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KP to Talk on Friday

Canzano announced that Kevin Pritchard will be on his radio show on Friday. KP's gag agreement with the Blazers expires on Friday. It could be interesting to hear what he has to say, although I...


Canzano: Cho Tried to Suspend Brandon Roy After Game 2 but Allen Wouldn't Let Him

Cho not responding to Canzano's allegation on 95.5.


Brandon Roy, Talk Of The Locker Room, by The Blazers

This is the definitive story of Brandon Roy's performance in his teammate's own words (as transcribed by Casey Holdahl).LaMarcus Aldridge: "... to see him getting his confidence back and to see him...

Larry Brown Out (Again)


Brown is 70, is this the end of the coaching road for him? - After a miserable start to the season in which he took shots at his players and himself, the well-traveled Larry Brown is out as coach of the Charlotte Bobcats. Owner Michael Jordan announced the move in a release by the team on Wednesday, a day after the Bobcats were outscored 31-12 in the fourth quarter in their fourth straight loss.


Oden Practiced 5-on-5 with Contact Today

Per 95.5 a few minutes ago. Jay Allen: "He said he had some pain and soreness". But this is a big step.

The Bald One on Cho-time & Bayless Trade


Canzano is in good form: "Cho’s trade was clean and simple. No offense, but former GM Kevin Pritchard would have fed it to fans as an appetizer. And "Trader" Bob Whitsitt might not have even bothered to announce it." ... "The big trade was Pritchard for Cho, and future moves will be brought to you by Ambien. All you needed to do was look at the way the Blazers held up Saturday’s trade, along with signee Fabricio Oberto, as if they were proud fishermen, holding a couple of prized marlins. And forgive me, but I really did think there was something more right up until Cho informed me, "We're done for now." "

Patty's Still Here - Is a Trade Coming by Monday?


The Blazers are still hanging on to Patty Mills. (Story link in the title.) They have already announced that Pendergraph will be waived if not traded on Monday to make room for Oberto. They have until Monday night to cut Patty to get down to the 15 man limit unless they do an uneven trade before then that would create an additional roster spot. Are they just keeping their options open until the last possible moment in case the phone rings with a call from New Orleans, or are they actually working on a realistic deal right now? What do you think?

Dr. Jack Visited Blazers Practice


Jack Ramsay was in Portland last weekend and addressed the team. "You have the potential to win a championship with what you have here," Ramsay told them. "You have to play together; you have to really want to do it. You have to have all the intangibles that go into winning." "Can they play at their best level?" Ramsay asks. "They have to get Greg Oden back, and (Joel) Przybilla has to play. With those two and Marcus Camby, they’re pretty good at the center position. And they have a lot of other talent."


Joel Practiced with the Team Today - Link to Article Added

Tweet from pdxtrailblazers Trail Blazers -- Lots of smiles today from Joel Przybilla after his first day really practicing with the team. Smiles from Coach McMillan as well --- Link to full...

Oden article with Joel & Camby Comments


Camby: "I just feel personally like, if he's healthy, he's going to prove everybody wrong" Joel: "When he gets healthy, he'll be as dominant as you'll see in the league (at center)."

Day 2 Training Camp Video (25 minutes)


Rice and Casey interview Pendergraph & Wesley Matthews on Day 2 of camp.


LMA to Play at 250 Pounds This Year

LMA says he played at 243-245 pounds last year and will play at 250 pounds this year. He said he got to 260 early in the summer and was slow. So much for the earlier inaccurate reports from Mike...

Oden Still Having Pain in Knee -- Joel Says No Pain in his Knee


From Oregonian: "Oden could not, or would not, say when he might be able to play in a game. Asked what kind of pain he is experiencing in his surgically-repaired knee, he said, "There's been good days, and there's been bad days."" In a 95.5 radio interview Joel said his knee feels good. No pain, and every week he feels better. He mentioned he is doing "basketball things" on the court now. He said he is shooting for middle of Nov to play again, but doesn't know for sure. Not worried about his career being over at all.


The 2010-11 Blazers Big Surprise Poll

  Our long Blazer summer vacation is finally coming to a close. We will have something real to talk about next week as training camp starts and pre-season games follow. We'll soon be making...

What happened to the 2010 Coach's Media Day?


Last year on Wed Sept 23, 2009 there was a Coach's Media Day for press interviews with Nate and KP. That preceded the Players Media Day on Monday. Did Cho cancel it this year?


Blazer FanFest on CSN Live

The CSN schedule now shows the Blazer FanFest will be broadcast live at 6 pm on Friday Oct 1. It was also broadcast live last year but I hadn't seen it mentioned anywhere yet this year. Tickets...

Dr. Jack and Hubie Talk Ball - Great Interview


Jack Ramsay and Hubie Brown in a video interview talk about their best players (Walton & Kareem), best opposing players (Bird, Magic, Jordan). Best Single Games ('77 championship game), Kobe/Phil, coaching against each other (great Blazer game story from Hubie), and more. Dr. Jack calls Walton "the best all-around center ever to play the game".

