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Went to my first game with my grandpa in 1983 when I was 6.......Will be a Blazer fan till I die.

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Kennedy: Blazers "Actively Shopping" G Jamal Crawford

Alex Kennedy of HoopsWorld.com reports that Portland Trail Blazers guard Jamal Crawford is back on the trading block as expected after the two sides agreed to extend his deadline to opt-out of his contract earlier this month. -------------------------------------- Jamal Crawford – The Portland Trail Blazers are actively shopping Jamal Crawford. If they don’t find a deal for Crawford by draft night, they will lose him for nothing because he will opt-out and become an unrestricted free agent on June 29. Portland extended the deadline for him to opt-out so that they could shop him and try to facilitate a trade. If they’re able to find a trade partner that Crawford deems suitable, he’ll opt-in to the final year of his contract and make $5 million next season. Several teams expressed interest in Crawford leading up to last season’s trade deadline so it’s possible that Portland finds a last-minute deal and receives something in return for the 32-year-old guard. -------------------------------------- ed: text edited, bumped to front page

Chat with Michael Wilbon: I asked a question and got a decent answer.


Roddy (Portland) Between LMA, Love and Griffin....who is the more complete player and out of these three, who would you want to be on your team Mike? I think Aldridge will be an all-star this year and makes perfect sense for team USA. mike wilbon (1:45 PM) I love all 3. Kornheiser just ran into my office...I told him the question. He said he Blake and Love help him sell tickets if the team in question is bad, and Aldridge does not. Thing is, I think Aldridge sometimes has a bigger impact on the game than either of the other two. I'd take any of the three. Griffin is dependent on a point guard to set him up. Love isn't. Love can get a shot on his own. So can Aldridge...Aldridge is definitely the better defender. All three are All Stars, without a doubt. Look, the position is loaded. Guys like Garnett and Duncan, two first-ballot Hall of Famers, don't even get into the dicussion anymore at that position. Those three, to me, would be ahead of Dirk, if we're having a draft, though Dirk would be ahead of them if I have to win a game tonight and my life is on the line. It's a fun discussion, though...I might change my mind on the order of those three between now and the playoffs, especially if Love can carry the T-Wolves to the post-season.

Blazers Pose Hazard To Early Bandwagon Riding


There seems to be some hype around this game tonight from both sides....is it that important of a game?

Chad Ford answers a Blazer question


Evan (PDX) Admit it, Chad. You and everyone else at ESPN were so down on the Blazers... but for the wrong reasons. A more uptempo offense works, and Brandon Roy would've mucked that up. Chad Ford (1:28 PM) I was pessimistic, yes. They've played much better than expected. I had serious doubts about Nate McMillan's pledge to play faster. Every coach says that in the pre-season. Few make good. He has. If Blazers play like this all year, he's hands down the Coach of the Year in my opinion. Few coaches can adjust their system the way he's been forced to over the past few years.

Andre Miller will interview on 95.5 at 5:00 pm today


Andre Miller will interview on 95.5 at 5:00 pm today

Chris Sheridan Chat about "Crash"


kelton (PDX) Did you see gerald wallace take on artest in the game in on friday. I think he added the toughness this team needs to win a playoff series. What do you Think Chris Sheridan Rich Cho made the best trade of deadline day, narrowly edging Sam Presti. And yes, he can be the x-factor that wins them a series.

Chat with Chris Sheridan


Mike (Stockton) Is the blazers defensive versatility the key to a possible first round upset. Regardless of who you play aldridge, wallace, camby and batum form a ridiculous defensive front line. Durant and Dirk don't want to see those guys for 48 mins Chris Sheridan Agreed. And if they play Dallas, the Miller-Kidd match-up is either a wash or favors the Blazers. Methinks Portland will be a popular upset pick if we have a Mavs-Blazers postseason match-up. (Stein has Blazers at No. 8 and Dallas at No. 10 in this week's power rankings). I am noticing that there are more and more ESPN analysis folks out there giving credit to the Blazers as of late. I really think we can match-up with anyone in the first round besides the L*kers. Whether we can pull off a series win is another question. Would love to see us do it though.

Ric Bucher on Nate for COY


BalutPDX (Portland) It is crazy that Nate McMillan hasn't won COY yet and that he isn't higher in the conversation this year. Three years of plagues of Biblical proportions, knees exploding, Dance Dance Revolution mishaps, slipping in the shower and the team still competes. And consider how much he got out of players like Blake, Bayless, Outlaw and Webster who now seem like also-rans on their respective teams. Ric Bucher Completely agree. He has done a masterful job once again this year. And yet he probably won't be in the top three.

Ric Bucher Chat Says....


Rick (Boston) I remember you comments on Portland not being a great playoff team due to no crunch time scorer. Has Roy changed your mind or do you think LA can be that guy for them? Ric Bucher I like Portland better than Denver. They still don't have a go-to guy, which is why it'll be tough for them to do more than squeak out of the first round, at best. But what they've done in spite of all the setbacks this season really is impressive. As an aside: Andre Miller never has seen the second round of the playoffs. Gets to the postseason a lot, never advances. How confident are you with us making it to the second round? I myself would think a match-up with Mavs would give us the best chance.....thoughts?

Hollinger on playoff match-up


goyo, Keizer, Oregon You had the Blazers as an 85% of making the playoffs as a 7 seed. Who would the Blazers wanna face to have a chance to make it out of the first round? Oklahoma? Dallas? John Hollinger I'd think you'd want a shot at Dallas in the No. 6 position, that gives a much better shot of advancing than L.A. Although the Blazer crowd will froth at the mouth against the Lakers and L.A. always has problems playing up there, the problem is they have to win at least once on the road; have a feeling they're much better suited to doing that in Dallas.

Hollinger's answer on Portland


Ian (Portland) Can the Blazers contend with a healthy Oden or do they still need another piece? John Holllinger Still think they need another shooter. But a healthy Oden makes them a monstrous force defensively. Picking up his qualifying offer for next year seems a lot more reasonable if they finish with a win total in the high 40s and have three All-Star caliber players (L.A., Wallace, Roy) and Miller to put around him and guys like Batum, Matthews, Camby and Rudy as "help."

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