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GM Jeff Bower Leaves NO


This is interesting because Bower was reported to be against the idea of trading CP3 when Shinn (the owner) was considering it.


Patty Mills Contract Status and the Salary Cap

I don’t know if the Blazers will want to re-sign Mills. He had an impressive game yesterday, but that was only one game, and it was just summer league. But if they want to re-sign him it may not be...

What's Going On With Williams?


What's really going on here? If we had a GM I might suspect Williams is being protected because of a trade coming. But the Blazers appear too dysfunctional at this point to do anything except watch Korver go to the Bulls for less than the MLE. "Williams says he’s ready to play and the Blazers insist they are holding him out as a precaution ..." "For brief stretches, Williams has worked onto the court, including Friday, when he wowed teammates with multiple acrobatic dunks." So he's being allowed to make acrobatic dunks, but not play in summer league for fear it will hurt his knee??? Bizarro World

Are We Having Pfund Yet?


Not a peep about Randy Pfund all week. No sightings in PDX or at a meeting with Paul Allen or the Vulcans. Anyone call the Blazer offices lately to see if they are still in business? Seriously, we must be close to having Pfund. It's just too quiet ... "But you can come along with me Cause we gotta a lot of things to do now And we'll have Pfund, Pfund, Pfund now that daddy took K-P away"

Suns Want to Sign & Trade Amar'e - Also Deal Barbosa


The Suns want to work a sign & trade for Amar'e, which could give them a $17M trade exception, or work a reciprocal sign & trade to get David Lee. Bad news (for the Blazers) is that Amare's agent says, "If we can do something to help Phoenix, we will". The Suns are also reported to be talking to Cleveland about trading Barbosa for Jamario Moon and Delonte West. West can bought out for only $500K according to Storyteller's website, so that deal would save them another $3.6M in cap space.

Keeping Wesley Matthews Will Cost Utah Its MLE


I hadn't really thought about that. If we make Matthews an offer Utah loses its MLE to match. Utah owner already hates us.

Dirk to Stay with Mavs - 4 Years $80M


No surprise that he stays put, but he also gets a no trade clause.

Steve Blake Signs with Lakers for 4 Years


Steve Blake Signs with Lakers for 4 Years

Rod Thorn to Leave NJ


He wasn't forced out, but he's staying with NJ until July 15th to work on free-agency. So I doubt he's a candidate for Blazer GM job.

Oden's Rehab Schedule Here


"Oden is scheduled to start running in early to mid-July, and should start playing 2-on-2 or 3-on-3 by mid-August. The goal is to have him ready to participate in 5-on-5 action the first week of September, when many of the Blazers players return to Portland for informal scrimmages."


Trade for Carlos Boozer?

I've never proposed a specific trade before, but adversity breeds opportunity ... The Trade Portland sends: Blake ($4.0M) and Howard ($0.8M) to Miami (Miami agrees to waive Howard so we can resign...


A Plan For The Future ... Without Miller

  It’s time to face the reality of our sad situation and think about the future. First let’s review the Goals and 2009/10 Objectives we had (or should have had) at the start of this year. That...

What Could Possibly Go Wrong?


Nothing could possibly go wrong in Memphis this year. Iverson checked into Monday's game with four-and-a-half minutes remaining in the first quarter and finished up the period. "I had no problems (with the hamstring)," Iverson said afterward. "I had a problem with my butt from sitting on that bench so long. That's the only thing I got a problem with." "I'm not a reserve basketball player. I've never been a reserve all my life and I'm not going to start looking at myself as a reserve. ... To answer the question, 'No, I'm not a bench player. I'm not a sixth man. Go look at my resume and that will show you I'm not a sixth man." " ... Hollins seemed incredulous before the game when he was asked if Iverson would be in the starting lineup against the Kings. "He hasn't even been with the team until just a couple of days ago," Hollins said."


He (Andre) Said, He (Nate) Said Audio. You Decide.

Since Andre Miller's interview with  Marc Spears of Yahoo! Sports there's been a lot of discussion about what Nate did or didn't tell Andre over dinner in Vegas. While there's no audio recording of...

Blazers Stranded on a Desert Island

Funny stuff. Miller's loosening up. What's Greg watching on TV? Martell's the most likely to beat the Kobayashi Maru test.

Greg Oden Full-court Fast Break


OK, that's it. Now I'm excited !!! "Toward the end of practice Saturday morning, during a drill which involves a three-on-two situation at one end, that turns into a two-on-one at the other, Dante Cunningham decided to challenge Oden at the rim. Oden cuffed the shot attempt in his right hand, and then took off with the ball. Cunningham, in a full sprint (and isn't a slow guy), couldn't catch Oden, who dribbled coast to coast and slammed the ball down with two hands. While maintaining professionalism, the players erupted. Oden, who hung on to the rim and swung completely under, landed, and while laughing, flew up into the air and did a full body bump with Martell Webster."

Blake Wins 1st Round vs Miller


OK, it's no big deal, but indicative of Blake's competitiveness. He won't go down without a fight. The 10th annual McMillan Derby was run last night at practice. The Winner (and new record holder) - Steve Blake. The only player with a guaranteed contract to fail the conditioning test - Andre Miller. Biggest Upset - Travis Passed. Way to go Travis! "Blake set what McMillan believes is the best time for any player in his 10-years of holding the test, finishing with 24 seconds to spare." "Miller finished his four sets 8 seconds under the required time. His punishment is a seven day, 30-minute detention with strength and conditioning coach Bobby Medina." Actually the most meaningful news was that GO tied for the 2nd best time on the team. That's definitely good news, even if everyone doesn't push themselves. Nic and Rudy found a loophole to avoid Nate's torture test. "McMillan allowed Nicolas Batum and Rudy Fernandez to skip the test because they have been playing international basketball all summer."

