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The Mets should sign Cuban SS/OF Rusney Castillo


Castillo is 27 years old and can play SS and OF pretty well. He has solid speed and scouts say he is a Major League hitter. He seems like he could be serviceable at SS but most scouts prefer him in the outfield. Either way, he could help the Mets. I definitely think the Mets should do everything possible to sign Castillo, and I would be very disappointed if they did not put in a serious bid for him. What do you guys think?

John Sterling needs to retire


The ones for Brian McCann and Dean Anna made me throw up.

Little kid writes a letter to Jesus asking why the Mets suck



R.A. Dickey's life to be made into a movie




Trade Wilmer Flores to the Yankees

The premise of this post is simple. The Mets have no room for Wilmer Flores. David Wright is the franchise cornerstone at third base, Daniel Murphy has second base locked down, the first base job...

Mike Francesa makes a compete fool of himself


Mike Francesa spends 10 minutes opening a Super Bowl gift bag, providing his own unique commentary and many special gems along the way. We learn that he takes great pride in his gorgeous head of hair, and Francesa forgets that he is on a radio show. I encourage you to play this twice: the first time, just listen to it without watching the video, as if you were listening on the radio. It's quite comical to attempt to envision what the hell Francesa is doing. Then go back and watch it the second time to see how silly he looks.

Niese for Owings and Cahill?


Ken Rosenthal is tweeting that the Diamondbacks are seeking an established pitcher in return for Chris Owings or Didi Gregorious. They are apparently willing to include a guy like Randall Delgado or Trevor Cahill to sweeten the pot. Should the Mets trade Jon Niese for Trevor Cahill and Chris Owings?


Can the Mets trade for Chris Davis?

The premise of this post is simple: the Mets have no clear cut solution to first base for 2014, and they need to add a big bat to their lineup. The Orioles have many of their core players facing...

Tomo Ohka looks to make a major league comeback with a knuckleball


I would link to the original article, but its in Japanese, so I figured the MLBTR article would be more useful. Apparently Tomo Ohka, who last pitched in the majors in 2009, wants to return to the majors as a knuckleball pitcher and is willing to start in the minor leagues if necessary. He had a 3.73 ERA this year in 21 games, so its worth a shot. I see no reason why the Mets shouldn't give him a minor league contract.



MLB Trade Rumors' Tim Dierkes predicts the Mets will sign Curtis Granderson, Stephen Drew, Bronson Arroyo and Roy Halladay. I'm not sure if the Mets have enough money to sign all four of those guys, but if they did manage to make this all happen I think that would be a pretty successful offseason. What say you, AA?

This is what David Eckstein looks like now


Wow, he got old. Still got grission, though.



Today is a very sad day. Why couldn't Matt Harvey have been born without a UCL just like R.A. Dickey?

Jose Dariel Abreu


A 23 year old Cuban defector who is supposed to be better than Yasiel Puig and Yoenis Cespedes. He plays the outfield and one scout said he is the best hitter on the planet. He is projected to get the largest contract ever for a Cuban defector. I read that he could get around $50-60 million for 6 years. Should the Mets go after him? With no real outfield prospects and not many free agent choices available, I think it would be a good idea for the Mets to take a serious look at Abreu.

Possible return for Parnell?


I’m sure those clubs could really tempt the Mets on Parnell — the Red Sox with the outfielder, Jackie Bradley Jr., and one of their top pitching prospects like (Rubby) De La Rosa, but that remains to be seen, and if they want to be able to compete next year, as they say they do, there’s no way they can trade him.

A scout via Bill Madden. Here is the link, because for some reason SB Nation won't let me add hyperlink. If the Mets could get Jackie Bradley Jr. and Rubby de la Rosa in exchange for Parnell, I would be ecstatic. I would be extremely happy if the Mets could get even just one of them for Parnell. How ridiculous does it seem that the Mets could get one or both for Parnell?

ESPN baseball writers unanimously select Wright and Harvey to start All Star Game


Obviously Wright was a given, but its nice to see ESPN's baseball team agree unanimously that Harvey should start, as well.


A Look at What the Mets Could Get For Marlon Byrd

I was reading SamNY's post entitled "So when do we start the bidding war for Marlon Byrd?" and I wanted to take a really detailed, in depth look at what the Mets could potentially get as a return...

R.A. Dickey looks like The Burger King


Should Matt Harvey start the All-Star Game? Hint: Yes.

With the Major League Baseball All-Star Game finally coming to Citi Field for 2013, it would obviously be very exciting for the Mets to have some of their players starting. It looks like that will...

Should the Mets get Manny Ramirez?


Manny Ramirez just opted out of his contract with a Taiwanese team in order to pursue playing opportunities in the majors. Should the Mets buy the mansion once and for all and get Manny at last? On one hand, he would probably just be another Rick Ankiel type veteran who would take up playing time that might be better given to young guys like Kirk and Lagares, but at the same time, Manny would probably increase TV revenue as well as attendance, and would certainly provide some entertainment for Mets fans.

Carlos Torres can opt out


Carlos Torres has quietly put together a pretty good year in AAA. Should the Mets call him up to the bullpen to prevent losing him?

What is your preferred 2013 starting outfield?


At this point it looks like the outfield is not going to change before the season starts. So, given what we currently have, what is your preferred starting outfield for the 2013 season? I think mine would be Duda in left, Kirk in center, and Valdespin in right, because I think that group offers the highest amount of upside. I would also be ok with den Dekker in center because we could use his defense.

Still a better hitter than Jason Bay


I never knew this existed, but apparently MLB Memes has come up with a bunch of funny pictures making fun of Jason Bay. This one is my favorite:

My unlock screen. Now I get to see Dickey every time I turn my phone on.


My unlock screen. Now I get to see Dickey every time I turn my phone on.

Giants will likely non-tender Brian Wilson


I would LOVE to have him on the Mets. His combination of baseball abilities, his personality, and his beard join forces to create the coolest player in baseball not named R.A Dickey. I would be very willing to overspend several million dollars to get him on the Mets.


AAOP: AAOP by Bobby Baseball (Bobby Baseball). -AAOP. Thanks.

INTRODUCTION The Mets finished 74-88 in 2012. I woke up one morning and saw that and said, "Gee golly, that isn't very good." Then, I said, "Hey, I have a good idea. I think the...

AAOP question


I lost power for a week and I just got it back. I looked through the site for any information pertaining to the AAOP contest but I found nothing except for the post from about two weeks ago. I just wanted to make sure I didn't miss the post. Has it started yet? If not, when is it going to start? We should get this thing going with the official rules before all the free agents are already off the table and before the Mets make a decision about Wright and Dickey.

Fanposts and Chat Fanshots are now the same thing


Oh my god I just realized they made the Chat Fanshot into the same thing as a Fanpost. This is horrible we will no longer be able to have the AA signature "This should be a fanshot!" From now on all chat fanshots should be link fanshots linking to Don't make it a Fanpost. We are better than that. Just because SB Nation wants to take steps backwards doesn't mean we have to. FanPosts should remain for quality in depth analysis only.

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