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50-0: All Bruin Alums/Supporters: Choke off ALL $$$ support until Guerrero is fired.

E-mails, letters, voice mails, etc can all be ignored, deleted, trashed, etc., but one thing that cannot be ignored, deleted or trashed is our economic support. These are difficult economic times,...


When it's okay to root against your alma mater

I haven't posted in a while, mainly because I haven't the intestinal fortitude to follow this football team since week one. I have never felt so detached from this program since I enrolled as a...


The "One and Done" Paradox: Howland Needs to Make it Work

Discussion on how Ben Howland needs to find a way to work through the "one and done" paradox in college basketball and re-establish UCLA as an elite hoops program.

ESPN: Agents still roaming around southern cal


Despite getting dinged with a 2 year bowl ban, loss of 30 scholarships, and 4 years of probation, looks like southern cal may still be up to their old shenanigans. Dillon Baxter has been suspended indefinitely after accepting a golf cart ride from a NFLPA-certified agent, and current student, Teague Egan. On his company's website, his bio describes how he has "befriended many athletes on the USC football team". southern cal has sent the NCAA an appeal to get Baxter reinstated, claiming they acted "proactively and quickly". LOL.


Baxter's Fabrication Likely Violated NCAA Bylaw: Suspension Coming ? (There Is A Precedent)

Ramifications of Southern Cal incoming freshman Dillon Baxter getting caught with his hand in the cookie jar (lying about contact by other institutions).

Must be nice being a Spartans fan: Standout juniors to return


Kalin Lucas and Durrell Summers will return to Michigan St. for their senior seasons, per While Lucas had a mitigating circumstance (torn achilles) in putting the NBA on hold, Summers was very much a NBA prospect. My favorite graph: "I've got dreams of playing in the NBA, but I would rather win a national championship and graduate first," Summers said in a telephone interview. "I want to accomplish all those dreams instead of just one." Putting the NBA on hold to pursue a championship and a diploma? Wow. Just wow.

More of the same? Lunardi leaves UCLA off of next year's tourney prediction.


I know these predictions aren't worth a lick, but I do think it is somewhat newsworthy to gauge one analyst's perception of the short-term health of the program. Lunardi even leaves UCLA off of the "first 4 out" list. It is also particularly notable to point out that Lunardi projects Kentucky as a 4 seed, despite losing 5 players to the NBA, and predicts that the Pac 10 will be a 2 bid league again next year. FWIW.

It's not over: Bush to be deposed


If you didn't hear this already, Bush settled with Michaels in the $200 K to $330 K range already, and with Lake's claim, that means Bush is on the hook for nearly $600 K. Has any collegiate athlete ever broken the rules more than Reggie Bush? You decide.

Holy Sh!t. Howland petitions NCAA for another year for Ragovic


UCLA head coach Ben Howland announced Thursday that he intends on filing a petition for another year of eligibility of senior forward Nikola Dragovic. He states the inquiry stems from a NCAA ruling of ineligibility for 10 games during the 2006-07 year, Dragovic's freshman season. The ruling of ineligibility was because Dragovic competed on a team that the NCAA defines as a professional team due to the fact that some of the members of the club team, Mega Ishrana, received compensation. While Dragovic never received compensation for the 10 games in which he played, an indeterminate number of members of the team did receive money. Dragovic was reinstated for the Bruins' 11th game of the season, a home contest with the University of Michigan on Dec. 23, 2006. He played in only 6 games during his freshman season. "Nikola (Dragovic) and his father (Vitomir Dragovic) tried to do everything the right way to keep his amateur status," UCLA head coach Ben Howland said. "They were unaware that anyone on the team had accepted money." Howland called the ruling 'unfortunate', but one they complied with at the time. Howland stated that he had been in contact privately with the player in the last few weeks and came to the decision recently. Dragovic averaged 12 points in 33 minutes per game, and shot 29% from 3 point range. You have got to be kidding. Actually, I am.


Pete Carroll & Southern Cal: They Are Who We Thought They Were

More reflections lack of class from Pete Carroll & Southern Cal: they are who we thought they were

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