berger: If Denver has a chance to get Batum, it likely won't be until after Melo is traded


"Ujiri wants a young talent in addition to the Nets' Derrick Favors, and has his sights set ultimately on the Trail Blazers' Nicolas Batum -- though multiple people involved in the talks say Batum is likely to be pursued in the aftermath of an Anthony trade, not as part of one." Hate it. And don't see how this would work at all. Not worth giving up Batum for Devin Harris, so who on earth would we want from the Nuggets? Nobody.

Bill Simmons Trade Idea Involving Portland


Not bad for us. I don't think Philly would bite on the garbage package they get back, but it saves them a ton of money. Simmons says Billups can be bought out for $3.7 million next season as well.

Did Tony Parker cheat on Eva with the wife of a teammate?


Pulling a Delonte. Yikes. At least our guys aren't doing this. Good lord.

Blazers an intriguing suitor for Carmelo (


Let's jump to the bottom line: What if the Blazers were to package Greg Oden in an offer for Anthony? It would be a bold change of direction that would ultimately be worthwhile for the Blazers -- they would be exchanging their injured center for one of the top half-dozen players in the league (ranking Anthony in the elite group with Kobe Bryant, LeBron James, Dwight Howard, Dwyane Wade and Kevin Durant). Let's say Denver was able to persuade Portland to offer Oden, Nicolas Batum, Rudy Fernandez and Andre Miller (who is in his final fully guaranteed year), along with a first-round pick and $3 million cash. The Nuggets could sell their fans on Oden's overwhelming upside and that of Batum as a two-way prospect at small forward. Oden's health worries everyone, but imagine if he stays healthy. Then the Nuggets have a chance of exploiting a 7-footer whose talents made him the No. 1 pick ahead of Durant in 2007. Trading Oden can make sense for the Blazers in exchange for a contending hierarchy of Anthony, Brandon Roy and LaMarcus Aldridge -- all 26 or younger. Would Anthony be willing to commit long term to Portland? Maybe he doesn't like the idea of moving to a smaller market, but his opinion could change as this story plays out over the weeks and months ahead.



  Just like everyone else here, I love to speculate and dream about the next move KP will make.  But when I began to think about trades and moves he has made in his tenure as the Blazers GM, I...

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