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How to Win a Superbowl in 4 Simple Steps

Inspired by the FPWs' "the cowboys make playoffs if..." series I'd like to point out the things that any football team must do to make the playoffs. But I hold the Cowboys to a higher standard...


Zone Read Part 2: Defending the Zone Read

In Part 2 we will learn what could have saved Rob Ryan's job if only he'd been a BTB reader, how to defend the zone read. In Part 1 we analyzed what the zone read was. The zone read is a play that...


Zone Read Part 1: What is the Zone Read

There has been a lot of off-season talk about the zone read's impending takeover of the NFL. The zone read was part of how the 49ers ended up in the Superbowl, Robert Griffin III became a national...


Game Rewind: Atlanta 2012

This is the time of year where I get sports-bored and re-watch a few games here and there. It's interesting because you go into these games with a completely different mind-set knowing how the...


How a Rookie and a #2TE Sealed the Cowboys Fate

he play that ended the game against Seattle came when the score was still close. Dallas only trailed by a manageable 1-score in the 3rd quarter down 7-13. However, on a 2nd and 7 the Seahawks,...


Chill Out / Freak Out - Week 2 Loss

In any loss there are many bad things that happen. Today I've seen people discussing a wide variety of subjects related to why they're feeling so down after this Cowboys loss. Allow me to...


Reflections from Section 339 of Met Life Stadium

Thought I'd compile a post full of notes about the game against the Giants from the perspective of being in the stadium. A lot of these notes have to do with the secondary play since I tend to...


Cowboys/Giants rests on 1 man's shoulders: Orlando Scandrick

If you've been reading my posts in the comments sections about Cowboys/Giants over the last couple weeks you'll note that in the discussion of our secondary I keep coming back to 1 player that no...


A Hero's Journey - Cowboys @ Giants

The last two years have not been kind to the Dallas Cowboys. In 2010 we were a losing football team, a 6-10 team. In 2011 this team was the definition of average with an 8-8 record and only one...

Chalk Talk Video: Cowboys' 'Yankee' route | National Football Post


Fantastic breakdown of the Xs and Os of how Dwayne Harris got his huge touchdown catch and run.


What WRs will the Cowboys Keep? Watch Special Teams, not the Offense.

The Cowboys have more project WRs than they know what to do with. Kevin Ogletree, Andre Holmes, Dwayne Harris, Danny Coale, Cole Beaseley, Raymond Radway, and to a lesser degree Tim Benneford are...

Mike Jenkins to Visit Dr. James Andrews


When an athlete has a date with Dr. James Andrews it's typically very bad news. There was also a report from this week's camp that Jenkins was unable to throw a football overhand when working with trainers. Forget about keeping vs. trading Jenkins - the conversation may soon be PUP or release with injury settlement. Perhaps he should have worked with the Cowboys' highly paid and extremely talented medical staff this off-season after all...


Cowboys Supremacy Part 3: The Superbowl Invitation

This is the final edition of a 3 part series on how we may be witnessing the very early stages of a new Cowboys - let's not call it a dynasty, but a window being opening. In Part 1 we explored how...


Cowboys Supremacy pt.2: The Long Game

Football is an interesting game. Most people only consider the current season but football is really a long game. Interestingly, many GMs only play the game for season in front of them. They...


Cowboys Supremacy for 10 Years

Not all positions on the football field are created equal. Who would you rather have on your team: Demarcus Ware or Carl Nicks? No one doubts Nicks' supremacy at guard, but I think we'll all...


Building a Defense: The Case for Morris Claiborne

How do you build a strong defense? Traditional thinking on the subject is that consistency of talent is more important for defense than it is for offense. The thinking stems from the idea that the...


Do You Really Believe in BPA? Musings on Luke Kuechly

Draft the best player available. In NFL draft discussions it's a very common philosophy. In fact, it's so common everyone agrees with it. Who doesn't want the best player available? So if it's...


Alameda Ta'amu - Dallas' Top 2nd Round Target?

Wes Bunting now rates Alameda Ta'amu as the #11 best player in this draft. For those unfamiliar, Ta'amu is a big muscular physical 335lb player with a motor that doesn't quit. He is not a fat...


Grading the 2011 Draft - 1 Year In

Everyone agrees it takes 3 years to fully grade a draft class. But that hasn't stopped us from judging before, I even issued snap-judgments on the 2011 draft without seeing them even in an NFL...


O-Ring Theory and the Dallas Cowboys: 2 Years Later

During the 2010 training camp One.Cool.Customer wrote an article outlining several metrics by which one can predict a team's success in the regular season. The one that stood out to me and one I...


Defense Wins Championships - True as Ever in 2011

The Cowboys defense was bad again in 2011. But with everyone focusing on the draft a debate has emerged whether draft picks and free agent priority should be given to the offense or the defense. ...


Fascinating Salary Structure for Orlando Scandrick and Gerald Sensabaugh

As reported by AdamJT13 of He's proven reliable over the past few years so I have no reason to doubt their authenticity.


Rob Ryan's Defense - Much to do About Nothing?

I really liked the Rob Ryan hiring but at the end of the season it's time to look at data and ask hard questions. Today I want to generate conversation by asking a pretty hard one: Is Rob Ryan's...


Jerry Jones is a Bad General Manager

They say it takes 3 years to grade a draft. This year marks year #3 for the class of 2009. As of this week we now have conclusive data on the draft classes of 2006-2009 to grade out each player...


Romo the Tragic Hero

I'm beginning to believe Romo is a classic tragic hero.  What makes a tragic hero is that the thing which makes the hero great also keeps him from ever attaining his ultimate goal. With Romo you...


Dr. Strangegarrett or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Rebuilding Year

First off, let us dispel any myths: this is a rebuilding year.  A team does not start 3 rookies (essentially) on its offensive line when it believes it’s making a super bowl run.  A team does not...


I Got to Get this off my chest...



Is This a Rebuilding Year for the Cowboys?

It is possible that trying to draw logic from this year's draft and FA period may be the futile attempts of fans to bring rationale to an inherently illogical situation.  Akin to how Redskins fans...


Grading the 2011 Dallas Cowboys Draft

After a terrible 6-10 failure of a season, the most embarrasing season in two-decades, the rotten core of this team was exposed.  Picking high, Dallas needed multiple players to come in and make an...


Bruce Carter - Blown Coverages, Phantom Tackles

Here's 4 games on youtube of Bruce Carver.  In almost every snap you will either see him blow a coverage or go for tackles in the most pathetic way possible. Then there's this: "How strict are...

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