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In Defense of Statistics: In Defense of Polls

It's been a long while since I posted an In Defense of Statistics post. The idea behind these was to explain exactly how the statistical rankings work. I know, crazy people (including the BCS) call...


Down 14, 3 minutes to go...

Yeah, OK, we lost. But I'm not going to complain about any of the players, or the playcalling, or the interception. I don't care about that - what happened, happened. It's a game. What I am going...


Ranking the BCS games(' gift packages)

It's bowl time, and that means one thing. "$500" worth of bling for the players! Whoo Unfortunately, not all bowl gift packages are created equal. Some are downright lame, so let's take a look...


In Defense of Statistics: Dear Mr. President

(note: it's been a while since I posted one of these - life's been pretty busy. Previous editions are here and here). Better than a Playoff I know several BSD readers saw President-elect Obama's...


One step closer to BCS #2...

  BCS Standings, Week 1, Penn State distance from #2: 0.0821 BCS Standings, Week 2, Penn State distance from #2: 0.0242 BCS Standings, Week 3, Penn State distance from #2: 0.0086 Notice a...


Yet another moron sportswriter

Some idiot out of Detroit is once again making an idiot of himself by flinging the "Penn State's schedule sucks!" thing around. He's even making things worse for himself by beating the "Coastal...


In Defense of Statistics: Go Florida State!

The Only Time You're Allowed to Root for Bobby Bowden Right now, Penn State and Alabama are close enough in the human polls that the statistical polls - which have Alabama a universal #2 and Penn...


Silly Statistics: The Over-Criticized Offense vs. OSU

"The defenses dominated at OSU." "Penn State's vaunted offense was struggling." "Both teams looked out of sync." Sound familiar? Too bad they're all wrong. Here's one thing you won't hear: Penn...


Thanks, ESPN, for a fantastic game!

Major kudos to ESPN for an incredibly well-produced game. I don't care if you're not a Penn State fan - that pictorial history of JoePa was just fantastic. Also major kudos to the Buckeye alum in...


In Defense of Statistics

This is the first in (hopefully) a series of posts to try to explain the way that the statistical rankings work in the BCS. The first thing I'm going to say is this: Statistical rankings are easy...


Michigan Quick Hits

Quick thoughts from the Michigan game: wait, I think I see another LB overrunning a play and opening up a gaping cutback lane again! Oops, that's just a flashback to any play in the first half. L...


Silly statistics

Silly Statistics, Wisconsin Edition: I've heard a bit of surprise from people when they look at the statistics for Wisconsin and see "PSU 377, WIS 317." It's usually explained by "well, Penn State...


Have we misunderstood Jay Paterno?

I almost feel dirty for asking that question. But I do think it needs to be asked. Jay's been at Penn State since 1992. He's been QB coach since 2000, and universally hated by Penn State fans...

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