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Last Dance: Michigan vs Louisville Fan Comment Section

If I see not a lot of people aren't commenting, I'll delete it. No point in wasting space for other fanposts. Now to copy and paste something to meet quota: ATLANTA -- Before...


Forbes top 10 " NBA Most Overpaid 2013"

Forbes have made a shock wave in the basketball community when they announced that Knicks SF/PF Carmelo Anthony is this years most overpaid NBA player along with 2011 MVP Dirk Nowitzki as being...


250+ words about drafting Nerlen Noels...

Considering our team appears doomed for a long time, a lot of Magic fans have considered drafting 6 ft 10 in Kentucky F/C Nerlen Noels to solve our embarrassing defense. The most common idea I've...


Top D-League prospects for Magic

When Hennigan left an open roster spot after immediately waiving Hakim Warrick, a lot of us expected another signing to fill the vacant spot. This has not been the case. I don't want to spend a...

Lakers looking for long-term deal with Bynum


If signed trades involving Bynum cannot happen until Jan.



Perkins,Harden, and Maynor for Howard trade. Seems unlikely.

Nicholson receives strong ranking among drafted players


Nicholson finished at #8, under the category of" NBA-Ready". Kyle O'Quinn finished at #25, under the category of "Chance to be useful".

NBA will have ads on jerseys


Soon the NFL, and the Colts, will follow suit only question is how long.

Rockets sign Asik to offer sheet


Deal is similar to the recently signed Jeremy Lin's contract split into 3 years going at $5M,$5.2M,$14.9M in order to pressure the Bulls into not matching the sheet. If signed by Rockets, the deal will be the same as Jeremy Lin's contract divided into 8.4M per year.

NBA Jerseys will feature ads (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻


This will likely set a domino effect where the 3 other leagues (NFL,MLB, and NHL) soon add ads. Personally, I hate the move but from a business perspective it is a smart move to increase revenue. In my opinion, I hope the owners try to balance this move out by lowering the price of admission... I won't be holding my breath.

As expected Houston-Orlando trade isn't completed.


This will probably be ongoing for days until the Lin/Asik situation is over. New trade would be 1/3 of the 1st round picks: Lamb,White, or Jones w/ the lot protected pick. Only will be able to send 1 overpriced contract to the Rockets.

DJ Augustin is a UFA PG now


He's a young PG who could fit well for the rebuilding Magic


Summer League Game Thread #2: Magic vs Pistons

Fill there to discuss the next words are 3 similar repetitive comments I've heard throughout this week. Brook Lopez sucks so much. If Hennigan trades for a max contract in Lopez, I'm done being a M...


Short Recap of Magic's 1st win.

Despite a early lead from the Orlando Magic, the Nets were able to slowly fight back a huge deficit (22 points) to tie the game in the 4th quarter. The Magic were able to win the game down the...

Proposed Trade


According to Adrian Wojnarowski as currently structured the Nets would get Howard,Richardson, and Clark. The Magic would receive Lopez,Damion James, Shelden Williams, and picks. Humphries, Sundiata Gaines, picks, and cash to the Cavs. Marshoon Brooks, of the Nets, would go to a 4th team for a pick.

Houston trades Lowry for F Forbes and protected pick


This also means the Houston are less likely to pursue Magic's big man, Dwight Howard.

Nash goes to Lakers


Kobe recruited him forming the big 4 (Nash,Kobe,Gasol, and Bynum).

Rockets looking for Evans and #5 from Kings


Rockets want to ship Lowry and picks, #14 and #16 for Evans and the #5 draft pick


2012 NBA Draft Prospect Profile: Furkan Aldemir

Soon the Orlando Magic will select a new GM, the newly hired GM should immediately have his focus on the 2012 NBA Draft. Evan Dunlap and Mike from Illinois have broken down several potential first...


2012 NBA Draft Prospect Profile: Scott Machado

Soon the Orlando Magic will select a new GM, the newly hired GM should immediately have his focus on the 2012 NBA Draft. Evan Dunlap has broken down several potential first round draft prospects...


Notably prospects that may fall to the 5th round

While majority of this prospects will be snatched up, I assume that a 1 or 2 would fall with teams reaching so furiously in the 2012 draft. Robert Turbin | 5'9, 215 pounds | Running back | Utah...

One of the "few" mock drafts before the NFL Draft begins

Minutes before the draft and here's how I think it goes down if there isn't any trade. Round 1: The Usual 1. Indianapolis Colts: QB Andrew Luck from Stanford 2. Washingon Redskins: QB Robert...


April Sadness Mock 3.0!

Round 1: QB Andrew Luck from Stanford He's the consensus #1 pick for good reasons.


April Mock Sadness 1.0

I'm a Colts fan who happen to live in Florida meaning on the days where I couldn't find a stream or the Colts weren't being nationally broad-casted, I watched a ton of Dolphins game which clearly...

1st Round Mock Draft w/o trade

First mock but I've tried.

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