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My brother just had lunch with Dwight Jaynes. As they left, DJ got an e-mail saying that Rich Cho has been fired and Chad Buchanan is the acting GM. Wow.


Nate McMillan

The following comments were taken from various threads related to the game last night: "We got outcoached — AGAIN!!!!!!" "What adjustments did we make as team this game? Any?" "McMillan is the most...

Bill Simmons roasts Sheed


Really good column by BS chronicling the player that Sheed is and the player that Sheed could have been. Portland fans everywhere rejoice that this guy is no longer our centerpiece.


Whither Sports

It started innocently enough: I asked my two female housemates what on Earth the appeal of a show like Gossip Girl or The Hills was.  These were two highly intelligent and driven young women who --...

If you didn't already hate the Lakers with all your heart and soul...


Ugh, ugh, ugh. What a smarmy, sanctimonious, pompous column. My favorite part is "He's a championship-assuring difference right now" followed closely by "The Lakers' biggest Western rivals play in Denver." Like in all empires, hubris precedes collapse...and I hear that there are some REAL hungry Visigoths in Portland these days.

Simmons... ::sigh::


The guy just can't stop chugging that Blazer haterade. A couple of excerpts: "We knew Miller was a bad fit when the Blazers signed him. It just didn't feel right. He's a moody loner; they had great chemistry last year. He needs the ball in his hands; so does Brandon Roy. He likes free-lancing; Nate McMillan is hands-on. But Portland felt obligated to spend their extra cap money, and nobody else was pursuing Miller, so what transpired was the equivalent of two single wedding guests going through the motions on the dance floor." -------------------------------------------------------------------------- "The "You Thought We'd Take Another Leap, But Instead We Went Backwards Because Expectations Were Too High, We Tinkered With Our Chemistry & Our Young Guys Tuned Out Their Coach" Team. (Ladies and gentlemen, your 2009-10 Portland Trail Blazers!)"


Does Andre Miller Actually Improve His Bigs?

Conventional wisdom and Wendell Maxey would have us believe that Andre Miller is the bee's knees when it comes to making life easier on his big men on the offensive end.  There's no doubt that...

Von Wafer to miss Game 6


Von Wafer to miss Game 6

Portland sports-talk radio just reported that (Baron) Von Wafer is battling back problems and will not play tonight. I say huzzah! That guy has been a royal pain in the posterior off the bench for Houston. Anything that saps the scoring punch of their second unit and makes guys like Brooks and Artest think they have to score more to make up the difference is fine by me. poll shows...


With more than 52,000 votes, the Blazers are America's darlings -- 35% of all respondents pick Portland as the dark horse most likely to make some noise in the playoffs. I fully expect us to double this number in the next thirty-seven minutes. :)

shaq's not a jerk


just goes to show that human beings are complicated animals. for all of his obnoxious preening on and off the court, way too many stories come out about the big cactus just like this one for me to really despise the guy. stuff like this is way more important in the grand scheme of things than him falling on joel's face.


Race for the division title: Schedule predictions

This is duplicating JScot and Snake's excellent work to a certain extent, but I wanted to look at our schedule for the rest of the season and how we stack up in the race for the division title...


An interesting parallel and lessons to be learned

An afterthought to begin the 2007-08 NBA season, the Blazers drew national attention when they streaked into 2008 riding a 13-game winning streak. By early February, Portland sat comfortably at...


Breaking: Marion to Toronto   Well, the Bosh-O'Neal dream frontcourt didn't last for very long.  This means that any trade sending Bosh to us will be off-limits until the...


Joel Injured

Sorry if this has already been posted somewhere, but I don't see it...this morning's Oregonian reported that Joel has "an avulsion of the scaphoid on his left wrist".  Apparently that's when a...


When I was courtside -- AKA the best three hours of my life

So through a confluence of incredibly fortunate events, three of my best friends and I were able to score courtside tickets at no cost.  The seats were *siiiiick* -- two rows back, right behind the...

Boozer to miss Thursday's contest versus Blazers


Hooray! Boozer won't play against us tomorrow -- strained left quadriceps. Good news for LMA and Greg.


Beno Udrih?

What's up guys,   I prowl the SBNation over at BlazersEdge and I joined here to ask you, well-informed and intelligent Kings fans that you are, the pluses and minuses of Beno Udrih's game. Unless...


Rudy's impending arrival raises questions

That 90% figure sounds like savvy media-work to me (hat tip to SpyderRyder for the timely diary immediately below) -- Rudy Fernandez will be a member of the Portland Trail Blazers next year.H...


Trade Travis?

I'm not necessarily advocating this position -- but as I started to reply to the main-page thread about our bubble youngsters, I began to think that there are a few reasons to consider it.  Hear me...


Simmons: Kidd to Blazers? this is interesting. Everybody's favorite columnist is back for Round 2, and this time he's dishing juicy rumors from the All-Star...


Simmons posits Blazers trade suggestion read it. I insist. Just make sure that you have a trash can handy, cuz I just projectile-vomited all over my...


Kidd Trade Official deal for the Mavs.  I think Harris will be a very good player for the Nets, but Kidd's a first-ballot HOF PG with Finals experience and a...


A Rudy Introspective

...or more accurately, some half-baked thoughts generalizing from one game.  Rudy's DKV Joventut squad just ran roughshod over Pamesa Valencia 85-59 (I believe was the final score).  I watched the...


The Darius Conspiracy

And I'm not talking about he and his buddies stealing the SAT either.  The following is an excerpt of the McRoberts diary, but it spun off-topic and I think it's interesting enough to warrant its...


I just don't understand

We are 18 months removed from the nadir of the existence of the Portland Trail Blazers.  That season, that "team" lost three out of every four games in such a nonchalant, disjointed, and dispirited...


Love from the New York Daily News

Not sure if this article had been posted already, my apologies if it had been.  It's three or four days old (written before our game against the Nets) and doesn't say anything we don't already...


OT: Hawks/Heat replay

Not whatsoever Blazers related, but this is a pretty wild story.  The comish upheld a Heat protest of a road game at Atlanta over a month ago; the Hawks' official scorer incorrectly DQ'd Shaq with...

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