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Pre-Preseason Build Up General Chatter Thread

It all starts tomorrow! Well, the preseason at least. I don't know if I've ever been this excited for a meaningless game before. It seems like an age since we last saw our beloved Wolves in action,...

Wolves have a new mindset


This article got me incredibly excited. The Wolves have a level of confidence that I've never seen. Less than a month everyone!

Celtics sign Darko Milicic


The Celtics seem to have a fondness for our centre castoffs.

Bayno expects breakout year for Pek!


Pek, Pek and more Pek! How lovable is this guy? Can't wait for next season!

Brandon Roy is Back!


So, Brandon Roy is making a comeback next season. Does anyone else think that David Kahn should be making some phone calls to Roy's agent saying things like "If you're open, Rubio will find you" and "How about playing with the best power forward in the league?" For the right price he could be our solution at shooting guard. Of course, there's the knee, so is it worth the risk?


Poll - Does the NBA have a problem with officiating?

Hello, good people. Last night's Celtics Heat game was an absolute thriller that had everyone on the edge of their seats. However, all anyone can talk about is the officiating. I want to know what...

This is why I hate the Lakers


Typical Lakers point of view: "We're the best, we were the best, we're always the best" No Metta, no.

Article on the end of season press conference with Kahn and Adelman


Well, a reasonable start to the offseason. For once Kahn is saying the right things (he still looks utterly awkward though). Let's hope he backs up the bold statements with equally bold actions; at least we know Adelman won't let him off the hook.


Around the League: Los Angeles Clippers

Eric in Madison came up with the fantastic idea to do an around the league featurette on Canis Hoopus, giving posters here the opportunity to do write-ups on other teams toils in the NBA. Before we...

Nice little video of Derrick Williams reflecting on his rookie season. I hope we keep him for next...


Nice little video of Derrick Williams reflecting on his rookie season. I hope we keep him for next year's full established season (with normal practices and an adequate offseason), allowing him a fair go at working his game and showing us what he's really got.


Canis Hoopus Talent Sharing Challenge

Let's not capitulate and debate on a bad wolves loss but instead share our veritable merits with one another. I'm talking about hobbies, skills etc, whatever you're good at, share it with your...


Unofficial Game Thread- Wolves vs Sacramento/ Kansas vs Kentucky

Couldn't see a thread on the main page so decided to be proactive. Let's watch some basketball, then talk about it, then watch some more. Don't withhold your true feelings, let it all out!...

Glory Days


Look what I found fellas! Can't help but think this'll be the wolves in a few years time!

Let the Wolves bashing continue


I dunno about you guys, but I am sick to death of these so called "analysts" making judgments and stupid statements on the Timberwolves when it is quite clear they haven't seen a single MN game this season. Watch if you wanna get incensed.


CP2 from 3... Report Card 05/03/2012

If you have watched any basketball movie in human history you will know that strangely, somehow, that ultra important game is won or lost at the free throw line. Hoosiers, Hoop Dreams, Semi-Pro... ...


Bob's Game Preview - Game Treinta y Nueve Against Los Angeles Clippers

Howdy folks, I'll be hitting you good people with the game preview today, as a favour to Tim and a prequel to my game recap. You guys should be amped. "It was him sir, him and beasley were...

Another ESPN analyst gone silly


Check out Brett Koremenos' answer to a deal the celtics should make. Honestly, why would the wolves even stop to think about that trade? I really don't understand some people.


Not another Spaniard... hold up... wot?

I've seen a few introductory greeting posts lately popping up on canis, and I thought, after spending a few weeks lurking on game threads, typing in the odd comment, and joining in the general...

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