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Brandon Roy Tribute Rap Song. PG-13 for a couple "bad" words.


Brandon Roy Tribute Rap Song. PG-13 for a couple "bad" words.

No Cheerleaders/Dancers Present When Turkey Plays in FIBA Champs.


For political reasons or social reasons , whenever Turkey has played in this year's FIBA Championships , there have been no dance squad performances or cheer leaders. Some speculate the women have been removed due to the request of Turkish govt. officials who have been in attendance. Others believe it is a difference of social standards and norms- to see scantily clad women dance provocatively is not acceptable in Turkey. Personally I think this is a bad thing. I certainly don't believe women should walk around covered from head to toe, or removed from sight becuase they are dressed in sexy outfits. Concealing women or considering their presence to be unfit for polite society or indecent is just as bad as exploiting women's bodies by using them as sexualized props. Anyway, interesting read. -Sophia


A Personal Reflection on Lance Stephenson

To preface this post, it contains triggering material, and is a bit off -topic. It isn't specifically Blazer related and includes a bevy  of social commentary. -- Several months ago, Dave wrote a...

Brandon Roy (and Crawford) make a Cameo in Rap Video BVIA @NBAWRAP - NSFW Probably NSFB BUT i...


Brandon Roy (and Crawford) make a Cameo in Rap Video BVIA @NBAWRAP - NSFW Probably NSFB BUT i haven't seen this anywhere on Bedge and I thought the readers, in the dead of summer, would like to see this

Brandon Roy Comforts Students At Skyline on Their Last Day of School. Drama everywhere in the...


Brandon Roy Comforts Students At Skyline on Their Last Day of School. Drama everywhere in the Blazers' organization as we all know. And while many Blazer fans are busy wallowing in self pity and despair for a soon to be fired GM, one Portland area family is searching for the missing son, who was kidnapped from Skyline Elementary school. The search for the boy has been ongoing and is now in the "criminal investigation stage"- reading between the lines on that and you know its not a good thing whatsoever. Brandon Roy , the Blazers organization and everyone in the city know this and having the city's most beloved allstar show up not only lends support and bright spot to a depressed and anguished community , but keeps the media spot light on a very very worthy cause. I am very pleased to see Brandon doing what he can to help a helpless situation. -Sophia


27th Junk D - confused , confounded and _______

Yesterday I played a game on twitter I like to call blazer ad lib.    I wrote  " Blazer ad lib : i hate when rudy fernandez  ________ a _________ . "    The best answer was hilarious , to me but I...

You should watch this video, why? Because.. it's DA BOMB

Meet the Blazers: Greatest inspirations

You should watch this video, why? Because.. it's DA BOMB

NBA HD : Evidence of growth or growing pains. Rookie v. Soph. FG% analysis including much about LMa and BRoy


"With only 16 players who fit the criteria in this shot zone, the relationship looks to be completely random. Some improved and some regressed. LaMarcus Aldridge went from a 29.0 FG% shooter from the 10-15 foot range in his rookie year to one of the most successful mid-range shooters in the game in his second year. His struggles in his rookie year didn’t discourage him as only six players took more shots from this area per game the following year and his field goal percentage soared to 45.3 percent. Teammate Brandon Roy didn’t enjoy the same success, however. He shot a blistering 45.4 percent his rookie season and fell to 31.3 percent in his sophomore campaign. Unfortunately, the tiny sample size doesn’t allow us to extrapolate much from this area."

Paul Allen on Emotional Health in today's Huffington Post


Great piece by Mr. Allen and he nails it right on the head. What a thing to write considering his recent health issues. -Sophia


JD Nov 2 Happy Monday

Happy Monday everyone! Aren't you sooooo excited to be up and at it for another week of hard work ! :-D


Friday the 23rd Junk D.

Dave, this is how you post information after the jump


Junk D. August 26th two thousand and nine

  Dear Everyone,   Did you miss me? I miss my blazersedge. How has your summer been? Have you vacay'd anywhere?  I went camping twice, which is a lot for me. Can't say i'll go camping anytime...



My favorite song right now is Love Game by lady gaga. I <3 her. 


Junk 7/22/2009 Woman Scorned Edition

I am not a woman scorned, I just felt like typing that. LOL


7/16/2009 JD V 2.0 Also, Live Blog Blazersedge Hoop Squad at 6 PM

I dont know what BRPs subject in the last JD was but im pretty sure it SUCKED


The 5/22 JD: what is/was your position ?

I played basketball from age 6 to 14 (?) I was a Center/PF with great length and competitive fire that  most other 6 year olds dont have.  I won the city wide 12-15 year old CYO free throw...

Shane &Ron had more trouble W/ Roy than with anyone this year


"Keri: You, Sam Presti, Kevin Pritchard … there's a wave of younger GMs that have come into the league the past few years and made an impact. Is it a case where you guys are more tuned in to analysis, or to managing the luxury tax? Or are there other reasons? " Excellent piece ... could cut and paste KP into this :)

The auto descript. is hilarious... NSFW Sophia


The auto descript. is hilarious... NSFW  Sophia


5/15/2009 JD- History of the Mohawk

The Houston Rockets have inspired me to write of the history of the Mohawk. In America.. the popularized version of the Mohawk started with :   via ....The Mohawk Tribe get...

An Act for the Protection of Ninnies against Designing Women


Why Athletes need congress to intervene in this epidemic: MONSTER WOMEN SEDUCING RICH ATHLETES AND MAKING THEM LOOK STUPID GASP -Sophia


May 6, 2009 Junk D. (snicker) Im Sorry Edition

I have finally come to terms with this season. After wandering this:   via   for days and days, looking for any sign of light to break up my misery over our untimely exit...

The Blazer Dancers Must Go


The new outfits are actually more of the same. Slutty, degrading and ugly. Sophia


Blazer Post Sixers Loss Rant Post

sorry I deleted the other one. I didn't like the comments by myself or some of the other posting there. I also put Roy and the devil in the same sentence , which some people didn't like ,so...


Webster to return: help or harm the rotation?

This was linked in the fanshots and thought I would bring up here for some actual discussion since the fanshots get no love. Gavin this morning on 955 The Game had Mike Barrett on as a guest....

Marco Jaric is accused of sexually assualting a woman


Yeah he's married to Adriana Lima ... what a loser (i edited the title for all those yelling at me , sorry you can calm down now :)


Monday Night Laker Game 2 tix for sale

My boss's husband isn't a true blazer fan. Apparantly he is too tired to drive in for this HUGEST GAME EVER .... He doesnt want to go to the game. :( If I wasn't perpetually broke these would be...


Post All Star break analysis: Rants and Raves edition.

      Since the All Star break, without Greg Oden, confirmation that our starting shooting forward is out indefinitely and a road trip, the Portland Trail Blazers are 4-2. That is a 3-0 record...


I need a break

To My dearest Portland TrailBlazers,   It's the middle of winter and its freezing outside.  Every night , after I put my son to sleep, i cuddle down in front of the television and watch you. I...

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