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I like to pretend that I'm a potato. That's kinda weird, I guess. But...it's the Internet, so that's okay.

I miss Manny. I really, really do. I don't give a rat's ass what any of ya say about it, either.

A Fan Of...

  • MLB Boston Red Sox
  • NFL Miami Dolphins
  • NHL Ottawa Senators
  • NASCAR Ricky Bobby
  • MMA Black Belt Jones
  • Boxing King Hippo
  • Cycling That guy at the circus on the unicycle
  • Golf John Daly
  • Fantasy It involves Bjork and Britney Spears
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I know that now...is not the time to panic. But, is it soon? Cuz, brother, I am @#$%ing ready to panic. I'm there. I'm a racehorse at the gate. Ring the bell and get outta my way, because I...

Pedroia: Let us know now, because we're coming.

Dustin Pedroia: You're either two feet in now or you're two feet out. Let us know now, because we're coming. Goddamn right.

Sox Ranked #4 in WEEI Power Rankings

Please note: Blogford P. Tater has no official affiliation with Over The Monster or SB Nation, and as such, um, yeah. He does not speak for the wonderful staff of editors and writers. :DSo, I...

Classic Manny Line


Watch the video from the press conference...that last line is EXACTLY why I love Manny. Baseball is just a better place with Manny in it.


Could Issue at Fenway Affect Red Sox?

This is not really a baseball story...but could it have an effect on the Boston Red Sox?? It has been announced that the New Kids on the Block and the Backstreet Boys will be joining forces to...

Napoli to Rangers


Link goes to Halo Heaven, where they're all goin' batshit again rippin' Tony Reagins a new one.

Two Awesome Fenway Sunsets


Yeah, there's a MFY pic in there, too, but those sunsets are incredible.

Ozzie's Kid Sounds Off on Jenks


L'il Oney is even more of a mess than his old man.


[Belated] Merry Christmas From Your Resident Nova Scotian

Hello, all. I meant to post this yesterday (yesterday being Christmas and all), but when I tried, I was under the word minimum...and then I had to go get drunk and eat turkey. But the...


Ellsbury for Beltran

The thought before the WTF signing of Carl Crawford was that we needed a right-handed bat. Obviously, Carl doesn't give us this. Carlos Beltran's name, of course, has been thrown around as a...

RedSox.com Inbox: Salty, Dice, Gonzalez, Werth, Martin


Normally, when I bother to read the Inbox on redsox.com, I just kinda say, okay, sure, whatever. This time, there just seemed to be a whole lot I just shook my head at. What say you?

Theo: Red Sox want Beltre & Martinez


" Red Sox general manager Theo Epstein reiterated on Friday the team's strong interest in re-signing third baseman Adrian Beltre and catcher Victor Martinez, while acknowledging that the club has had recent discussions with Kevin Youkilis about returning to third base if Beltre does not come back, and that both the player and team are comfortable with that move."


Uggla for 3rd?

That wormy guy with the smarmy smirk that you see on FOX is reporting that Dan Uggla has turned down a 4 year/48 million dollar deal from the Marlins. Dan, of course, is a second baseman, and we...

Some day, Adrian Beltre will even the score...


Some day, Adrian Beltre will even the score...

World Statistics Day!


Happy World Statistics Day, thou Sabrematricians.


Werth vs. Crawford

So, I was watchin' the Giants/Phils game the other day, and I saw that there Jayson Werth lad. I was like...hey. I like that guy. He'd be good to have on the Sox. And, of course, we all know...

Four Days in October - we're goin' nowhere this year, so relive the magic!


Four Days in October - we're goin' nowhere this year, so relive the magic!

Pedro in NY, 1999 - per Joy of Sox


From the post: The Yankees did not hit a fair ball on any of Pedro's last 53 pitches -- and managed only one fair ball on his last 70 pitches. ... One measly fair ball after the fourth inning! That is absolutely insane.


PLAYOFFS?? We talkin' 'bout playoffs? (Yahoo Fantasy)

Holy Crap! It's @#$%in' playoff time...AND YOUR HERO HAS MADE THE CUT! Is that over the top? I can never tell. Anywho.... So...do ya wanna see the brackets??? Ben and that German lad...

Lowell Playing with Fractured Rib


A couple of good quotes including: I don't know, I'm not a doctor but I did stay at a Holiday Inn Express. and "And [Adrian] Beltre didn't even hit me, which is amazing," Lowell said with a smile. "It's just a freak thing." It's a good thing that Lowell wasn't playing left, or Beltre would have smelled Lowell's vulnerability and FINISHED HIM~!!


I Demand Blood

I log in to my Twitter feed about 30 minutes ago and see the following: And you know what, 'Hix? Right you are, my friend. Right you are. Cuz ya know what? I'm sick of this crap. ...


A Yahoo Fantasy Reminder

Just a quick reminder that this Sunday, August 29, is the trade deadline for the Yahoo Fantasy Pool League. I'm really not sure what that means in regards to picking up and dropping players, to be...


The Playoff Push (Yahoo Fantasy Edition)

Hi. So I guess the first thing that I should mention is that the trade deadline for our fantasy pool wasn't Sunday past, but rather it is Sunday, August 29th. Breathe easy, lemon squeezies. W...



Today (Sunday, August 15) is the default trade deadline for our fantasy league! Now, does that mean that today is the deadline for our league? I have no idea. I didn't set up the league. But,...

Filthy. (per Joy of Sox)


Filthy. (per Joy of Sox)

Umps shrink Jeter's strikezone by 16%


Very interesting, courtesy Joy of Sox. Like the author of that blog, I'd like to see how that translates on other teams (especially the Sox) as well.

"Mike Scioscia is the Worst Manager"


Okay, so this was just posted at Halo Heaven. I'm not posting it because it seems like the LAAAAAAAAAAAA fans are turning on their beloved manager, but rather because of THIS quote from the FanPost (emphasis mine): In 2002 we had the most sacrifice bunts in the american league with 49. This year we have 25 while the Rangers have 34. Yes it might seem like a little bit, but bunts are the most important thing in baseball. WOW.

Florida: A Dirty Place to Watch Sports


Took this from the Ottawa Senators blog on SB Nation. It talks about all the concession stand violations at various sports stadiums/arenas/what-have-you. I post it here for the following: most venues had at least some violations--including two with violations at every single vendor (Tropicana Field in Tampa and Verizon Center in Washington) Aaaaaaaaaahhhh, The Trop. No wonder Rays fans don't go to games. They're scared to.

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