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The Neinas Report


Chuck Neinas, the interim commissioner of the Big 12, did 20 minutes on a Kansas City radio station on Tuesday afternoon and said not much and quite a bit, covering expansion, realignment, the...

Tap the brakes, says Mark Cuban


Sometimes people get so involved from the inside of things that they don't recognize the impact of what they're trying to do, or actually doing. I think it's getting to that point with conference...

Daniels to.... UConn


And, it's over. The long, twisting recruitment of DeAndre Daniels has ended with the 6-7 wing committing to national champ Connecticut. Adam Zagoria posted last week that the Huskies had "reached...

One for the Ducks


Rick Barnes and the Longhorns lost out in their bid for a one-year plug-in at power forward. Olu Ashaolu, a 6-7 All-WAC defensive player who has graduated from Louisiana Tech and has one more...

First piece of the basketball schedule


For the first time in years, I know nothing at all about the n-c schedule. The Arkansas contract is done, the UConn deal is on hiatus for two years, and I don't know which preseason tournament...

Rodney Terry to Fresno State


Rodney Terry is the new coach at Fresno State. The name of his replacement will tell us volumes about how Rick Barnes views the future of Texas basketball, regardless of how he looks at it. Will he...

'That's what you're going with?'


Disturbing. Appalling. Unsettling. That pretty much sums up my decision to re-watch Sunday's game. Trips put a nice bow on it, except for the part about making me look at how open Gary Johnson...

Jim Boeheim has been kidnapped


That's the only conclusion left to draw, based on the Syracuse coach's vote in this week's coaches poll. (I know, rankings are irrelevant, especially now. But hang with me.) If you go here, you...

Texas vs. Kansas open thread


If we can stop Darnell Valentine, we have a chance.

Texas AM vs. Texas open thread


If we can stop Dave Goff, we have a chance.

Oklahoma vs. Texas open thread


If we can stop Ernie Abercrombie, we have a chance.

Baylor? Oklahoma? Does it matter?


Probably not, especially if Perry Jones does not play for Baylor, as rumored. But we're getting ahead of ourselves. The Longhorns gutted one out Saturday night in Waco, coming from nine down in the...

The Barnes way, and the Wright way


If there were one coach that Jay Wright might be calling for advice today, it’s Rick Barnes. Really? Well, we all remember last year’s Texas free fall. Number one in the nation, and all that, and...

Aloha, No. 1 seed?


If you have a copy of the first half of Texas's 69-49 win at A&M on January 31, burn that sucker. Save it. Savor it. Review it frequently during the long, hot summer. It's likely the best half of...

Welcome to the jumble


All you need to know about the kind of month it has been in Big 12 basketball is to understand that Oklahoma, which lost its first three league games, now is tied for third place a little more than...

FTC: Why Duke-St. John's should matter to Texas


Quick Hoops Notes FTC: Boy, I hope Rick Barnes has a few minutes to show his team what happened at MSG today. He doesn’t have to show them the whole game, or even more than the last five minutes...

Hoops tonight: Texas at Oklahoma State


Nice preview of tonight's Texas-Oklahoma State game in Stillwater by Dave Behr of 247 Sports. Behr classifies this as a trap game for Texas, and he's probably right. The Longhorns are in the third...

Building Blocks


Big 12 notes FTC Some more to take out of the Texas win over Kansas: First of all, nobody saw that comeback coming. Not at KU, where Texas never had won, and KU had won 69 straight. Texas happened...

Quick Big 12 Hoops Notes


Quick B12 hoops notes FTC (from the couch): The most important game for Texas this week is the one tomorrow against A&M, not the one on Saturday at Kansas. First, it’s a rule of thumb that you need...

UConn: Not all that bad


Every morning that the stock market trades, CNBC hits us with the concept of "fair value." A company purports to determine for the network at what numbers the markets should have closed the...

Pre-conference ramble


I'm doubtful that anyone is looking forward to the conference season in college basketball more than I. I keep seeing things that confuse me. (I know, I know, easily confused, so what?) But the...

Cynics can unite behind NCAA's 96


BC again tests the depth of the lowest common denominator by letting me post. I should say up front that I’m ambivalent on the expansion of the NCAA tournament. I know it’s a money grab, or at...

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