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French-American double-national.

Long-time player, until stopped by an arrhythmia at age 58.

Not really a big fan of NBA basketball -- I prefer five-on-five Euroleague to one-on-one NBA.

I am a big fan of Boris Diaw, though. He's an artist. Fantastic skills... which he actually uses once in a while. I love to watch him play... but I sure as hell wouldn't want to coach him! He'd drive me crazy within a week.

A Fan Of...

  • NBA San Antonio Spurs
  • Cycling Jeannie Longo
  • General BCM Gravelines (French league)
User Blog

Tony Parker, quenelle update

A week ago, our Great Leader, JR Wilco posted an excellent article, which also got some very good Comments; about a brouhaha in France involving Tony Parker and an anti-Semite "comedian" named...

France to Play USA for the Gold


France used tight defense right from the opening tip-off to steadily (aside from a modest 2nd quarter Russian run) build a lead that got as high as 22, before clock-killing let the Russians...

France-Nigeria 79-73

France started this totally insignificant game seriously... However the score might evolve, Nigeria never had a chance. Boris scored, passed and rebounded. 23-10 at the quarter. Team France's...

French Women Undefeated: France-Russia 65-54

Les Bleues finish 5-0 and first in their group, with an impressive, dominant victory over hitherto undefeated Russia. Team France's attack started slowly, but the defense was intense right...

Parker/Diaw/Batum do the job: Tunisia - France: 69-73

Coach Vincent Collet's after-game remarks were right on: "We can't expect the guys to be 'up' for every game -- there will be times when they're less engaged than we'd like. But the starting...

Tony Parker's Strong Performance Leads France past Lithuania

Tony Parker and Boris Diaw pace the French National team in their Olympic group match against Lithuania

France - Australia : 74-70

The French women started like their male counterparts, the previous day against Team USA. Nervous. Unable to hit a shot. Five minutes into the game, they were down by 10. But the ladies are...

France Defeats Brazil, 73-58

Ha! I'll bet you didn't even know they were playing. Well... You're forgiven, since this was over in the women's tournament. It was an important game, since both teams have ambitions. Both...

Les Bleus at the Olympics

Not all National Basketball Teams are equal before the Olympics. Americans have never known Olympic Games without Team USA.There is never any question about the team being there... only about...

France Beats Brazil... and China... the Same Day

There aren't many countries that are candidates for both basketball podiums. USA, of course. But then... The Spanish, Argentine and Lithuanian women's teams aren't even going to London. None of...

France - Spain, 70-75

Nico Batum wants to play. He wants it so badly that he played the first five minutes of this game... despite still having no insurance. Batum has a fifty million dollar contract on the line... and...

TP is back!

Team France has a tight schedule of preparation games these days: Belgium on Thursday, Belarus on Friday, and Spain tomorrow (Sunday). Meanwhile, the roster is shrinking.On Thursday, my wife Hélène...

Spain Crushes France in the Paint

Tony Parker started the game, but wasn't in rhythm. He quickly returned to the bench and stayed there. Nico Batum still hasn't signed anywhere, although Minnesota has put a big bundle on the table....

De Colo Signs for Two Years


French regional newspaper La Voix du Nord reports that Nando de Colo has signed with the Spurs for two years and 2.8 million dollars. (De Colo is from the North of France.) According to the article,...

Spurs Sign Boris Diaw, 2 years 9 million

A French sports TV network is reporting that Boris has signed with the Spurs for two years and 9 million dollars. Update: It is confirmed by Spurs Nation that Boris Diaw has signed with the Spurs. F...

Boris "au centre"?

According to French sports daily L'Equipe, Coach Vincent Collet is worried about his team's lack of height, since Joakim Noah was declared inapt. He noted that the team's best post-up player is B...

Tough Group!

Russia and Lithuania with USA and France The Olympic Qualifying Tournament in Caracas has sent through two more teams for London: Russia and Lithuania, both of whom will be in the group that...

France - GB Recap

Surprise! Tony started, pushing Nando over to the 2 position, where he knocked down a three on the first possession. Otherwise, no surprises among the starters. A rusty Tony left the game after...

France Ready for Great Britain

A French perspective of Tony Parker's national team.


Boris Diaw Knows 'The Secret'

It takes someone who's been following Boris Diaw since his days as a precocious teen to sum up what it means for him to land under the tutelage of one Gregg Popovich.



I see that the Blazers won't be putting Nico Batum in their starting five. Instead, they'll start Luke Babbitt. ... ... Luke WHO?? The Blazers have been screwing with Nico all season: starting him,...

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