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Noted Internet gadfly. My hockey team left me when I was 12 years old, so you'll have to forgive me for being a lawyer, political hack and Giants and Yankees fan.

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  • MLB New York Yankees
  • NFL New York Giants
  • NCAAF Virginia Cavaliers
  • General Leeds United :(
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Six degrees of Nick Saban

Every major college football head coach can be connected to each other by résumé. And, just for fun, let's put Nick Saban at the center.


NFL QBs & their historical brethren

RGIII wants you to know that he's got more in common with Abe Lincoln than just being born on Feb. 12. But he's not the only quarterback who shares a birthday with someone who's historically similar.

How good is your interim coach?

The Broncos and the Texans have both had to install interim coaches this season when their head coaches fell ill. So how does every team's likely interim coach stack up? Robert Wheel investigates.

Too many Tigers

Too many college football teams share the same nicknames. Let's break these up.

The Big 12 GIF preview

One GIF for every power-conference football team. That's the whole story.

The Big Ten GIF preview

One GIF for every power-conference football team. That's the whole story.

The Pac-12 GIF preview

One GIF for every power-conference football team.

The SEC GIF preview

One GIF to preview each power-conference football team. That's the whole story.

The ACC GIF preview

One GIF to preview each power-conference football team. That's the whole story.

What the Paterno lawsuit means

The estate of Joe Paterno laid out a convincing case that he was wronged. The problem is that it's suing the wrong entity. An actual lawyer explains why the Paterno suit may eventually have some...

Taco Tuesdays, Titus Young and bad doctors


This week in Wheel Routes Robert Wheel looks at how the Browns are screwed, Titus Young's mental illness, bad concussion doctors and more.

Dan Snyder knows what's in a name

In the triumphant return of WHEEL ROUTES, Robert Wheel looks at Dan Snyder''s obstinance, Chris Johnson's Memphis strip club party and Ronde Barber's career.

Concussions, tolerance & Chilly

This week in WHEEL ROUTES, Robert Wheel addresses how America will be tested by the first out gay NFL player, NFL concussion stonewalling and more.


NFL players speak up

This week in WHEEL ROUTES Robert Wheel takes a look at NFL players pressing for marriage equality before the Supreme Court, bad agents and the latest rule changes from the competition

Just how powerful is Roger Goodell?


This week in Wheel Routes, Robert Wheel explains why Roger Goodell isn't the most powerful man in sports, addresses the Falcons stadium deal and the surprisingly profitable Panthers and more.

The NFL is ready for a gay player

In this week's edition of Wheel Routes, Robert Wheel addresses gay players in the NFL, the Alex Smith trade, Combine results and more.

Every NFL city is awful


Are you an NFL free agent about to get a big money contract? Sucks to be you. Every NFL city is a hellhole, especially the one that you live in. Let Robert Wheel explain why your NFL city sucks.

The Combine has outlived its usefulness


The Combine is fun because it's been almost a month since the Super Bowl and it looks like football. But Robert Wheel says it has outlived its usefulness to you, the fan. That, the latest on Tim...

Firing Emmert is not enough

The NCAA says that it will implement reforms in the wake of its bungling of the Miami scandal. But an actual lawyer explains why why the enforcement arm (and amateurism) should be scrapped...

Stadiums, nicknames & other offensive things

This week, the Redskins' racist name, why Chip Kelly isn't good for Michael Vick and more.

A-Rod is a true Yankee

So what if Alex Rodriguez is connected to another PED scandal? He's a true Yankee, unlike that shortstop 30 feet to his left.

200 pages of nothing

The Paterno Report mostly serves as a hagiography of the former coach and an opening shot in the civil suits that will soon be filed against his estate.

The ideal NFL studio show


The Super Bowl Blackout exposed just how terrible the CBS studio crew is. Robert Wheel agrees that the studio format should be blown up, and here's how he would fix it.

Neither sinner nor saint

Is Ray Lewis a murderer? No. But he was present when a double murder occurred. Robert Wheel looks at the 13-year-old case to assess Lewis's complicated off-field legacy.

The NCAA's next challenge

Have you heard about Ed O'Bannon's lawsuit against the NCAA? Are you wondering what the hell it's about? An actual lawyer is here to explain everything.


Snappy answers to Super Bowl questions

The people at your Super Bowl party are going to suck. They're not going to know as much about football as you. If you don't feel like taking football ignorance in stride, here are some snappy...

The NCAA's worst deed yet

Hate the NCAA? An actual lawyer is here to explain why its misconduct during its Miami Hurricanes investigation is its most nefarious deed yet.


The truth about the Pro Bowl

Wake up, sheeple. Robert Wheel exposes the truth about the Pro Bowl in this exclusive bombshell.

Past, present & future

Now that the Divisional Round has had some time to breathe, Robert Wheel takes a look at the key takeaways from each game this weekend.


Jay Cutler is at fault for RGIII's knee injury

The conspiracies don't stop there, though.

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