Rich Cho on Courtside - Oden, Roster, Williams, and Paul Allen


Blazer GM Rich Cho was on Courtside tonight. I picked up 4 things from the show. 1. Cho said Greg Oden would be cleared for 2-on-2 and 3-on-3 in a couple of weeks. When asked when Greg would be cleared for 5-on-5 he said he would wait to see how Greg did playing 3-on-3 before making that determination. 2. When asked if there would be further roster changes before the season starts, Cho said he was working on a couple of things to make the team better. I didn't take that to mean anything was imminent or even likely. He's just working on it. 3. Elliot Williams was finally cleared to play 5-on-5 today for the first time since he was drafted by the Blazers. The Mike's drooled over his 48" vertical. 4. The most important thing. Paul Allen got a clean bill of health last week from his doctors and looked very good during an interview with Mike Barrett.

Oden Behind Schedule? Cho Don't Know If GO will be Ready for Full Speed, Full Contact to Start Training Camp


"I don't know if he'll be ready to go full-speed ahead when training camp starts, but our hope is that he'll be ready to participate in training camp," Cho said. "I don't know if that will include full contact (work). It depends on his progress." Yikes, that isn't what I wanted to hear. "In June, Blazers coach Nate McMillan told The Oregonian that Oden was scheduled to start running in mid-July and would begin playing two-on-two or three-on-three games by mid-August, with a goal of returning to five-on-five action by the first week of September." "On Wednesday, Cho offered some details, saying Oden's rehab had progressed to feature jogging, defensive slides, spot shooting, light jumping, jump-roping and work in the pool." jogging ... spot shooting ... work in the pool. That sounds like a long way from 2-on-2 or 3-on-3 games now, and 5-on-5 first week of Sept.

Brian T. Smith Still on the Rudy Train?


"And if Fernandez wants to remain in the NBA, then the Blazers must ask themselves if it’s really in their best interest to willfully send him away..... Fernandez will never be the man who brings another ring to Rip City. But the two-year teammate of Roy’s could help keep that window open. It’s Fernandez’s call to make." Does anyone else think Rudy could still remain a Blazer next year? Or has the train left the station with Rudy on it?

The Day After Day 2: The DRAMA Begins (Yawn)


Yesterday Noon - Quick says there will be "drama" on the Blazers in the next 24 to 48 hours involving a player. He says it isn't a trade, but it involves demands and is part of a "continuing saga". 24 hours in and no drama yet. Will Quick's Drama be about: Rudy - Where's the drama Quick? Everyone knows he wants to be traded. If it's Rudy, Quick is the new Chicken Little. Miller - Is he mad about rumors he is going to be traded this summer? Would Miller even know about those rumors when he is so busy cooking hot dogs and working hard to improve his 3-pt shot from 20% to 25% this summer? Bayless - Has Mike Rice finally got something right when he predicted it was Bayless? Patty Mills - Is he demanding to start? Buck Williams - Did he think he was offered a contract to play instead of coach? Come on Quick - Put up, or shut up forever! UPDATE: Quick says story will be written (on line?) at about 7-7:30 pm tonight. He says it involves a very popular Blazer and he is sad about it. That doesn't sound like Rudy. UPDATE: QUICK's BREAKING STORY -- Rudy Wants to be Traded !!! (Yawn) THE DRAMA BEGINS ....


2010 Free Agent Scoreboard - 88 Free Agents Signed

  This is a quick lookup reference for the 2010 Free Agent signing season. It was reposted 3 times because it received 26 and 35 recs the first 2 times, but it eventually fell off the main page for...

Quick says there will be "drama" on the Blazers in the next 24 to 48 hours involving a player. But...


Quick says there will be "drama" on the Blazers in the next 24 to 48 hours involving a player. But it's not about CP3. This on 95.5 a minute ago.


POLL: Would You Trade Roy or Oden?

The future of the Portland Trail Blazers hangs in the balance. You're the GM. What would you do? The results of this poll will be sealed in a waterproof pouch and swam to Paul Allen aboard his...


Blazers Salary Match Combinations for CP3, Okafor, & Posey

  I don't know it this will be interesting or useful to anyone, but since I created a spreadsheet to investigate trade combinations for CP3 mania, I'm posting some of the results that came out of...

Buck Williams to be Blazer Assistant Coach


Buck Williams to be Blazer Assistant Coach

According to Quick on 95.5 from Nate. Finalizing contract now.

Paul Allen Speaks About New GM & Blazers


Corvid found this link when I commented about it in another thread, but I think it's worth posting as a fanshot. Especially revealing is Paul Allen talking about how he tried to lead the free-agent discussion since draft day. A MUST listen interview I think.



The handle for Wesley Matthews, not Matthews himself. Plus it's a Jazz thing. Can't we do better for Matty (can't call him Wes that was his Dad's NBA name)?


Bayless or Batum? Someone's going. Is Miller going too? Poll Added

  There’s no way we are paying Matthews $9.2M this year and $33M over 5 years for him to play less than 26-28 minutes a game. Therefore, we either trade Batum and start Matthews, or Matthews gets...

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