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2014 AA Brooklyn Cyclones Meetup

Citizens and degenerates here at AA, I would like to propose a possible meetup at one of the Brooklyn Cyclones games on Sunday August 24 in which they would be playing the Tri-City Valley Cats....


AA Meetup at Brooklyn Cyclones was a Success

Big thanks to Russ, BobbyV_Incognito, VT_Economist. Steve Sypa and Pack Bringley for showing up. Certainly will want to do this again next season and hopefully more members will be able to attend....


Reminder: AA Meetup at a Brooklyn Cyclones Game

If you haven't read the original thread, please do so. This is just a reminder thread for those who are still interested in doing the meet up at the Cyclones game on the 29th this month. I know a...


AA meetup at a Brooklyn Cyclones Game

Fellow AAers while the big club is in a bridge year there is no reason for us to still have fun. I propose an Amazin Avenue get together at a Cyclones game (preferably on a Thursday night because I...


Vote For The Unofficial 2012 AA Meme Of The Year!

Fellow citizens and degenerates of Amazin' Avenue, the year 2012 has finally come and gone. However with each new year comes a new set of Mets-related memes. Today I ask the community to vote on...

Where Would The NHL Be If Bain Capital Had Bought The Whole League In 2005?


Yes it's Deadspin but it's still an interesting take if the league had taken Bain Capital's offer back in 2005 and how the firm would've restructured the league.

Wright refuses to buy into pathetic MSM bait tactics


Wright’s not stupid and he’s been very careful during his time with the Mets in not criticizing anyone openly. He’s not controversial and the media isn’t going to get anything of use from him of the "pay me or trade me" variety. Therefore what he doesn’t say gets magnified and extrapolated into reading between nonexistent lines.

If you don't like it leave


Lebowitz' not-so subtle message to Met beat writers and others who enjoy the team's misery.

"Because They Did It" Is Not A Viable Argument


I'm loving how Lebowitz destroys the common "copycat" mentality that is prevalent in the MSM.

A verbal smackdown of Joel Sherman


Money quote "Sherman exemplifies clumsy opportunism from a low-level sleaze who followed orders from management well enough to garner himself a column while using "sources" that may or may not exist, bad writing, and self-aggrandizement to put forth his agenda."

Bosox-Dodgers blockbuster underscores Mets mess


Just general NY Post/Joel Sherman stupidity.


Thoughts On The Mike Francesa Rant

So if you haven't heard Mike Francesa's latest rant you can find it here. First, one has to find it funny how another propagandist for the Yankees is ranting about the Mets latest performance...

Mike Francesa goes on mindless rant after 8/23/12 loss.


Mike Francesa goes on mindless rant after 8/23/12 loss.


2012 Season; a perspective

At the beginging of the season it was pretty safe to say that many of us Mets fans wrote off the team before anything got started. The team's record in spring training didn't really help the...

Took this at the Dodgers game on 7/21. The pink backpack strikes again


Took this at the Dodgers game on 7/21. The pink backpack strikes again

Mets considering acquiring Kelly Shoppach from Boston


Another possible option at catcher but his .234 average when not at Fenway isn't exactly something to cheer about. However he does have a decent OBP (.358)

Huston Street willing to let the past stay in the past


"You're going to have professional differences," he said. "I sometimes think had I been a little older and little more mature, perhaps I would have reacted differently to the decisions that affected me,'' Street said. "I think I'm as much to blame for a lot of it.'' Certainly a good sign if Alderson does pull the trigger for him


Brooklyn Cyclones 7/9 Game Thread

Use this thread to talk about tonights game on SNY

Reggie Jackson: Gary Carter doesn't deserve to be in the Hall of Fame


If Jackson ever bothered to look at the numbers, Carter entrance into Cooperstown is well deserved. I guess such a task is hard for another "classy" Yankee. Keith and Ron come to Carter's defense.

The Knuckleball Mystique: Using PITCHf/x to distinguish perception from reality


Professor Emeritus of Physics at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Alan Nathan explains the science of the knuckleball. Hardly a cheap, clown or junk pitch like Yankees fans have been calling it this past week.

Freddy Galvis gets 50-game PED suspension


PhiLOLdephia's misery continues and I love it!


Amazin' Avenue at Dutchess Stadium?

With the Cyclones season starting up I was wondering if anyone in the Hudson Valley region would like to organize a AA meet when the Cyclones play the Hudson Valley Renegades at Dutchess Stadium in...

Endy Chavez placed on DL


This is why I'm glad Alderson didn't listen to the media in regards in trying to get Endy to come back here. Endy of 2012 was not going to be the same Endy of 2006

Buffalo Bisons 6/11/12 Thread


Buffalo Bisons 6/11/12 Thread

Use this thread to talk about tonights game

Report: Even with big playoff success, Coyotes would lose money in Glendale


Sucks that after the excellent playoff run the Coyotes had this season that the possibility of not being able to stay is still on the table.

Our God would like an extension please


"I like it here and I want to be here. I feel like the team is moving in the right direction, and I want to be a part of the solution. Now it’s up to them. If I’m in their plans, [a contract extension] is one way to make it known. … I made the comment before, when I signed my contract, that it was my hope to be the best bargain around. It looks like it’s kind of come true the last couple of years." -R.A. Dickey to the NY Post

Red Sox release John Maine from minor-league deal


Sucks to be looking at the possibly of having your career done at an early age but Maine never had consistency. Sad

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