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Yeah... Prince isn't going anywhere

Statistically, and in terms of scoring, the offense is better. Huh. Who would have thought people were picking on the wrong coordinator. ;-)

Doug Martin in Gilette Commercial

If this stuff can make me as pretty as Doug, sign me up. Anybody else see potential fodder for funnies in a Muscle Hamster repping shaving gear?

Can anyone say Karma? (not counting any chickens of course)

With all the angst re: AS-J recently, I would have thought this would be up here sooner. Do the Dawgs now have a built-in excuse for suckage now, even if he does play?

Chris Houston tweet re: Titus Young

Maybe prayer isn't your thing... no worries. But I think Chris Houston has the right idea about how to think of Titus right now... I hope family or friends are in a position to get him help before he becomes a cautionary tale.


Doug Martin Sighting

Walking through the parking lot with my children after the scrimmage, we saw three very LARRRGE dudes hustle by in front of us (it was colder than... well it was just BW COLD... so everybody was...


Dougie blames Jarell -- finally we get the details

As noted in the Scott Slant this morning, Doug Martin finally dishes the scoop on the all-important source of his nickname to USA Today's Mike Garafolo. ...

Grantland's Barnwell loves him some Dougie

Awesome summary and analysis of Doug's strengths, how he fits in their offense... just awesome.

Las Vegas Sun's Bern grades BSU better than does Murphy

This is the most respect for the Bad Horsies we've seen from any media, including our own. Plus -- check out Jamar's form tackle (note his almost gentle care of Sherry in removing the ball - not a hint of "targeting") ... it is a thing of beauty. The only indicator of the violence of this hit is Sherry's arm going all Inspector Gadget.


Anybody seen/heard from the Senior Chief?

Do we need to sound the "Man Overboard" alarm? Were you called up to keep the carrier groups from crashing into each other over in the Strait? Or are you the flag-man in the new Carrier Drag Race...

Pachall Arrested and Suspended

Maybe Patterson could install a pair of suspenders so he can be a little more hands on with these kids.

dUI has infected the Palouse!

Another one... maybe I'm trained to look only for these "accidents" up in the Palouse... but is this happening anywhere else? Is this an epidemic? Is there some sort of gravity well unique to Moscow/Pullman?

BSU Gettin' Some Herbie Love

You have to scroll a little -- but Herbstreit says Coach Pete is gonna keep BSU relevant -- I like that. Also note that he calls Wilcox going to the Dogs one of the best coordinator hires. Then, calls BSU as the MW winner in 2012 (well, duh.) I ignored any reference to Gholston. Not even Kirk "Love-Me-Some-Boise-State" Herbstreit is gonna get every call right. Good enough for government work though.

Great writeup on the new eligibility requirements

This is a tough tradeoff -- good kids who were failed by the system/parents should not be denied access because of that systemic failure. But we also do them a disservice, verging on exploitation, if we don't raise our expectations of them. At the very least there ought to be a significant outreach effort to get the message to kids and their families - or as noted in the article there will be some very sad people in 2016. I'm not sure where I stand on this yet -- what are your thoughts? BSU Football generally does very well in this department -- but it would be interesting to see how/whether this impacts recruiting for football and basketball.

Grantland Piles On Mockery

Awesomely literate destruction of the offal Sour Bowel Bowl.

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