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Seahawk Fantasy Football Names!

Some of you play Fantasy Football. Some of you don't. That doesn't mean that we can't put together a definitive list of awesome Seahawks-related FF team names. I'll start things...

Cowboys beat Raiders 3-0


Does anybody else feel a whole lot better about us playing the Cowboys at home in Week 2? I sure do.

Mike Sando Reports Clemons Reaches Extension


I think we can all be excited to have Clemons back with us for a while longer. But is it too long? For too much money? While we don't know the figures yet, we can expect to find out shortly with an announcement from the Seahawks.

Golden Tate has Broken Hand and Other Notes from Mike Sando


Definitely not good news on Tate. Still no Clemons. Moffitt getting some work at Center.

Seahawks 12th Man Town Hall


Pete gets people jacked, pumped and all manner of somewhat sexually suggestive verbs in a town hall meeting that is largely Q&A.

Mock Draft Competition - Big Board Style

There have been several mock draft competitions available for users to participate in, but I wanted to provide another option. This is the Big Board Style of competition. You just have to...


Seahawks GM John Schneider and Recent Draft Comments

Much has been made of the recent comments by John Schneider in regards to their particular draft strategy this year and drafting specific players. Greetings...Humongous wrote an article a few days...

First Mock Draft: Round 1

Hey all!In addition to my mock draft below, please feel free to comment on my Mock Draft Competition Rules. I think it would be a great way to see who had the best mock draft when April 26th...


Possible Seahawk Logo Leaked on NFL.com

You can watch at the beginning of the State of the Franchise video that was released very recently as the Seahawks logo zooms into the screen that the Seahawk Blue supplied by Reebok has been...

Mock Draft Competition Rules

Hey all, I don't know if this is already done, but I wanted to advocate a Mock Draft Competition. The winner would have bragging rights on Mocking The Draft and on their respective SBN Blog. ...


Team Needs - The National Perception of Seattle

With the Superbowl in the rearview mirror, the time has come for the eyes of the entire nation to look to the future. Danny's piece on the upcoming offseason events give us much to look forward...


My Friend has a Friend who works for Nike...

I was in class this morning with a buddy of mine and naturally the subject of football comes up considering I'm a big fan and he is a high school coach. Superbowl, yadda yadda, Manning brothers,...


Win Forever - A Guide to Carroll's Philosophy of Recruitment

Welcome back to another installment of a short series of Fanposts that look at Pete Carroll's book Win Forever and the philosophy therein. The first two articles in the series can be found here and...


Win Forever: Carroll's Coaching Conviction

DK Edit: There have been some really great, well researched and in-depth fanposting lately, I'm pumped up and jacked up about it. Keep em coming! Hey all! I'm excited to bring you the second...


Win Forever - A Glance Inside the Mind and Philosophy of Pete Carroll

Hey everyone! I'm excited to be doing what I hope to be many Fanposts in a series on Pete Carroll's Win Forever. I started reading the book, an updated version with a chapter on the first season...

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