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Bud Selig to the A’s: figure it out yourselves!


""I’m always hopeful when there are debates amongst clubs, I try to lead teams in a direction of solving their problems themselves," Selig said. "However, this group has an interesting comment whenever they get in trouble: ‘That’s why you’re here, Commissioner.’ That’s what they tell me. I don’t know that that’s a particularly good answer …" Selig once again shows the baseball world that he can't run a league.

Why the Mets May Be for Real


Surprised with the lack of snottiness in a NY media article but nice read none the less.

Ozzie Guillen suspended for five games


LOLzzie Guiellen "The Miami Marlins just announced that Ozzie Guillen has been suspended for five games, effective immediately."

Mets to Honor Gary Carter on opening day (from team mailing list)


Mets to Honor Gary Carter on opening day (from team mailing list)

March 26, 2012 – The New York Mets will honor the memory of Gary Carter on Opening Day, Thursday, April 5 at Citi Field with his family participating in a special pre-game ceremony prior to the season’s opener against the Atlanta Braves at 1:10 p.m. Carter passed away February 16 after a courageous 10-month battle with brain cancer. Gary’s wife, Sandy, son, D.J., and daughters, Kimmy and Christy, and their families will be on the field during a moment of silence for their father and for the ceremonial first pitch. “We are thrilled that the Carters will be with us,” said Mets COO Jeff Wilpon. “On Opening Day, Mets fans will have the chance to pay their respects and remember all of his accomplishments.” Carter was acquired by the Mets from the Montreal Expos for four players in December, 1984. Two years later, he helped direct the team’s young pitching staff to a World Championship. Gary was inducted into the Mets Hall of Fame in 2001 and the National Baseball Hall of Fame in 2003. “Our family is so honored to be part of the Mets’ Opening Day at Citi Field,” said Sandy Carter. “It will be an incredible experience for us to celebrate Gary’s legacy by having our family throw out the first pitch. The Mets and the fans of New York always had a special place in Gary’s heart and that admiration will live on in our hearts for years to come. Thanks to the Wilpon family and the entire Mets organization for making this possible.” Mets players are wearing a patch on their right sleeve featuring a black home plate with “KID 8” in white lettering to honor Carter during the 2012 season.

Now if TC wears this jersey it will be guaranteed championship for the Mets. Screw stats and logic,...


Now if TC wears this jersey it will be guaranteed championship for the Mets. Screw stats and logic, we got the WIN METHOD!

Time to release Pelfrey?


In so doing, they’d recoup three-quarters of his $5.6875 million salary. They lack any great options to replace him, but both Jeremy Hefner and Chris Schwinden have performed well this spring and they might want to look at both before top prospects Matt Harvey and Jeurys Familia start beating down the door.


Alderson's 2012 Plan: Restocking the farm?

As I've said before I believe Sandy Alderson is the right guy to set our beloved Mets on the right path to being respectable again. Unlike some people (cough) Greg Pomes (cough) I realize that with...

Boras Says Mets Need New Ownership


"Boras did not mention the two owners — Fred Wilpon and Saul Katz — by name, but responded: "When they are not providing fans with the highest quality of play, and they take an attitude of ‘we’re going to take on a development role,’ knowing that the TV contracts, the market size and such allow them revenues that far exceed many of the clubs that have to pursue those development policies, that impacts the game."

Nationals Refuse To Sell Tickets To Phillies Fan Group


Good move by the Nats, I would keep those cheesesteak eating scumbags out of my building too.

Mets Promotion Schedule Released


For those of you who like getting trinkets at the game

Nationals launch Take Back the Park Campaign


Can't say it's a bad idea, especially in recent years with our house getting the same treatment from Philidouchia and last year with Giants fans.


Is it time to bring back a team captain?

Is there a reason why the team hasn't had a captain since John Franco? Some say that Wright is the unofficial captain but it doesn't seem that someone who is as soft spoken as Wright is would be...

Josh Hamilton on the bottle again?


All the article says is that Hamilton was at a bar and did drink. Nothing is noted as far as pictures or any acts that happened in the bar other than him drinking. If Hamilton is going to back to his old habits it's sad because the man went through a huge struggle which nearly cost him his MLB career to fight his addiction to only go down that path again.

Alderson open to bringing Chris Young back


I have no problem with this, it's not like it's a huge risk and Young knows he can't command big money at this point in his career.

Terrell Owens In GQ: I'm In Hell


Another thing to lessen the pain of us Jet fans.

Mets not slated for ESPN Sunday Night Baseball in 2012


I say good, no reason to watch that godawful network next summer. I rather be listening to Gary, Keith, Ron and Ralph than those fools.

MSG might be dropped by Time Warner


Having a retail schedule means I miss alot of games but this still sucks for alot of Time Warner customers. Whats a Time Warner Devil fan to do if this goes through.

Irish Hammer talks Jets and Mets


So why do we want to trade this guy again?


Ok this is what I think

I've been going back and fourth about what I wanted to write on this gut punching moment in our team's history so here goes. There is no doubt that Reyes was loved by many of the blue and orange...

Pelfrey in the Pen?


It has to be an idea worth exploring, his mental lapses cost the team so many games.

Haynesworth goes to the Bucs


Correct me if I'm wrong but he still has a few teams to go until he reaches T.O. status. Seriously why do teams continue to take a chance on this guy?


Frank McCourt goes while Fred Wilpon stays is another failure in the Bud Selig Error

Note: I also posted this on Baseball Nation   Dodgers fans can breath a little easier into the beginning of the off season with knowing that their team will be getting a fresh face to run it ...


Frank McCourt goes while Fred Wilpon stays is another failure in the Bud Selig Error

Dodgers fans can breath a little easier into the beginning of the off season with knowing that their team will be getting a fresh face to run it hopefully in the near future. No serious baseball...

Alderson: Bullpen is priority


Considering how many times a game was lost due to the LOLpen I welcome this thinking from The Alderson.

Jeff Wilpon: Sale not fans' business


Another reason why majority of us fans hate the Wilpons.

Paul Maholm a possible option?


His record seems to be the same result of Dickey's record and that is lack of run support. He possibly could be a option if Chris Young does not come back or just to get more starting pitching in general.

Ozzie Guillen to the Marlins?


I've tried to look up evidence of the White Sox getting rid of Ozzie but have had no luck. I honestly wanted Ozzie to manage the team when the manager search began since there was rumors at the time that Ozzie was getting the boot. It's bad enough that next season the Braves and Phillies will be getting better and a strong young Nationals team but now a Marlins team with Guillen at the helm does not bode well for the Mets. I do hope that I am wrong.

The 12 major league teams running out of fans


Even with the team struggles both on the field and in the bank we in Mets nation can be thankful the team is not on this list.

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