Rudy's Blog - Sept 30


A new challenge September 30, 2009 After European Poland, the gold medal and a great summer, it's my second season in the NBA. A challenge I face with great enthusiasm. I think my first year in the league was good, but it was not easy. And they say the second year is harder, because the rival teams and players know you more. But I'm looking forward to this new challenge and a step forward in my career in the NBA. After the celebrations for the European gold did not have much time to rest. I had to take some pictures for an advertising campaign for American Crew and also an act with Bido Bido that helped me to dismiss the summer and to welcome the new season. On Saturday the 26th I traveled to Portland, a trip very, very long. On Sunday took the opportunity to do some shopping and Monday to work. The "average day", which was Monday, is a day to be taken with enough humor and patience. We spent many hours taking pictures, videos, interviews, promotions, ads ... And on Tuesday and began the training, which will be two a day all week ... and I will tell you how it goes A greeting Rudy

Paul Allen Optimistic LMA will be signed by Oct 31


" Are you optimistic that you will work out an extension with LaMarcus Aldridge by end of month? "We have made some progress there. So, yeah, I am optimistic." "

Wells Fargo FanFest on Comcast


The Wells Fargo Fan Fest will be televised live on CSN NW starting at 5 pm on Sunday October 4th.

RealGM Comments on Oden & KP


RealGM appraises OKC potential, but comments on Oden vs Durant and KP's summer. For insecure Blazer fans that love to see positive reinforcement about drafting Greg: In the interest of full disclosure, I was absolutely in favor of picking Oden over Durant in the 2007 debate. I remain solidly committed to that position even after Oden's injury and the quicker than expected development of Durant as a scorer. My position is based more on Oden being a center and the relative dearth of quality at that position than it does with comparing the two players in a vacuum. For the same reason, I would rather start a franchise with Dwight Howard than LeBron even though I believe LeBron is a vastly superior talent. Food for thought on KP: I avoided making Portland comparisons throughout this piece as much as possible, but it is worth noting that Kevin Pritchard was in an identical situation at the 2009 Trade Deadline and during this past summer's free agency period. Instead of using his cap space and talent depth on a blockbuster for a younger player to grow old with Brandon Roy, Oden and LaMarcus Aldridge, he improved the team in the short-term with Andre Miller. If the Blazers perpetually fall just a little bit short, I think this is the summer where Pritchard will be criticized for being too conservative/unimaginative.


Blazers 1st Team vs 2nd Team

Nate confirmed the starting lineup for training camp again today.  Link The starting lineup will almost certainly change by opening night. But imagine the first scrimmage at training camp ......

I needed a little Rudy to get me through to next week so I found this collection on You Tube. #1...


I needed a little Rudy to get me through to next week so I found this collection on You Tube. #1 at about 1:30 in the video is my favorite Rudy play from last year. I remember the TNT announcers cracking up over the way Rudy runs Ron Artest in a 360 degree circle around LMA's screen, and then takes the ball to the hoop over Yao. #2 is the nice "step beside" move to get off a 3-pointer that I first saw Rudy use against the USA in the Olympics. Also gotta love the height on his 3-pt shots.

Spain vs Greece, Spain wins 82-64


Good game going on between Spain and Greece It's available on ESPN360 Spain leads 26-21 at the end of 1st Qtr Spain leads 49-40 at the end of 2nd Qtr Spain leads 64-51 at the end of 3rd Qtr Spain wins 82-64

Juwan Howard's Press Conference Video


Juwan's very articulate. Excellent communicator.

NBA Season On Collision Course With An Iceberg


"The NBA's most recent contract with its 60-plus referees expired Sept. 1 and Tuesday's bargaining session in New York was called to an abrupt halt by commissioner David Stern ..." "No further talks are scheduled ... with only 22 days before the league's first scheduled exhibition game Oct. 1. The likelihood that replacement refs will be needed ... has "increased dramatically," "... it appears more likely that the league will have to begin lining up replacement referees for the first time since the 1995-96 season, when refs were locked out for more than two months ..." Folks, if you don't remember the 1995 season you can't possibly imagine what an utter disaster it was. Think summer league game referees and chaos. The games were so bad I didn't want to go to them. The NBA would have been better off shutting down until they settled with the referees. Here's Dwight Jaynes take on replacement refs (from Aug 26): "But just wait until you see the replacement referees. They’re worse than college referees, if that’s possible. We’ve gone down that road in the past, the last time in 1995 and it was a complete joke."

Barrett on Talkin' Ball - GO had a fantastic week + misc


I guess we're starving for some word about the Blazer workouts, so for what it's worth ... Mike Barrett on Talkin' Ball just said that "Greg had a fantastic week last week". He asked Steve Blake why and Blake told him it was because Greg was displaying some offensive moves and not trying to just dunk everything. Apparently he was also (?) shooting some short jump shots (I think we saw only one of those last year). Barrett also said he didn't think the Blazers were going to run with Miller. He didn't say why he had that opinion. Barrett was also very high on Martell. Barrett said that Andre and Przy would be showing up next week.

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