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Rick Gosselin's Final Mock Draft

Stare into the Goose's crystal ball below.


Tyron Smith will be Cowboys Pick - Rick Gosselin

Rick Gosselin has created his first mock draft of the year and mocks Tyron Smith to Dallas.  Dallas is particularly bad with leaks, and has leaked out all along that they are interested in Tyron...


The Myth of the "Safe" First-Round Tackle

It's interesting.  By definition there can only be five top-5 left tackles in the NFL.  Yet, every draft class there are multiple tackles that are described as being "potential pro-bowl",...

Top OT prospects to visit Cowboys - Dallas Cowboys Blog - ESPN Dallas


The Cowboys are inviting Castonzo, Solder, and Carimi (YES!!!), in addition to Smith out to Valley Ranch for pre-draft visits.


Drafting for Sufficiency

OCC wrote a foretelling piece during training camp about how to predict what teams will be successful and which would not in the coming season.  It was called "O-ring theory".  The theory states...


Labor Uncertainty = Excellent Opportunity to Rebuild Cowboys?

The Dallas Cowboys are saddled by many contracts that are too expensive for players that produce too little.  This is well known. Marion Barber was the 2nd highest paid RB in the league last year,...


Dallas Cowboys Personnel Holes Gape Wider than Expected

When you look at the number of players hitting unrestricted free agency in 2012 and the fact it normally takes rookies a year to catch up to the NFL game - the cracks in our team look more like...


Blue Eyed Devil's No-Trade 5-Round Mock Draft

So I’ve been one of the biggest proponents on the site of trading down in the first, getting an extra 2nd round pick, and then picking up an OT and an OG in the first two rounds.  In today’s...


Your 2011 Free Agent Budget is...

Now that the season is over everyone is trying their hand at coming up with ways they could turn the Cowboys around.  Cap math is a wierd thing, but going by the rotoworld numbers here is what you...


What is Kitna's Trade Value?

Jon Kitna has proven he has value.  He's definately done a hell of a lot with this team since Romo got taken out with injury.  It seems like Kitna's stock has never been higher in his NFL career. ...


One Big Jason Garrett Change

Jason Garrett's changes made one big impact on the game Sunday.  An impact that seems to have been a bit lost in the exuberance of a win, the play of Dez Bryant, the performance of Felix Jones, and...


Best System for the Cowboys?

So a new coach is imminent.  And is Jerry wants to win back the respect of the fans after the Wade Philips fiasco he's going to have to hire a coach with a pedigre and that means letting that new...


Cowboys Sign Offensive Tackle

The Cowboys have added a new offensive tackle to the roster spot vacated by Mike Hamlin today.    News courtesy of Josh Ellis at the Mothership after the jump.


Is Felix a First-Round Bust?

The Dallas Morning News had an interesting article over the weekend retrospectively looking at the 2008 class of running backs.  The thrust of the article, Felix Jones isn't even in the top-10...


Dallas Lost the Redskins Game on April 25, 2009

The Cowboys sat in their war room weighing their options.  Looking at their draft board they made a fateful decision.  They decided to trade their 2nd round pick to the Buffalo Bills. The reason...


Roy Williams is Having a Bad Camp

I've been hearing nonsense about Williams having a good camp because on a couple days he's managed to actually haul in a few balls and not drop them all.  Let me read a report from a practice "...


Jason Williams and Leon Williams Tale of the Tape - Oakland

This was origionally a response to a thread.  But, hey, we've got a full week until the next Cowboys game and need something to talk about, so let's talk about ILBs. Here's my review of Jason...


BTB Free Fantasy Football League Now Accepting Teams!

Blogging the Boys FREE 12-team yahoo league with a live draft is now accepting teams!  If you are interested in joining POST AN E-MAIL address below where I can send an invitation to. This is a...


Bobby Carpenter Loses Job to Practice Squad Player

The St.Louis Post-Dispatch is reporting that Bobby Carpenter has lost his starting job at weakside linebacker to 2008 49ers practice squad player Larry Grant. The team is putting a positive spin...


BTB Yahoo Fantasy Football League

Hey guys, do you want to join a Blogging The Boys Yahoo fantasy football league? I know has a deal with CBS but, personally, I prefer the yahoo free leagues. The format would be a...

Bryant Out 4-6 Weeks With Injury


Dez is going to miss the entire installation of the offense. This deals a terrible blow to his ability to contribute meaningfully to the team this year.

Phillips Regrets Playing Colombo


This may be the first time I've ever heard Wade authentically admit error instead of whitewashing over it. Let's hope he's learned from this episode and it doesn't happen again this year.


Holdouts: How Long Until You Get Pissed?

Let's talk a dirty subject.  Training camp holdouts.  The question here is how long do you expect players to hold out and at what point would you get pissed? Sean Lee better sign by the beginning...


"Sean Lee is a First Round Grade" - Jerry Jones

Jerry Jones claims in the post-draft press conference that Sean Lee was a first round grade on the Cowboys board.  More than that, Jerry says that Sean was a first-half of the first round on their...

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