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Purdue graduate but a Hawkeye for life. Currently residing south of the Mason-Dixon.

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  • MLB St. Louis Cardinals
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After two nights of intense negotiations between Iowa and Indiana, a Black Heart Gold Pants commenter known as "BoilerHawk" was brought aboard to help bring the the issue. Sources have said that...

Iowa #4 in "Top 20 Injustices In BCS Era" per WSJ


"Iowa selected for the Orange Bowl, not the Rose Bowl [in 2002]" ... "Orange Bowl takes the Big Ten co-champion before the Rose can. Hawkeyes leave with a loss to USC and without flowers." I found this interesting, because I don't remember this being an injustice, so much as a point of frustration. Many of the other "injustices" Iowa passed over included being left out entirely of the BCS or undefeated teams not playing for the title. *I think the link requires a subscription to view it all, so I included all that mentioned Iowa in the quotes above.


Latest Procrastination: All-Big Ten Team "Analysis"

Earlier tonight, the All-Big Ten teams were announced. Naturally, I decided to give them a look before studying for tomorrow's exam. Here they are, via the ESPN Blog. In addition to the Media and...

A Little Picker-Upper


In times like these, it's necessary to find the bright spots in our lives. Over in Korea, Girls Generation is currently on top of the charts for the "K-Pop" music genre. Maybe the revival of this meme can bring the Hawkeyes back to life.

Iowa Gets Some Love


Did you notice the recent countdown that ESPN's Pat Forde was doing for xx-distance touchdowns? Did you visit Google or Wikipedia to remember (if you don't already) the distance of Tate-Holloway? Did you look "56" on the countdown assuming that the Hail Mary would not be there? Well, I did. And I was surprised when it was. "TOUCHDOWN IOWA! TOUCHDOWN IOWA!!!"

New Football Videos!


7 v 7 starts tomorrow and with that brings new mini-press conferences. The best part of these is obviously what is my new avatar when McNutt was asked about records. Thanks to Mas Casa, as always.

New Purdue Pete - One Hater of Herky


There is a leaked photo of the new Purdue Pete (it is ridiculously laughable in my opinion). Someone said it was still better than Herky. Naturally I began the defense of Iowa's mascot. The gloves are off.

RHABDOGATE Takes a Roster Spot


Willie Lowe is released from his scholarship and has still been experiencing symptoms from his Rhabdo. He goes on to say that others haven't fully recovered as well.

Matt Painter to Missouri?


Yes, obviously I will be called out for posting an OMHR link on here because of my login, but this is a pretty good write up about Purdue sports in addition to the Painter commotion. Hint (it's not pretty... Except for they're OMHR. So in that sense, it is.)

OMHR Photoshop Opportunity


Even though this link will send you to OMHR's website, bear with me. The school has undergone a "rebranding" and since I'm an Iowa fan in enemy territory I figured I should find any opportunity to make fun of OMHR. The "rebranding" is at the top of the page, with a few examples. The slogan is kinda stupid: "We are P*****. Makers, all". I am not good when it comes to this photoshop thing, but I figured it could (if legal?) be a great opportunity to have some fun at OMHR's expense. Enjoy.

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