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40+ year old high school Physics teacher who has grown up with the Sox since the early 80's. As a child my dad took me to Sox games in Winter Haven, FL during spring training. I met one very influential player who took the time to talk to me and who is primarily responsible for my indoctrination into the Nation........Thanks BZ

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  • MLB Boston Red Sox
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  • NHL Washington Capitals
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BZ's Pick 5: Update

The BZ Pick 5 is in full swing with the Sox doing nothing as we all watch our picks go elsewhere! Past Winners: 2011-2012 Offseason: aubatron2011 (2 of 5) 2010-2011 Offseason: mg050369 (2 of 5)...


25 Years of Red Sox: CF

Continuing our march across the outfield we get to the CFers for the Sox. 25 Years of Red Sox: CF YEAR NAME G wOBA wRC+ DEF WAR CWAR 1988 Ellis Burks 142 0.377 134 2.8 5.2 1...


25 Years of Red Sox: LF

Now we come to the outfield and we start with the gentlemen who played in front of the monster. No-one will ever likely play it better than Yaz, and as you can see from this list, many over the...


25 Years of Red Sox: SS

Moving along the diamond we come to the men of the gloves. The Sox did quite well for themselves in the 90s/early 2000's until they traded away Nomar......then along with a World Series we received...


BZ's Pick 5 (It's Back!)

It's Baack! I'm bringing back the BZ Pick 5 Free Agent pool after a one year hiatus. Picks are now closed. Past Winners: 2011-2012 Offseason: aubatron2011 (2 of 5) 2010-2011 Offseason: mg050369...


25 Years of Red Sox: 3B

Continuing our series of positional seasons by Red Sox players from 1988-2013, we now turn to the hot corner. 25 Years of Red Sox: 3B YEAR NAME G wOBA wRC+ DEF WAR CWAR 1988 Wade...


25 Years of Red Sox: 2B

Continuing our series of 25 years of Red Sox seasons, we move to second-base. Without further adieu.....the data. CWAR = Cumulative WAR 25 Years of Red Sox: 2B YEAR NAME G wOBA wRC+ DEF W...


25 Years of Red Sox: 1B

*Editor's Note: I've added CWAR or "Cumulative WAR" column to the table, included comments on average, above average and star season percentages, and also added more Notes under the Notes section....


25 Years of Red Sox: C

During the World-Series and Off-Season, I will be looking back over the past 25 years (1988-2013) at the seasons put up by Red Sox players at each position. I'll be including starters and back-ups...


OTM Fantasy: Week #6

Believe it or not we are already 5 weeks into the Fantasy season with 16 more regular season match-ups to go in the OTM1-3 Leagues and 14 to go in OTMD (I'm not sure how OTMS is doing their...


OTM Fantasy Week 5: Weekend Edition

Other Thread was 920+ posts and slogging. Time for an updated one Please unrec previous threads and also VOTE on our issues. Let your voice be heard. If you are just coming in each site should...


OTM Fantasy Thread (NEW)

We are well into the 2nd week of the Fantasy Season with the weekend looming as teams figure out "is it really worth it to try and trot out the Brandon Maurers, Joe Blantons, & Blake Beavans of the...


OTM Fantasy Thread (OTM1 and OTM2 DRAFTS TONIGHT!)

Drafts for OTM1 - OTM3 are this weekend starting with OTM3 tonight!. Need six more words here so Here is the ever important league information. League Drafts Dates/Times OTM 1, Saturday March...


OTM Fantasy Thread Niu

Yes, you guessed it - Niu is Icelandic for Nine. Draft Tonight for all Dynasty Players Starting at 8:00pm League Drafts Dates/Times OTM 1, Saturday March 30th 8:00pm Eastern OTM 2, Saturday...


OTM Fantasy Baseball Off-Season Thread Ocho

Here we go again.....but not on our own. Welcome to our number VIII installment of chest-thumping, keeper-arguing, trade-berating awesomeness. March is nigh upon us so let the...


2013 Red Sox Prospects Clearinghouse

Welcome to the 2013 version of the Sox Prospects Top-10 Clearinghouse. The first table has the raw list data. I then took the players and averaged their rankings to come up with a cumulative...


OTM Fantasy Baseball (NEW!)

Ok folks, so we have some new developments this year in the world of OTM Fantasy Baseball. The three keeper leagues that were started last year will soon be starting their first draft with keepers...


OTM Fantasy Baseball - NEW FANPOST!

The other Fanpost was getting a bit bulky and since the playoff/consolation/league structure argument was maxed out level-wise I figured it was a good time to start up a new Post for further...


OTM FFB: Shop Talk

So, figured we'd need a thread to dump on each other as we ply our trade in the off-season as fantasy football enthusiasts. First let's meet the contender Blind Zebras - BobZupcic Not Very Good...


OTM Fantasy: Week 21

Last week of the regular season. OTM1 has a tight playoff race going with 4 teams boasting 13-7 records, one of which will be out of the playoffs at the end of the week. Here are the league links: ...


OTM Fantasy: Week 19

FRESH THREAD!: Ok, so it took my computer 3.5 minutes to load the Week 18 fantasy thread. Talk about bulky. 3 Weeks left in the "regular season" OTM1 has 3 teams pretty much assured of...


OTM Fantasy: Week 16

Week 16 starts today, and features the first week of re-matches as everyone should have played the other teams in the league once. OTM1 Features 8 teams with 9-6 or better records and two hot...


OTM Fantasy: Week 15

Week 15 starts today, back to the regular 10 starts Reminder that the trade deadline is Friday, August 17th at High Noon League Links: OTM #1 (Wakefield): h...


The "Core"?

Due to all of the hubbub surrounding whether or not the Red Sox will be sellers, buyers or holders at the trade deadline I wondered just who do we as the fanbase see as the "core" to this team now...


OTM Fantasy: Week 14

OK so Week 14 of OTM Fantasy coincides with the ML All-Star break which makes for an odd-week (July 9-22). There will be a 14 start limit for Week 14 so plan accordingly. Also remember that the...


OTM Fantasy: Week 13

9 weeks to go in the regular season and getting close to the time where teams will decide if they are in it or looking toward next year. Good luck to everyone (Updated points standings...


OTM Fantasy: Week 11

We are almost half-way through the regular season. Most teams still have a shot at the playoffs. League Links: OTM #1 (Wakefield): http://games.espn.go.com/flb/leagueoffice?leagueId=17748 OTM #2...


OTM Fantasy: Week 9

Just getting this up - more info and point rankings coming later. Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah -BZ League Links: OTM #1 (Wakefield): http://games.espn.go.com/flb/leagueoffice?leagueId=17748 OTM...


OTM Fantasy: Week 8

Memorial Day Everyone! Honor to our country's fallen and enjoy your day off (if you have one). Week 7 brought more excitement in the world of OTM Fantasy Baseball. Some Highlights: - Yours Truly...


OTM Fantasy: Week 7

The OTM Fantasy Extravaganza enters week #7. In OTM1 we have 7 of the 16 teams with 4-2 records, 4 of which are tied at the top of the West Division. League links below OTM #1 (Wakefield): h...

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