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Colorado hockey fan for longer than some of you young whipper snappers have been alive. From the old Denver Spurs of the Western Hockey League, to the original Colorado Rockies, and now the Avs.

And I hate the Wings. Have I mentioned that?

A Fan Of...

  • NFL Denver Broncos
  • NCAAF Colorado St. Rams
  • NHL Colorado Avalanche
  • NBA Denver Nuggets
  • General Whoever is playing the Wings, whoever is playing the Wild, a meteor at a Wing-Wild game
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Now A-Woj Hating on the Nets


Last I looked, he was hating on Kroenke, the Nugs and the NBA for the Melo situation. Now he's hating on the Nets and on Melo a bit. Next week: LOL @ the NY Knicks?

We Need this Brad Malone Guy and Suck It Detroit


Av prospect with another big hit, this time fortunately not causing a major injury (he's the same guy that injured Jesse Martin of DU with a fairly clean but brutal hit) but setting off a major scrum.

Bottom Line Mentality Killing the Nuggets?


This yahoo article basically says Melo is being forced to seek greener pastures due to Nugget front office ineptitude, and that the reason the proposed deal with NJ and Detroit was rejected is because Kroenke doesn't want to take on any salary. It's pretty harsh on the Nugs.


Hockey in HD?

Unlike many of you, I have not joined the last decade yet and still have two tube TVs (and get off of my lawn!).  (Nice goal by Mauldin by the way)  So, I think I am about to take the plunge and...

More "The Avs Were Extremely Lucky and Actually Sucked Last Season" from BTN


I'll see if I can summarize. Our Fenwick% was historically bad. We only had 5 players who weren't completely and uttlerly useless (and Hannan and Quincey were two of them?). Liles was statistically particularly horrid. It had been a while since I'd been to that site. Now I remember why.

Iggy on the block?


Rumored deal in the works to the Kings a few days ago. If he is on the block, could the Avs be in the mix? Should they be?

Isn't it Raider week? My contribution, "A Weekend at Al's."


Isn't it Raider week? My contribution, "A Weekend at Al's."

7 D-men tonight


Per AD. Footer is back. It must mean Yip is still out? And Holos left a decent impression on Sacco, I guess? At least opposing forwards don't have to worry about getting their jerseys wrinkled.


Red Zone Cure? The Pistol.

No doubt the Broncos' two biggest weaknesses thus far this season, both vividly on display yesterday, are their inability to run the ball and their offensive failures in the red zone, including...

Stats and Mueller get some fantasy love


No, not that kind. Fantasy hockey. This yahoo dude puts them both in his "Ten players I love more than you do" list. I should have looked at stuff like this before our draft last night. DDC drafted 3 Red Wings. I say we have a mutiny.

It's all about Advertising


Roughly a 1/3 page ad in this morning's Denver Post showcasing the Avs new, and once again incredibly underwhelming, ad campaign. Just in case the ad on the cover page of their website (linked on this fanshot title) goes away, picture the Av logo in the word "PACK." Amazing. What will they think of next?


Embrace the Unipron?

The Avs usually send their season ticket holders a little gift of some sort during the off season.  Mine came yesterday in an unusually large box.  Two gifts that go together.  The first one, a...

Wilson gets a little love


In a FTR article about Western Conference sophs to watch. About Wilson: Ryan Wilson, D, Colorado Avalanche It's easy to get lost in the mix when Matt Duchene, Ryan O'Reilly, T.J. Galiardi and Brandon Yip all share the rookie spotlight with you. Still, Wilson was an important contributor for the surprising Avalanche. He had 21 points in 61 games with the Avs and boasted the best plus/minus on the team at plus-13 while logging more 16 minutes a night. Like Drewiske, Wilson isn't going to fill the score sheet every night, but the influence of veteran defenders Adam Foote and Scott Hannan should rub off on him and make him an important part of the what Colorado does moving forward.


Pic the caption contest

With all of the softballs DDC has been throwing at us lately in the hump day caption contest, I thought it would be fun to throw out a similar softball with a twist (insert some lame softball joke...

