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Could LeBron's Contract Change LaMarcus Aldridge's Plan?

LeBron's 2-year contract made me reconsider LA's decision not to sign an extension. The variable that wasn’t considered in Storyteller’s earlier BE analysis of LA’s options are new TV contracts...

Here's Freeland - In His Own Words


"It’s going good, it’s slow, obviously," Freeland said. "I’m just getting used to the game all in all. It’s completely different from what I’m used to back in Europe and it’s not an easy transition by all means. The pace of game is a lot faster, people are a lot stronger, but I’m getting there. Each practice I’m getting better and I’m just trying to put that into the games when I get the opportunity to play." Much more in the article.


Luke Babbitt/Nolan Smith Unofficial Appreciation Thread

Thanks. ------- Yeah, Babbitt and Smith are done in PDX after this year, and with luck will be gone before the trade deadline. Some fans probably want to believe they will somehow be re-signed...


The Pre-Season Jury Is (Mostly) In - But What About Coby Karl? w/Poll

Six games into preseason I think the jury is mostly in and we have some verdicts: 1. Lillard is the real deal. He has much to learn, especially on defense, but I think that will come in time. It...

Lillard Analyzes and Learns From His Play


I'm really impressed by the way Lillard analyzes his play with specificity. It's clear he is really learning from his play each night. In this interview he talks about thinking he is in the right place on defense while playing, but then realizing while watching the tapes that he wasn't. (Something that was very evident as I watched the games.) I think you have to have to be smart and have a high BBIQ to play PG, which he has, and that's going to enable and greatly accelerate his learning curve. It's also clear to me that Dame is already the best interview on the team and will be taking over the spokesman role as the season goes on.

Aldridge Says He is the #1 Guy, and Plans to Stay in Portland


LA had a lot to say to Chris Haynes. "I am the number one guy ... They [Trail Blazers organization] believed in me and I believe in myself and I think I'm going to lead this team to the promise land." "They drafted him [Lillard] as the franchise point guard ... I definitely see us creating chemistry over the years and becoming a very dynamic one-two punch." "It's always going to be articles about me trying to leave, that's what sells papers. I'm not worried about that. This is a good challenge for me to try to get better and try to lead this team. I've always wanted my own team and I have it." It sounds as if he likes being the big fish in a small pond, so we may not need to worry about him doing a Howard after a sour year or two.

Blazers Add Demonte Harper


I know you are asking, "Who's Demonte Harper?" "Harper, a 6-4, 195-pound guard, was a four-year standout at Morehead State, where he was an all-Ohio Valley Conference first-team selection and also earned conference tournament MVP honors his senior year in 2010-11. He spent last season playing in Croatia before playing for the Denver Nuggets in NBA Summer League in July." Now you know. Oh yeah, he scored 4.5 points per game and played 12.2 MPG for Denver in summer league. Sorry you asked?


Should Blazers Pick Up Rookie Options On Elliot Williams, Luke Babbitt & Nolan Smith?

The Blazers have until October 31 to decide whether or not to exercise their 2013-14 option years on Elliot Williams (4th year), Luke Babbitt (4th year), and Nolan Smith (3rd year). Click through...


Blazer Wins vs. 2013 Draft Position [w/Poll]

As most Blazer fans know, our 2013 1st round draft pick was traded to Charlotte as a top-12 protected pick. That means if the pick ends up in the top-12 we keep the pick (and Charlotte gets our 1st...


2012 Blazer Salary Cap Update (July 20 We Have 15 Players Edition)

The Blazers have filled the 15th spot on their roster with the acquisition of Sasha Pavlovic. They could still add other players to the roster this summer, but only 15 players can remain on the...


How Olshey Turned $17M+ Cap Room Into Nothing - w/Poll

I would give Neil Olshey an A grade for the draft. Some have disagreed, but unless he had traded away the picks in a retooling strategy, I love what he got for the #6 and #11 picks. But the Blazers...


22 Hours to Spend $11.1M - What will Neil Olshay do? w/Poll

We are coming down to the wire and Neil Olshey has Paul Allen's checkbook in his hand. What will he do? Batum just tweeted he is "Heading to ...", followed by "Heading to Amsterdam first LOL". Then...


2012 Blazer Salary Cap Update (July 16 Batum Edition)

This Blazer Salary Cap Update now includes the trade of Thomas and the sign and trade of Felton for Jared Jeffries and two 2nd round Euro draft picks. The Blazers have also received Batum's...

