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Colorado hockey fan for longer than some of you young whipper snappers have been alive. From the old Denver Spurs of the Western Hockey League, to the original Colorado Rockies, and now the Avs.

And I hate the Wings. Have I mentioned that?

A Fan Of...

  • NFL Denver Broncos
  • NCAAF Colorado St. Rams
  • NHL Colorado Avalanche
  • NBA Denver Nuggets
  • General Whoever is playing the Wings, whoever is playing the Wild, a meteor at a Wing-Wild game
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AD Goes Off


I guess he was watching the same game that Dan and I were watching last night, not the one Jibble saw. Pretty strong indictment. Sometimes I think he gets too down on them. This time I think he is spot on.


Have I got a poll for you!

The Avs are 2-5-1 in their last 8, are 1-5 at home and have scored a whopping 7 goals in 6 games at the Can.  Fire Sacco rumblings are starting, some people are questioning the team's work ethic at...


Opening Night Times

Not sure if this has been posted yet, but the Foppa retirement ceremony will be pretty early Saturday.  Here are applicable times released by the Avs: 4:30pm - Arena doors open5:45pm - Forsberg...


Suck for Luck Sweepstakes - Week 4

I am one of about a billion football fans who does believe that Andrew Luck is the real deal, a sure fire franchise QB, and possibly the best pro prospect to come out of college since Peyton...

I have been plagued by this on SB Nation for the better part of the past two weeks. Seems to...


I have been plagued by this on SB Nation for the better part of the past two weeks. Seems to rotate from site to site. My guess is one or more of the bajillion random ads on the site is causing it. But is has been a major PITA.

AC must still live in Denver in the off season. I saw him cruising around Golden at the monthly...


AC must still live in Denver in the off season. I saw him cruising around Golden at the monthly Super Cruze this past Saturday in his blinged out bright green hummer. He had the bass of his stereo up so loud that you could feel it from blocks away. Just thought I'd share.


Great Deal on Av Tickets - One Spot Left!

MHH friends, I bit on the Avaholic offer the Avs have for season ticket holders, and am now the proud owner of two pairs of tickets to every home game this season!  Five contributors and/or readers...

A long overdue congrats to AVS2001 for winning the MHH playoff challenge on NHL.com. DDC and Joe...


A long overdue congrats to AVS2001 for winning the MHH playoff challenge on NHL.com. DDC and Joe will be sending fabulous prizes your way as soon as you provide them with your contact information! Maybe.

Avs still rootworthy


According to some questionable methodology used by The Business Journal in an article linked and discussed by Puck Daddy. We're 9th in "rootworthiness," an inverse of what the original rankings were for. But P Daddy points to our downward trend in this paragraph: Those two odd choices aside, there's no question that the Chicago Blackhawks, Boston Bruins, Tampa Bay Lightning (despite a few years in the weeds), Colorado Avalanche (ditto, although the tide's turning because of mismanagement) and Philadelphia Flyers are easy for the locals to cheer for.


Any MHHers Looking to Share the Pain and the Gain?!!!

As many of you know I am an Av season ticket holder!  I currently have two of the best seats for the money in the house, section 351, row 1 (it is a 1 row section at the very bottom of the upper...


Varlamov Deal Explained

Heard this directly from the friend of someone on twitter who knows someone with a blog who plays rec hockey with someone who has met someone in the Washington Capital front office.  I, of course,...

Good effing grief


Chara has to talk to Montreal police. Bertuzzi should be in jail. Chara? Notsomuch.

Stastny Traded for a Goalie!


Maybe. Or at least according to Kiz in his semi-annual proof of hockey ineptitude, that's what they should do.

Avs to Trade Number 2 Pick!


Maybe. More details to come tomorrow in the Denver Post, per AD's blog.

Kiss our Bryzy Dreams Goodbye?


His negotiation rights have evidently been traded to the Flyers. Astute move by Philly, imo. Good thing we don't need a goalie nor do we have cap room to afford one.


MHH Playoff Challenge Update - Heading into the Final

Congrats to airforcefoo for taking a commanding lead in our playoff challenge with 3 solid rounds.  The MHH leaderboard is below.  Maybe DDC and SB Nation can give the winner a T-Shirt or...

OT: Chicago draftee goes to 8th grade prom


In an age where so many NFL players get negative pub, it is nice to see one young man doing something so incredibly positive.


MHH Playoff Challenge Update

Hey gang.  Our league ended up with 52 members, the 3rd highest among private leagues in the whole contest.  And we have some amazing performers.  Here is the leaderboard: Holy shit, patrit19...


Terry Frei is dead to me

In his Denver Post NHL column this morning, Frei joins B-Rey in taking a swipe at Lappy's nomination for the Masterson award.  But he doesn't just stop there: To give you an idea of the kind of...


Join An NHL Playoff Challenge League on NHL.com

I just created a pick set, disguised as "BobInBoulder," and a new league called MileHighHockey on NHL.com.  Hopefully that link will take you there.  I did have to register on their site but it was...


Free Lower Bowl Tickets for Tonight's game

All, In a quick and dirty fan appreciation move, the Avs sent me 4 free lower bowl tickets to tonight's game, all of which I can't use.  Section 126 (between the blue line and center line), row...


Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor?

No, of course it wasn't.  Because that never happened.  But where were we?  Oh yes, this Avalanche season is over.  And the Avs will almost undoubtedly finish with the 2nd worst record in the NHL,...


Die Hardest: Avalanche 2011-2012 Season Ticket Base

I just got off of the phone with an Avalanche season ticket representative.  Very nice woman, by the way.  I called to verify that the Avs had received my renewal form, faxed on February 28th,...

Spears' rehash of Melo Drama


One of the better and more comprehensive pieces I've read that seems to have more inside info. Some things I took out of it: 1. Melo wanted out from August on. 2. The Nuggets played the whole thing perfectly. 3. Enos still is in charge ... which I thought was illegal?

20 Years Ago Today in Franchise History


Puck Daddy takes a look at a legendary performance that is sure to tug on your nuts.

Scumbag actually pays price


Matt Cooke given the rest of the season (10 games) plus the first round of the playoffs for his latest cheap shot.

Knick Fan Wonders About Melo Deal


From yahoo sports. Knick fan marvelling at how well the Nugs are doing sans Melo.


Why I Hate the Adjectives

Everyone knows how much I hate the winged wheel.  More than fresh dog bertuzzi on my shoes on a sweltering summer day, only discovered when I smear it all over the floor mats of my truck.  But a...


Poll: Who Screwed Our Nuggets?

The latest media ramblings indicate that it indeed will be NY Knicks or bust for Melo, and that all other sign and trade options are off of the table (if they ever even existed).  So now the Nugs...


Winter Classic in Denver - Consider the Weather and Suck It Detroit

For anyone who watched the game this year, with the puck traveling across rain-soaked, horrible ice, one could only wish that the game would have been somewhere cool and dry.  So I got to thinking,...

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