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Marlins looking to trade for outfielder to replace Bonifacio


With Kirk and Baxter doing well, and Bay coming back soon, we have an outfield logjam (especially when you throw in Torres, Duda, and Hairston). Would you look to trade one of them? Would you do something like Andres Torres for Brad Hand or Alex Sanabia?

"@gelmaster_flex: @RADickey43 how much beard are u planning on growing this season?"never more than...


"@gelmaster_flex: @RADickey43 how much beard are u planning on growing this season?"never more than chuck Norris length


Is it time to trade Toney Douglas?

With the emergence of Jeremy Lin at point guard, and Shumpert playing well, and Baron Davis coming back soon, is it time to trade Toney Douglas? I think we could use another big man off the bench....

Mets Sign Ronny Cedeno for $1.2 million



Toronto Sun lists over 100 most influential Canadians in baseball; Jason Bay left out


What a travesty. Imagine what the Mets could have done with all of Bay's salary.

Roy Oswalt wants 1 year deal


I think we could get him for around $8 million or so. I know we don't have that much money, but this isn't a long term commitment. Any chance we could pony up a few dollars for some much needed rotation help? Although I suppose if we did have $8 million it would be wiser to spend it on 2 or 3 quality starters.


Why the Mets Will Make the Playoffs in 2012

I've been on the internet for 30 minutes and I am already sick and tired of reading about Jose Reyes. So this is why you should be optimistic that the Mets will make the playoffs in 2012.

SiriusXM: Jose Reyes signs with Marlins (UNCONFIRMED)


Not sure if this is true or not, but I'm starting to get the impression that Jose doesn't want to come back to the Mets. Whatever. I'm happy with Tejada and Murphy in the middle infield. 2012 New York Mets 1B Ike Davis, 30 HR 2B Daniel Murphy .320 BA SS Ruben Tejada gold glove 3B David Wright .300 BA, 25 HR, 40 doubles LF Jason Bay .280 BA 30 HR CF Angel Pagan .325 BA, 15 triples RF Lucas Duda, 43 HR, .964 SLG New York Mets 2012 NL East Champions


AAOP: Hee hee shamone I'm Michael Jackson

Goal: To set the team up to win in 2012 while putting them in position to win down the line as well. The 2011 payroll may not exceed $110 million, give or take a few million.   I am going to make...


How would you feel about a playoff bye?

I was thinking about the possible realignment and what problems are currently present in the current system and I feel like the playoffs are too much of a crapshoot. In 2006 we had the 83 win...


Does Jose Reyes play good defense?

Me and my friend who is a Yankee fan were having a discussion. He said Jose Reyes plays terrible defense and he cited his UZR over the years. I said that while he made a good point, this is one of...

Mets Will Select 12th in June MLB first year player Draft


Should be high enough to get ourselves another high upside player to go along with Brandon Nimmo, or perhaps another high upside pitching prospect. You can never heard enough pitching prospects.

MLB to expand to 10 playoff teams


Starting in either 2012 or 2013, MLB will add an extra Wild Card team to each league. Both wild card teams will play a one game playoff and the winner will go into the playoffs. In essence this is really still 8 playoff teams. The way I would do it, is there are 10 playoff teams, 2 wild cards per league. But instead of the one game playoff, I would give the team with the best record a first round bye. This rewards the best team, and it doesn't punish the better wild card team. Ideally, I want 2 leagues, each with 15 teams. The top 5 teams from each league would make the playoffs. No more divisions. I suppose the main purpose of divisions is because of time zone differences and rivalries, so if there would be a way to keep them in tact I would, but I don't want divisions having any effect on who makes the playoffs.

I'm not fine. They told me I'd have the opportunity to close some games, and we've had 20-some save...


I'm not fine. They told me I'd have the opportunity to close some games, and we've had 20-some save opportunities since then and I haven't even had one.

Whaa whaa francisco rodriguez would rather close than possibly win the world series

R.A. Dickey has been better than Tim Wakefield in his prime


"What seems to have largely been missed this season is that Dickey, far from being a one-season wonder, has firmly established himself as Wakefield's successor as baseball's premier knuckleball pitcher."

Nick Evans Essay Contest!


I'm not making this up here folks, LoHud is sponsoring a contest where you can write an essay about What Does Nick Evans Mean To Me? The winner gets a real prize. I am eagerly awaiting a chance to read the winning essay.

Pujols turned down 9 years for $190-210 million


Not Mets related but this pisses me off. Apparently he wants 10 years, $230 million. He wants an average annual salary of $23 million so he can be in the top 5 in baseball. Sorry buddy, but you are 31 years old, maybe you just aren't a top 5 player, and maybe you won't be worth $23 million in 10 years. I am not giving that much money to a 40 year old. If $200 million isn't enough for you, then as Jered Weaver put it, "You're stupid". Does anyone honestly think he will get that much on the open market? What are you Pujols predictions?

I don't get it, this is a picture of a Brewer and a Red, where's Nick Evans?


I don't get it, this is a picture of a Brewer and a Red, where's Nick Evans?

Bay could play center field in 2012


An outfield of Murphy-Bay-Duda is about the worst defensive scenario I could possibly imagine. Please Mets, keep Angel Pagan!

MLB Reverse Standings


MLBTR will be updating this every morning until the end of the season. I hope the Mets play well for the rest of the season and young guys like Duda and Tejada make significant strides in improvement. However, I would really like the Mets to make in the bottom 15 so they get a guaranteed first round pick. If they lose Reyes to a team like Boston, I want to be able to sign another star to replace him and still have a first round pick. I am not vouching to sign Pujols or Fielder or anything, I just want to keep my options open.

SB Nation: Baseball Nation | Baseball Through Babelfish: Our Sport As Translated Through Foreign Languages


This stuff is golden. Some geniuses decided to put the official MLB rulebook through the Babelfish translator and see what came out. "Area of the driveway is square of 90 feet. The field which you opened is area between two unpleasant lines which are formed and like diagram 1. [...] It is close, to be closest the beginning to the thing, interval of the basis of disturbance of support or other things of the territory the right is 250 feet more or. 320 feet or in the unpleasant line, and 400 feet or many intervals to the central garden are more desirable. Area of the driveway is described as the low line and handmade edition are level. Edition of the bottle is 10 inches of level of handmade edition. [...] remainder of area is the unpleasant territory." - Babelfish translation


Adam Rubin has lots of interesting information today, as well as my own speculation for the future

  So today Adam Rubin wrote an article with a lot of interesting information about the Mets. It had several points that seemed Fanshot worthy so I decided to put them all together into one Fanshot,...

Carlos Beltran injured


I feel bad for Beltran but at the same time I can't help but laugh at this


What could we have gotten in return for Jose Reyes?

So with the recent news that the Mets are hesitant to give Jose Reyes Carl Crawford money and 7 years, I am actually starting to get a little worried that we might not be able to resign him. If we...

Jonny Gomes traded to Nats; how does this impact Mets and potential Beltran trade?


The way I see it is that now that the Nationals have Gomes, they probably won't trade for B.J. Upton. This could mean that the Rays decide to wait until the offseason to trade him, in hopes of getting more in a trade. This would in turn increase the demand for Carlos Beltran and make it more likely for the Mets to acquire a top prospect. Thats my view. How do you think this will impact the Mets?

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