5 of 7 Blazer Preseason Games to be Telecast


5 of 7 Blazer Preseason Games to be Telecast


2012 Blazer Salary Cap Update (July 11 Free Agency Edition)

Free Agent Season is well under way, so it is time for another Blazer Salary Cap Update. Much has happened since the last Blazers' Salary Cap Update. 1. The Blazers have signed Victor Claver to...


The What's Going To Happen To Batum Tonight POLL?

OK, we've heard just about everything there is to hear about Nic Batum. From he dreams of Minnesota winters, to he won't be upset coming back to PDX. We've heard about sign & trades from Williams...

Is Olshey Backing Off From Matching Any Batum Offer?


Reporter: I heard you were going to match any offer he [Batum] got, is that accurate? Olshey: Look we've all heard things. ]shrug] I had a conversation with his agent. I had a conversation with David Kahn from the Minnesota Timberwolves, that will remain private. .... What you will see at the end of the this - is that I believe what we did was in the best interest of the organization, today and in the future." Gone is the "We will match any offer" rhetoric. But who can read between these lines?


Jason Quick Thinks Minnesota Just Posturing About Batum Offer

Jason Quick doesn't seem to think Minnesota is serious about the reported $45M+ offer to Batum. In the last couple days he's tweeted: Prediction: Batum never signs offer sheet from Minnesota About...


Quick: Blazers Meet With RFA F Nicolas Batum

Jason Quick of The Oregonian reports on Twitter that the Portland Trail Blazers have met with restricted free agent forward Nicolas Batum on Thursday and that the meeting was "constructive."


Blazers Salary Cap Room (July 1, 2012 Free-Agency Edition)

Happy Free Agent Season! The Blazers can (and will) place their first calls to Free Agents at 9 pm Saturday night, June 30. They can't sign Free Agents until July 11, but most of the negotiating...


Is Olshey Going After a Restricted Free Agent with a Monster Offer?

I've said for months that the Blazers shouldn't make an offer to a restricted free agent because they would be taking a chance that their offer would be matched, and if Batum signed an offer...


Paul Allen tweets: Free Agency up next, stay tuned!

After listening to Paul Allen interview last night I think he is really digging this summer and is really excited. I wouldn't be surprised (also based on what Olshey said last night) that the...


Olshey Wants Impact Players In Free Agency. JJ Hickson May Not Get A QO.

Olshey took questions on free-agency after the draft and appeared to be more forthcoming about strategy than I expected. He basically said he is looking for big moves in free agency and is not...

Did Drummond Get A Kiss of Death From His Coach?


Jim Calhoun, CT Head Coach says Drummond could be the second most talented player in the draft. And he says: "The coach that gets Andre is going to need to be patient," Calhoun said. "He's getting one heck of a piece of clay. It's going to take time for him to develop; it may take five years, but you're going to have something awfully special when he does develop." I know he meant that as a compliment. But 5 years? Really? Most coaches are overly optimistic about their players future to help them in the draft. Who's going to wait 5 years, or longer, for Drummond? What are you going to have to pay to keep him when his rookie contract runs out? Did Calhoun just help Drummond or send him falling?


Blazers Salary Cap Room (Updated)

Today's ruling by an arbitrator granted the Blazers Bird Rights for JJ Hickson, who is our restricted free-agent. That changes our salary cap situation so I'm updating this post from a previous...

David Stern: Paul Allen driving around looking for a game?


I'm not sure exactly why, but visualizing this just struck me as very funny - Stern said. "He reminds me a little bit of (Portland owner) Paul Allen, who when he came into the league used to drive around in his car with a basketball in the trunk and stop if he thought he could get a good game."


The Free-Agent Point Guards (informational reference)

This post provides a complete list of all available free-agent point guards sorted into Unrestricted and Restricted categories. Then based on Neil Olshey’s press conference remarks, I have...

Barrett Interviews Neil Olshey (Video 9 minutes)


Mike Barrett has the first interview with Neil Olshey. It's about a 9 minute video. Not much new, but more evidence that he's serious about Kaleb. Apparently he puts no value on coaching experience. If I were Matthews I wouldn't be buying a home in Portland. If I were Batum I'd be buying more umbrella's because he will be here for a while. He's either bluffing to get more for less from trading our draft picks (I hope so), or the odds are considerably higher that the Blazers will keep the draft picks than they were a week ago. I hope he drinks beer with Dragic's agent because unless Houston is willing to deal for Lowry, the PG situation could get dire next year.

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