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Colorado hockey fan for longer than some of you young whipper snappers have been alive. From the old Denver Spurs of the Western Hockey League, to the original Colorado Rockies, and now the Avs.

And I hate the Wings. Have I mentioned that?

A Fan Of...

  • NFL Denver Broncos
  • NCAAF Colorado St. Rams
  • NHL Colorado Avalanche
  • NBA Denver Nuggets
  • General Whoever is playing the Wings, whoever is playing the Wild, a meteor at a Wing-Wild game
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Totally OT: For the banished MHRers amongst us

As some of us know critical thinking is not encouraged over at MHR.  But, as I am still a Bronco fan, I care that some young, overmatched, ego is in the process of destroying a once proud franchise...

Rob Blake Must Die


On-line article written after Blake's cheap shot on Mueller. His douchery unchecked, it has continued.


Avs Expecting Empty Seats Sunday

Although the game may be a sellout, the Avalanche expressed concerns today about having a large number of no-shows on Sunday night for their playoff home opener against the Sharks.  Evidently, a...

Breaking Denver Post News!


Apparently this Kroenke buying the Rams business could impact the Denver professional sports scene in some way!

FU Rob Blake


Mueller out at least for the first two in SJ.


Short Rant

Long-time Denver Rocket and Nugget fan and often times sufferer here.  Was living in Seattle in the 90's and witnessed game 5 against the Sonics in person in 1994.  Had one Sonic fan hit me with...

Cooke not suspended


Unreal. Just unf*ckingreal.

6 years later, some people still don't get it


Reading this garbage made my blood boil anew over the Bertuzzi assault on Moore. Actually, I responded to it in a different post on From the Rink. What a fricken tool.


The NBA - Where The Fix Happens?

As some of you know, I'm a huge sports fan and total homer for our teams here in Denver.  I'm a hockey fan first, football fan second, and basketball fan third.  Baseball bores me to tears.  Still,...


Get on the stick DDC!

So, as most of you have probably figured out by now, I'm pretty much a sports geek.  As such, I frequently listen to sports radio on my commute to and from work.  Well, last night on the way home I...

Ray Whitney!


Has still not been traded according to tsn.

Two LEM games to be televised on NHL Network


These two: Saturday, Feb. 27 Grand Rapids @ Lake Erie 7:00 ET Sunday, Mar. 7 Lake Erie @ Chicago 4:00 ET


Separated at birth

Back in the olden days not too long after Al G. and I invented the internets, the Denver Post used to have a fairly cool forum for posting about the Avs (don't even remember what it was called now,...

Sorta OT tribute to Doug Moe


By me on the SB Nation Av blog. Go over there and learn something about the coolest game on the planet, Andrew.


Going Doug Moe

One of my all-time favorite coaches in any sport was Doug Moe with the run and gun 80's Nuggets.  One thing Doug used to track his team's performance was his own plus/minus stat, road wins versus...

Mark Kiszla: Idiot


The guy doesn't cover hockey and doesn't know hockey. But decides to proclaim that the wheels are falling off anyway. Among his many gems in the linked "piece:" Don't look now, but Colorado fans better prepare to deal with the depression from the biggest collapse by a local team since the hoodie started tightening around the neck of Josh McDaniels as his Broncos gagged down the stretch of the NFL season.


Your 2009 Season MHR Denver Bronco Quiz - Late Season Swoon Edition

Many of us Bronco fans, whether we be koolaiders or doubters (raising my hand), are now left searching for answers as to why yet another promising campaign circled the drain.  6-0 became 8-8.  A...


Do MSMers have feelings too?

So, I tend to be critical of some things when I post to a blog.  A lot of things, actually.  Like everything winged wheel.  Like Tyler Arnason and Tony "Dan loves me" Granato.  And things I...

Smug ahole acknowledges Jib


In what I thought was a report on free agent signing busts, Mr. Ryan "not O'Reilly or even Wilson" Lambert over at Yahoo Puck Daddy then transitioned into a team-by-team breakdown of the season so far (I guess), and had this to say about our beloved Avs: Colorado Avalanche: Jibblescribbits takes a whack at breaking down the Avs' flaws. Whether or not you agree with them, he at least nails this part: "Well, the critics may be insufferably smug now that the Avs have been a very pedestrian 4-5-3 in November, and falling out of 1st place in the Northwest." Yes, yes we are. Very smug. I do find being right all the time rather burdensome.


Briere Cheap Shot on Hannan - A Poll

Let's first catalog the depth of the uncalled infraction: - Well after the puck had left Hannan's stick. - After play was dead due to the goal. - Left his feet. - Deliberate cross check to the...

Mirtle has a parrot on KK


More of the same. Anderson is standing on his head and won't keep it up. The team is too young and lacks talent. Yada yada yada.

Yelle to Wings?


Buried deep in the comments of another riveting blog over at Excluding Zetterberg, some nice fellow going by CaptNorris5 had the following idea: I think one of the issues that we’ve had trouble with has been complacency. The kids need to learn how to skate with the hate. Therefore, I suggest we claime Stephanne Yelle from waivers. For $500k we can have a skater from the other side of the Rivalry. He’ll play only in practice. Todd Bertuzzi and Brad May will use him to run a murder clinic for some of the less-hungry younguns on the team. Sobotka can keep him chained up in the Zamboni tunnel and drag him onto the ice during intermissions. Fans can then pelt him with hockey pucks. First one to make him cough blood gets a signed jersey! Why Yelle, for crise sakes? Wtf did he ever do to anyone wearing the wheel? Now, if we were to post something similar about Draper, Maltby, McAsshole, May, Bertuzzi, Osgood, Holmstrom, Lapointe, etc. etc. etc. ... it would be understandable. But Yelle?


Avs recall Chris Durno

Watching Hensuck Arnason around for around 7 minutes against the wheel the other night, and seeing that they had called up Brian "We'llsee why he is a career minor leaguer at best" Willsie, I...

Excluding Zetterberg: The Elephant in the Room


Actually a fairly decent piece by iwoc3po about the Bertuzzi incident, the bounty hunter once again being his teammate, and nobody in Detroit having the nads to touch the story. But some of the comments are sickening.


The brave new twitter world: Is it worth it?

Fellow Av fans and MHHers, I have a personal dilemma and am looking for some advice.  This post is mostly OT, but I can tie it in with the Avs to a degree.  My cell phone service, via Qwest, is...

SB Nation Nugget Blogger Stiffs the Avs


In article about what a great time it is for Denver sports, the once respected Andrew Feinstein completely ignores the most successful franchise in town over the past 15 years.


Joe Sakic Night MHH Preunion at Old C's

OK, since Mike @ MHH can't do this, and DDC is too jealous to do this, and Joe is too busy learning how to chase ambulances to do this, here is a new thread for the MHHers going to Joe Sakic...


Excluding Zetterberg: They love me!

They really, really, love me!  Even in the hockey doldrums of summer, it seems as if the toothless 19 over at EZ just can't get me out of their collective craniums.  In part of a riveting series by...


So, what do our friends at WCG think of Kyle Orton?

I created a poll over at WCG to get a feel for what they thought of our new starting QB.  A link to the fan post and poll is here.  Please feel free to go over there and take a look.


So, what do you think about Kyle Orton?

All, First, I'm a Bronco fan.  Second, I'm certainly not popping over here to start anything.  I have no quarrels with you folks.  You're not Oakland.  Folks over at MHR, the SB nation Bronco...

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