Only getting this on SB Nation, and only on my newer machine running IE8 on Windows7. But it...


Only getting this on SB Nation, and only on my newer machine running IE8 on Windows7. But it basically leads to a crash of IE. Annoying. Anyone else seen it? Any SB nation powers that be that can figure out what is happening?

No Kovie, but would this have killed E. Stanley?


Frolov for one year at 3M? Not a bad gamble at all by the Rags. Seems like it would have been a perfect fit for a team needing a goal scoring LWer. And a one-year deal may keep him motivated.


Paying the price to compete for the Cup - Now with a Poll!

So the summer of Kovie has sadly turned into the summer of Meh for our beloved Avalanche.  Or the summer of "building from within."  Or the summer of trying to get up to the salary cap floor while...

Wings to continue youth movement?


Mikey Modano. Good, I can hate him even more as he whines and flops his way around the rink wearing the stupid winged wheel. Not a done deal. The AARP has to approve.


Is Stan Monforting Us?

I'm not a baseball fan.  At all.  However, if I were a fan, being the total homer that I am, I'd be a fan of the Rockies.  As a casual follower of the Rocks over the years, I used to think it was...

Puck Daddy Delivers Some Stastny Hate


To be fair, maybe it is more ignorance than hate, but in his mock draft, Puck Daddy (as Thomas did) predicted the Avs would pick the long and lean center Bjugstad. Fine, and we know that many drafted centers become wingers at the next level. But in his rationale for the move, PD himself said (why can't you put a blockquote in this type of fanshot, btw?): The Avs have a lot in the pipeline defensively now, so I think they go forward here with Bjugstad, an NHL legacy who's a 6-5 center (but a stick at just 188 pounds). He's got some promise, and the Avalanche can use a blue-chipper at the pivot behind Duchene in a few year. (GW)

Avs Trade Little Ball of Meh (aka TJ Hensick)


As tweeted by AD. For an apparent career minor league LWer, Julian Talbot. Never heard of him. Anyone? If he cares, he's an upgrade, imo. So long Fat TJ, Hensuck, Benjamin Button, and Little Ball of Meh. Sad to lose so many nicknames.

Someone on Puck Daddy Says Avs in Running for Kovie


Very favorable view of what Kovie's impact will be on whatever team lands him. Vancouver mentioned too, but they don't have that kind of cap room, do they?


Kovie Kovie Kovie Kovie

In an article in the Post today, AD inexplicably interprets some things said by Greg Sherman as meaning the Avs won't sign any big name free agents this off-season.  I really think that AD is...

Kroenke may sell Avs and Nuggets separate from his other holdings?


Unless he really was just able to turn them over to a family member, this could be disastrous news, imo.

