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I live in Nebraska but have made the choice to proudly bleed Blue!! Thats the joy of not having a professional team in your state to cheer for!! Not sure its good to admit, I grew up a Blackhawks fan, but within the past few years have finally seen the light and repented for my mistakes. I love Backes, Petro & Sobotka. I hate Detroit. We try to make at least 1 trip to St. Louis to catch a Blues game each year. I play co-ed rec hockey in Omaha on the weekends. I play defense while my hubby plays in goal. I won't back down, so don't piss me off by hacking & whacking at him after the whistle. Thats right, I'm a GIRL and I PLAY hockey!!


A Fan Of...

  • NHL St. Louis Blues
  • NCAAF Illinois Fighting Illini
  • MLB St. Louis Cardinals
  • NASCAR Denny Hamlin
  • General The Fighting Kumquats
User Blog

Vodka is Back (Officially!)


Many thanks to my FB link of showing me the good Blues news from today. Looks like he'll be around for 3 word on that link about the price tag.

Cola Close up w/ Video from Wed 12.15.10 Vs Detroit


Cola...or should I say, Cola's face made its very own headline on dear ol' Puck Daddy. For those of you wanting replay, screen captures, .gifs etc, Enjoy!!

a MUST watch - "All I want for Christmas" hockey style!


Found it via Puck Daddy....sorry if I ruined the fun for the links tomorrow...but dear god, its too funny NOT to share!!! ROFLMAO!!

And here it is my SLGT family!! The result of your voting and my awesome weekend & Blues game. I...


And here it is my SLGT family!! The result of your voting and my awesome weekend & Blues game. I present to you, my 100% authentic SIGNED #27 Alex Pietrangelo sweater. Mmmm mmm mmm mmm mmm


Need ya'lls Help/Advice RE:Jersey

Okie dokie...most of ya'll know by now that I will be at the game on Saturday (the 27th vs Dallas). We're doing the "Meet the Blues" again...and our Blues to meet are: Petro, Vodka & Bergs. I have...


Yearly Blues Game!!

Alrighty!! Offiically as of about 2:30 this afternoon I am proud to confirm that we have tickets!!! We waited a little longer than normal to buy them but it worked out just fine!! I can't wait...SO...


Finally...SOMETHING hockey related...kinda, sorta...maybe?

So...while we're here in the doledrums of the off-season, those of us that are big nerds, kids at heart, college students, kids, etc can at least have SOMETHING fun to do hockey related. If you are...

Chaser to be on Battle of the Blades


Bwah hahaha!! Too bad its all in Canada so more than likely won't be broadcast down in the US. Probert & Domi were both on here too. Funny shit!!

Blues Signed D'Agostini


Not sure on this one...plenty others with better potential/performance... but hey, at least we're doing something!

Blues/Blackhawks Trade


Just ran across this a few minutes ago. YAY we're free from Toivonen again!!


Cam Smash and other Pics

Alrighty...I FINALLY decided to look at the pics that I took on Jan 2nd at the game, and these are some of the best of what I got. I have yet to figure out my camera. It usually takes awesome...


Planning our Roadtrip to the Jan 2nd Game

Ok guys and girls, the date is swiftly approaching for our trip to St. Louis to see the Blues play live on Jan 2nd. The opponent? Chicago. As of right now, basing my opinion on previous tv...

Mike Fisher & Carrie Underwood are Engaged


So its not Blues news...but its hockey news. I guess they confirmed it today, Mike Fisher from the Sens & country cutie Carrie Underwood are engaged! Cool beaners!



Its Official! We got tickets just this afternoon for the January 2nd game vs Chicago!! That’s right boys & girls, Nebraska is coming to St. Louis for our yearly game! And this year we’re doing it...


Blues Change Game Time

In case anyone has tickets or was thinking about going...this wasn't very big info but its relatively important. As was posted on the Blues website today:

Perron = NHL's 3rd Star of Saturday night


The goal was unfreaking believable! If you haven't seen it, WHY NOT!?!??! Awesome to be tagged as a 3rd star. WTG Frenchie!


Ott at least got something...

We all knew...or was coming.Looks like we got what we thought was deserved. According to the article I found here Ott has been suspended for 2 games as a result of the hit on Cola. Now I...

I told you guys that he's a Blues fan! He cheers (barks & chases his tail) wiith every...


I told you guys that he's a Blues fan! He cheers (barks & chases his tail) wiith every goal... And now, he has his own jersey. Yes, he cheers for Walt

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