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Dreams Are Made Of This

I didn't witness the 77 championship… …but I hear many people associated with the blazers knew something special was brewing that season. For the other 21 teams in the NBA, they could have been...



Enjoy some dunks from the 2012 1st round NBA prospects. Note: Use "Ctrl + left mouse click" to open in new window.


Honey........... I Shrunk The Junk

And you were expecting…what exactly. Here’s something fun to do:Go to the FanPosts page and see who commented last.If you were the last person to post a comment your name will be there. latest 29...


Not 5, not 6, not 7, not EVER - Junk with Heat poll

Ok kids, we beat the Heat last year and I wrote this little ditty. (song below the jump) I posted it at "Fear The Sword" when they beat the Heat, which was after we had earlier beat them. My post...


Not 5, not 6, not 7, not EVER

  From a Blazer fan: Thanks for putting a number on the Heat.All around Great game Cav’s fans.14+ on rebounds9 of 17 from 355.6% shootingI love the way Miami came back from 23 down, and then you...


The Upside of Poolside Advanced Metrics

When I found out my sister was having an all girls pool party I hid serendipitously on the roof. Once the party was jumpin’ I ripped of my toga and ran across the peak of the roof hoping that my...


Blazer1342 Farewell Junk 01/02/11

I detest to the utmost that my farewell post is a post of poop. I hate poop and all its related topics. As a child, when dad used to burp at the dinner table I could hardly eat another bite.   B...


Knee Junk: 11-14-10

  I’m staying on the bright side here.


10022010 Junk Word Power

I don’t know how much say I have in Junk protocol. Or in creating bylaws and such for the said daily junketh of drawers. But we have a book club. We have wikipedia definitions. We have BBQ’s. etc....


How Good was the Blazers 2009-2010 Season?

What do you think? Was the 2010 season subpar to the 2009 season? Did we make progress? Did we inch closer to that elusive dance? Did the team mature, and are we a step ahead of where we left...


Blazers 2009-2010 Color Coded Season

One phrase I’d like to eliminate from the Blazer vocabulary "IF….........Greg Oden is healthy". Wait….on 2nd thought, I don’t want to eliminate it, I want to obliterate it. I want to pour ten...


GReen EGgs And Dunk – With Oden Fantasy Poll

I am Greg, Greg I am I will dunk it on yo mamaI will dunk it with mo traumaI will dunk it on ObamaI will dunk it on Prada I will dunk it in NawlinsI will dunk it on the QueenI will dunk it in...


Extraneous Junk, even more extraneous than before – 08/06/10

Here’s a little story of goodness to counteract my smarminess post. While living up near Seattle (in Auburn) I ran into 3 lovely Indian ladies who needed a ride to the Sea-Tac international...


How To Junk Friends And Influenza People – 7/30/10

No, I haven’t read the book. I give my advice from doodling in the school of hard rock cafe. Tact is a skill we can all improve on, so listen up grasshoppers. Business: The Do’s and Doo Doo’s ...


The Black-Market, Unsanctioned, Summer Game 1 Junk Recap – 7/12/10

I know it’s only one game, and summer league at that, but I liked this game tonight.Reliable sources inside my head tell me (because I’m special) we will ROCK the Summer League. Player...


i junk, you junk, we junk - 5/30/10

The Dalai Lama of Tibet made an appearance in Portland today,stopping by to give some timely spiritual leadership.  tominhawaii in much need of some spiritual guidance to supplement his Hawaiian...


There Ain’t No "Show Time" Without Playing Time

  Let me apologize up front. The one table below is only about 10% of the data I’ve compiled, but the other 90% (not given) speaks to the same point. I don’t have time to finish this post properly...


Everybofdy Wang Junk Tonight: 2/21/20

 What in thunderation is going on around here. It’s a sad day when I got to go to the main page at 8:45 in the morning to get my junk. How’s a guy supposed to drink his coffee? I’ve seen jscot post...


02/02/10: Game Junk Recap, With RIP City Poll - who are the untradeables?

  Game recap: WOW, what a great game last night. Aggressive on offense, decent on defense. Sure, a few turnovers to go with it, but who cares when you got your mojo going.   Were we channeling...


Stat Man Ode

Mister Stat man, I like our team And it’s the toughest that I've ever seen We got jump shots like roses and clover I can’t believe my lonesome nights are over   Stat man, we’re in a zone T...


vAnilLa JuNk: 12/21/09

mmmmmmm, just opened some fresh vanilla extract. I love the way fresh vanilla smells.



I have never been on the Bayless bandwagon. Not after his stellar summer league debut, not ever. Just because a guy RRROOOOOOOWWWWWRRRRRRRR’s after every play doesn’t make me a fan. To know full...

durant on oden "Once I heard he was having surgery, to be honest with you I almost drew a tear for...

durant on oden "Once I heard he was having surgery, to be honest with you I almost drew a tear for him," said Durant, who became the no-brainer No. 2 pick behind Oden in one of the most highly-debated decisions in the draft’s history. "It’s unfair to him because people don’t know how hard he works every day," Durant said.

Adjusted Point Differential

Happy Thanksgiving everyone. Here’s a little something to chew on while you decide if there's room for some more of that pumpkin pie. Don’t worry, it’s not to heavy. More like a little whipped...


Just Another Junk In The Wall: 11-18-09

      The original intent This post was an idea I had many moons ago to give a shout out to the JD crowd. I didn’t mean to leave any junkers out, but this avatar collage is from about 2 or 3...


Junk Genius 11/06/09

Coming home from vacation this year I stumbled across some of the best advice I’ve ever heard in my entire life.  


Junk-Orama 11/03/09

So what’s the deal here, I guess tonight I’ll be the default junk maker since you all fell down on the job. Watch the jump it’s tricky.     


Junk Matrix 10/31/09

I’m very paranoid ‘cause nobody has posted new junk.


Greg Oden is the Great Pumpkin - A Psychic Pumpkin Exposé

An exposé by Randall Hubbard: Psychic Pumpkin Detective. Is The Great Pumpkin a myth, a legend, or reality? Emanations from the underworld bring an end to the speculation here and now.New forensic...


10/03/09 The Ugly Junkling

                                                                 The Ugly Junkling   The following story is true. None of the facts have been altered. The ugly truth is presented in all its...

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