An Interesting Look at our UFAs on FtR


Along with 3 other teams eliminated from the playoffs. What the article had to say about ours copied and pasted here: Darcy Tucker — Tucker's days as a skilled agitator are done for. He had no points in a limited role in the Avs' six-game exit to No. 1 seed San Jose, and had 24 points in the regular season — an improvement over last season, but still not worth $2.3 million. Offseason: Tucker is 35, so a multiyear deal is probably out of the question. Maybe Brian Burke would welcome the one-time Toronto favorite back to the Leafs for $1 to 1.5 million? Marek Svatos — Mile High Hockey named him co-winner of the site's MWP (Most Worthless Player). Need I say more? Offseason: Svatos was, simply put, dreadful all year, but did score once in three playoff games. If MHH has its say, Svatos won't be back. He'll be 28 this offseason and someone will want to take a chance that he can regain his 20-goal form at a decent price, but it won't be last year's $2.35 million. Maybe a contender (Detroit) will take a flier at around $1.25 million, or an also-ran will hope to benefit from his ability at a low price. Europe could come calling with big cash, too. David Koci — Wow! MHH's other MWP winner! How, exactly did Colorado make the playoffs given all their injuries and lackluster play (psst ... it's coaching, leadership and some great performances out of some blossoming young stars)? Koci never appeared in the playoffs and got into just 43 regular season games, registering one goal and 84 penalty minutes. Offseason: Koci's a legitimate heavyweight — though an average fighter — so he could find a home with a team in need of a pugilist. At $575,000 last year, his salary can't get much lower — unless he can only land a two-way deal. Matt Hendricks — The soon-to-be 29-year-old center got his first real shot at the NHL this year, managing 16 points in 56 games, plus played in all six playoff contests against the Sharks (no points). Also in his favor is his use on the penalty kill. Offseason: Hendricks made $500,000 this season, and could land a similar deal to return to the Avs. The big question is if another team has seen enough of him to throw a one-way deal his way. It may be Colorado or bust. Chris Durno — Durno played in just one playoff game (no points) and 41 regular-season games (four goals, four assists). With Koci out of favor, Durno could step in as a fourth-liner who has the size to fight the league's heavyweights while adding a hint of offense. Offseason: Durno, like Hendricks, made $500,000 this year and would likely be thrilled to be back at the same price. With Tucker and Koci likely on the way out, the Avs probably wouldn't mind having him back to take some of the fighting pressure off Chris Stewart. Stephane Yelle — The Avs brought Yelle back from Carolina at the deadline to infuse some playoff experience, leadership and, I'm sure, nostalgia from the good ol' days. He's 35, which isn't too old, and isn't expected to put up any kinds of numbers any more — which he didn't with the Canes or Avs. Offseason: Yelle had to wait a long time this offseason before finally landing in Carolina ($550,000), then was sent through waivers before regaining a spot in the lineup and playing fairly well before heading back to the Avs. Colorado's youth movement probably doesn't have room for Yelle, and his options are limited. If the Avs are a no, it might the end for Yelle in the NHL. Brett Clark — Once again, we look to our friends at MHH. The verdict? Clark was part of the worst defensive pairing — regardless of partner. Ouch. He had 20 points this season, then played just one game in the first round of the playoffs. Offseason: His $3.5 million is coming off the books, and don't expect it to be back in Colorado — or anywhere else at that number. He might get around $2 million a season from a team in need of someone who can play close to 20 minutes a night, including power play and penalty kill experience. Ruslan Salei — MHH already has him pegged for the KHL, and it's east to see why. Salei made $3.275 million in 2009-10. He fought injuries all season, playing just 14 games, and got in just one postseason match. The injuries may be an aberration — he has four 82-game seasons on his resume — but there will certainly be concern around the league since he is already 35. Offseason: Salei won't be in Colorado, and maybe nowhere in the NHL, next season. Even if he lands in the NHL, he'll need to take a huge paycut — perhaps a third of what he made last year or less. Adam Foote — The Avalanche captain made $3.25 million this season, and at 38 (39 this offseason) he battled a variety of injuries in playing 67 games. He still played more than 21 minutes a night in Colorado's six postseason games and more than 19 minutes in the regular season. Offseason: If Foote wants to play another season, Colorado should welcome him with open arms. Not enough has been said about Foote's leadership as a key factor in the Avs' shocking season. Will he make more than $3 million? No way. But if he'll play for $1.75 million, Colorado should snap him up and throw a ticker-tape parade in his honor. Peter Budaj — Budaj never could seize the No. 1 job in Colorado, and Craig Anderson's outstanding season makes Budaj a backup option in Colorado and nothing more. He went 5-5-2 this season with a respectable 2.64 goals against average and .917 save percentage. Coincidentally, the last two stats are mirror images of Anderson's numbers, except Colorado's new No. 1 won 38 games. Budaj played briefly in Game 5 against San Jose, allowing one goal on four shots. Offseason: The Avalanche could decide to stick with Budaj for familiarity's sake, and he likely won't fetch much more than the $1.25 million he made in 2009-10. It seems like the best fit, but the Avs or Budaj could be looking for a change.


5 for Howling Party Crash?

I hope to watch the evil wheel go down tonight in what would be a wonderful birthday present.  If I am able to watch the game live, anyone else up for joining a GDT over there?  Good news, no wait...

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