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First gen AZ native, was around before the Cards showed up. Fam was from Texas, have loved the 'Boys all my life except for about 10 minutes after the '08 season. At the moment I have a wait-and-see attitude, we have so many moving parts. Concerned Jerry will not allow Coach to work through growing pains if they continue in a bad way this year. Very interested to find out how the 2010s play out, I believe we have the makings of a very good squad going into 2013.
Nationally certified L.M.T., Master Bodyworker.
Nature freak, Love my fam and friends. Right to bear arms. Food and rock and roll, also...

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  • MLB Arizona Diamondbacks
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  • Winter Olympics U.S.A!
User Blog

CBA agreed to


ESPN stats dudes come up with new QB rating system


Takes a lot more into account than the old system. And Romo is only above average, as opposed to well above average or Top-Tier...

Burress to Jets


Week 1 is tougher and tougher.

Lett to assist D-line in training camp


This is awesome in my opinion. A top DT giving some knowledge on gaps and aggression! No coverage in video, only the story.


Cowboys' Art Of War

Many of us are familiar with a book written in Ancient China entitled "The Art Of War". It was written by a man named Sun Tzu and in its current rendition is supplemented by entries of several of...

Steven Jackson top 100


Not Cowboys related, but great football stuff. I guess it is Cowboys related because we could have... ... ... .

Further proof Witten is the man.


Witten is the only TE to make PFF's top five TEs for receiving and blocking over last three years.

Legitimate look at Barry Vs. Emmitt


One of our front page writers put up an in-depth look at the two carers. We at Blogging the Boys would welcome you all to come over and drop some intelligent comments. Look forward to playing you guys again this year, you continue to develop nicely. You need to join our blog for smack talk later, anyways, so you might as well join now and add some good perspective to this debate.


The Depth Question

On 5Bling’s Leaving The Worst Behind Them fan post, our roster and depth came up again. After this last week, when I watched a flurry of great posts come out about things that I had outlined for my...


The Power Of A Mentor

As our young talents drift through a much more quantified lockout purgatory than we, the value of mentoring should be in our forethought. Often, a stranger who cares turns out to be the most...


fan post question

Are BTB and Internet explorer 9 not playing nice together? I can't make a fanpost....

BSPN copies and pastes O.C.C.'s work again...


Cap possibilities. Numbers may not be exactly the same, but ideas certainly are. Tell me again what these guys get paid for?

Great Randy White story


From '77 America's Game. @ 3:47 they start talking about White. Funny as hell what Henderson says about goin home, gettin something comin back and putting it on his big ass.


Forward Thinking Vol II

By this time next week there will be a CBA and the lockout may be lifted. Just my honest opinion, but there is evidence to support it. I read here that even if a CBA is agreed upon, the legal...

Goodell, Smith, players and owners involved in more talks.


This feels like real progress to me. Apparently all parties cleared thier Friday schedules in case talks extended...


Cadence to Arms

If there is football next year, I plan on posting weekly fanshots/posts on our opponents' SB sites, detailing why we are going to win or lose and why we should all be excited for the game. I'm...

Chapas in lockout limbo


ESPN has been running profiles on what players are doing during down time. This is the segment on our own Shaun Chapas.

Maurice Smith secret meeting with owners.


From Cat Scratch Reader (Hate the song, name and the Texans,) There was a secret meeting between NFLPA head and 5 most prolific owners.

Bennett foreshadows a trade?


Our TE Bennett had a charity event, cool. However, last 20 secs could be very telling... Mwah hah hah hah I start rumors! Unless this is old news, then I'm an idiota!

JimmyK launches BloggingTheBeast!


JimmyK recently set up a blog to discuss all thing NFCEast, oh yeah!

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