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I am a senior in Electrical Engineering from Greentown, IN. When i'm not watching sports, I play in the All-American Marching Band, Boiler Brass, Boiler Box Band, and the Gold and Black Sound.

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  • MLB Chicago Cubs
  • NBA Chicago Bulls
  • NFL Chicago Bears
  • NCAAF Purdue Boilermakers
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  • NHL Chicago Blackhawks
User Blog

RichRod being RichRod

This is the most ridiculous promotional material I've ever seen, and I attend the university that thought "Makers, All" and New Pete were a good idea. I lost track of the number of cigars that...


Anthony Johnson Transferring, Per GBI Twitter

According to Gold & Black Illustrated, Anthony Johnson is "leaving the Purdue basketball program." That makes 3 transfers in less than a week, all of whom were players who, if not always...



Dolla billz, y'all. Surprised there's no official post on this yet, but it looks like the lid just got blown off Auburn's salary cap. And even more shocking, ESPN is covering the story! Also...

Purdue Women's Basketball 2012-13 Season Recap


Purdue goes quietly in the Round of 32 for the second consecutive year.


Jim Bollman is a hot commodity!

Much merriment was had when Purdue hired the Walrus as OL coach...but it seems we were not alone in our pursuit. Michigan State appears to have found the one OC candidate who might be worse than...

The B1G Time: Purdue @ PSU GameThread


Purdue faces Penn State in the key matchup of this Big Ten season. 7:00, ESPN2


O'Neil's Version of Basketball in Indiana

ESPN's Dana O'Neil just put up this piece on basketball in the state of Indiana. It's actually a reasonably interesting read and a decent take on explaining to outsiders the religion of...

Everyone Stop Getting Sick!


Purdue goes 4-1 against the flu. Also, Sam Ostarello.

Promise at the Halfway Post

The Purdue Women's Basketball Team head into conference play with a lot to aim for.

Purdue Women's Basketball Preview: Our Time


The Purdue Women are ready to contend for a Big Ten Title.



Some SEC fans take inbred part of the title game a little too literally. Immahangupanlissen.

South Carolina Gets Hammered with Failure to Monitor


....or not. $59,000 in impermissible benefits apparently costs you 6 scholarships, 26 recruiting visits, and a 0-year bowl ban. Law & Order in the SEC, PAWWWWWLLLLLL! Imma hangup an lissen.

Drey Mingo Recieves 6th Year


Drey's application for a hardship waiver has been approved. It's hard to understate how huge this is for next year's team. I'll have more in a couple days in my season wrap/look-ahead.

Boiler Women Go Quietly Against South Carolina, 72-61


They struggled all night against SCAR's defense, and never really stopped them on the other end. The outcome really wasn't in doubt for most of the game. I'll have more later, but right now I need a break from Purdue Athletics. I'm in no frame of mind to analyze right now.

Big Ten Championship GameThread


The Boilermakers face off against Nebraska for a B1G championship. ESPN2, 4 o'clock. Here's your GameThread, at least until the one for the men's game goes up.

Saturday Night's Alright


This will be a short post, as I don't have time to do a full look at all the games I've missed. I'm just going to do a quickie on the women's tournament so far. A fuller look at Purdue's NCAA...

$2 Student Ticket Night vs. Michigan State


The Big Ten-leading Purdue Women's Basketball team hosts Michigan State tonight at 730, and admission with a Purdue ID is only 2 dollars. Also, the game will be broadcast on the Big Ten Network, with our own Stephanie White on the broadcast, so if anyone feels like turning this into another of our championship Open Threads, feel free.

Midseason Musings


Hey all, how's it going? You might remember me. I used to cover Purdue women's basketball for Hammer & Rails before I was overcome with a bad case of engineering. Sigh....you do one electrical...


Paint Crew Admissions to Women's Game vs. Notre Dame

Someone left this as a comment on my last article, but I thought I would bump it to the front page. The Paint Crew line for the Eastern Michigan game Saturday will hold the spots of anyone who...

Taking Care of Business - The Early Non-Conference Recap


via cmsimg.jconline.com Last week I profiled some of the women's basketball team, but unlike your normal (read: punctual) player profiles, mine are done after the season is already underway. ...

En Garde! – Purdue Women’s Backcourt, 2011 Edition


     First off, Happy Thanksgiving to all!  Purdue women's basketball is once again underway.  Supporters and pundits alike expect a solid season, as the team has currently climbed to #15 in the...


Pretentious Asshole Update

It appears ESPN's king of overpaid hacks has written another gem. This time Reilly's purporting to tell all of us just what we can wear and when to a football game.  Hey Rick, guess what pisses...

Off Tackle Empire's Take on Purdue Football


Written by noted Purdue-hater MSULaxer27. I agreed with some of the things he said, then I saw he thinks we'll lose to SEMO and MTSU. Let the hate commence.

Purdue Would Be Disqualified From NCAA Tournament Under New Academic Rule


Kentucky, however would be fine. I am all for returning the word student to "student-athlete", but the APR metric is a total joke, and an awful (to the point of being counter-productive) way of rating academics.

Purdue Women Kick Off European Tour With a Win


Among the highlights: Rayburn scoring (as usual), Ostarello rebounding (as usual), and Drey doing both (as usual) with 20 and 9.

Let's Get Our Cup - USA vs. Japan Open Thread


  Unless you're been living under a rock for the last week, you know exactly what happened last Sunday.  Everything this school and this nation prides itself on was on display on the world's...

Bubba faces Jardine for Coolest Name Title!


And so we once again go to Internet War with Syracuse.

Let's Dance!


 Purdue Women finish on a 4-2 run to earn a spot in The Big Dance I'll run down the individual games a bit later, but first I want to step back and take a look at this season as a whole. So, we...

Jim Burr fails again!


Can someone just take his whistle for good? He's just embarassing himself now. It's for his own good.

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